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——— LLEYN ANDEIFIONYDD NOTES. Though much improvement in the treat- ment of the Workhouse paupers is still desired, yet during the Iftit twenty five years a great deal has been done to make life in workhouses more tolerable. This is the result of the abolition of the old system of workhouse administration, when the local squires ruled almost every- thing in and out of the workhouse. The change wrought in Poor Law administra- tion has brought the people into power, and e-ell the Local Government; Board I has been greatly "humanised" lately as compared with what it was a quarter of a century ago. The attention now paid to indoor paupers, not only by the masters and matrons, but. also by the Guardians was never known before. Of course, there is a great deal that ought to be done yet. Visiting committees do not come up to the ideal* stt up in the I' rules and regulations governing such com- mittees, and some Guardians are far too prominent as speakers at Board meetings and too often absent from committees. Rea ders of reports of the Boards of Guard- ian are inclined to think that those Guard- ism; whose names appear oitenest in print are the best workers. It is generally very much the other way. Readers should al- ways bear in mind that there are Guard- ians who delight in speaikirg "to the gal- {ery," but who aro seldom seen doing the real .>rk of Guardians. Free Church Councils are being estaB- lished in many places in the country. One has been started at Pwllheli. Portmadoe has ltot moverl yet. There i-2 something wrong in the public life of this place. r There is no enthusiasm there, and things are as dead as a door nail. The departure of th Rev H. Ivor Jones from the town was a great loss. Since he left, everything, from a public .standpoint, has gone back into the old ruts. There are no public leaders, or, at least, those who are supposed to be. public leaders apparently take no in- terest in the public welfare of the town. Public life was never at a lower ebb "n Port- madoc than at present. An attempt is being made to rouse the Liberal Club into nolitical activity. At the Conservative Club nothing is being done beyond providing newspapers and magazines for the members. There is a rule at the Portmadoc Police Court that before summonses can be issued applications must be made to the magis- trates at the police court. No doubt the rule was adopted upon good and sub tantial grounds. But there are serious objections to it. Further, the rule is not in force in other local courts, and why should it be in force at Portiiii (loc P If 7, ti offence is com- mitted after the court is just over a sum- mons cannot be got for a fortnight (it is sometimes three weeks), and the case can- not be heard for a month (or it may be for five weeks). The court is held on tbe second and la.st Friday in the month. In other petty sessipnal divisions summons can be had bv applying to the clerks, and getting them si,,njl by some of the jutioes. Mr Wm. George complained at the last Port- madoc Police Court, of the rule in force ai that court, and drew attention to the fact that in other police divisions it was not necessary to appear in court to apply for a summons.

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