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Anglesey Quarter Sessions


Anglesey Quarter Sessions A CLEAN SHEET. THE CHAIRMAN ON CRUELTY TO CHILDREN. Tilt- Quarter Sessions for the County of Anglesey were held on Wednesday at flit3 County Hall, Baumaris, Sir Richard Wiiiianis- Euikeiey, Bart., presiding. Sir Richard said there was no business to come before the gl CLüd. jury; the sanctity of tht- hland of Anglesey was proverbiaJ, and it was once, agam ^xwnplitiea oy a ciean (sulendax. lliere two nvtt/t crh to whicli in* flc-— sired to draw the attention of the grand jury. The first was with regard to cruelty to children. Cruelty to children might arise from two causes. It might arise, as unfor- tunately it did now and again, from sneer cruelty. He was happy to say that such cases were very rare. But in the eyes of me law there wits iuiothor species of cruelty which arose from neglect. Now, neglect might arise from sheer carelessness -uid a total want of love, affection, and care which was natural for parents to show to(their children; or it might arisf- from circumstances over winch paierros had but very 1 it-tie control, such as poverty. The Royal Society for the Preven- tion of Crueltv to Children had been active in Lhat part of the country, and he thought it was just as well that lie should draw the grand jury's atteiition to the fact that, aJ- i-hough there were no cases of real crneJtv of the class lie had alluded to, yet there h;id. been a considerable number of a.e.s of negle-ct of children. He wished to draw their attention to the -fact that this society was doing au en- ormous amount of'good all over the country. If any knowledge of bad treatment or neg- led of children came to their notice, they should make use of this society, and place its inspector upon the track of the offenaei s. and by doing that they should be doing their duty. The other matter to which he wished to "direct their attention was in connection with what he might almost call fraudulent ad- vertisements. He thought that simple- minded people shoidd be put. upon their gitard as to a certain class of advertisments. oo-

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