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(§) —— Nonconformity In W. r' The petirrns of the Free Chur, wllicii puWi'isb separate returns for the incipai- ity of Wales,inclu'rng Monmouthsh >, show a eomjjtiratively large increase it ember- ship for the year, viz., 6640. TL oparate return? are as follows, only that ir- 'ie case cf the Calvin stio Methodists th« n English churches in England are includef.1, well as, their Welsh churches. The Baptist c-hurcbes report at mem- bership of 109,149, being a, net ga, £ 2583,. compared with 5509 last year. have 896 places of worship, with sitting iceom- modatitm for 343,752 persons. Ir Ile Sun- day Schools there are 11,437 teach (ajt in- crease of 321), and 120,096 schoh an. in- crease of 723). The number of clainad pastors is 524, lay preachers 524, a. -1 of mis- sionaries in the foreign, field t: -;ed iD. Welsh colleges, 14. The Ccmgrogationalists have 1:" pPacti of worship, with accommodation fc '50,000. Their church membership is ret ed at 147,758, a clear ;ncrease of tjeo? 2000, compared with 2310 last year. Y • re arc 14,090 teachers and 148,933 schv-i.ars in, their Sunday Schools, which mer a loss of 42G teachers and 5425 schola. The denominatictnal property is est,:ma to he worth £1,400,000, on which dcbts r to the extent of £ 200,074. During yeas £ 39,678 was contributed for the -,iction of these debts. The number of lainetl ministers is 705, of whom 74 bar stiffed from active service. There are aL-> 145 re- cogn/sed lay preachers.$ The Calvinistic Metliodi-ts ha 6 7 chapels and preaching stations in gland and Wales, in 262 of which the ser as are conducted in the English langnasr1 Tiie 1 Aotal membership, English and r sh, is 158,114, a net increase of 2056. n the Sunday Schools the teachers and iolarsr are unitedly returned as 202,659, a tin of 2508, agaiost a loss of over 5000 Ir year. The sum of £ 79,411 was raised the liquidation of chapel debts, which still burdened to the extent, of £ 343,29( The connexion maiintains a diistinct fore ■■. mis- sionary society in India, where 180 < relies have been formed with 4650 commu ants. There are 157 Welsh churches in tht nited States, with 12,000 commun-icants so in Victoria., Tasmania, and.Patagonia., v h 600 more. The figures issued by the Web' Wes- levans, show a net increase in the nu ;er oi communicants in the North Wales strict of 147, and v net increase1 in the nuj er of communicants in the South Wales e trict of 127, making the total increase the two districts 274. (§)

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