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FOR SALE 1 HEAP JEWELLERY. Shopkeepers will find the best assortment and lowest prices at Millington, Houndsditch. London, clocks, watches, knives, &c., &c. Catalogues to be had free. FOR SALE.—1 Four in Hand Coaoh in working order, wheels, &c., no worse toan new, 215. I Bus do. with round glass •xiners, to carry 17 passengers, £ 14 10s.—E. "iVsies and Sons, Crown street, Carnarvon. t ADIES Smart Blouse Materials and Flan- J ^Vttes, 4i yard Full dress lengths, 3s lid carriage paid. Patterns free.-Veiit- noe street. Warehouse, Leeds. 24oli •XJIW MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT PWLLHELI. — Orwig House, Goa street. MUlirery and Harbetdashery In all their branches. Mourning a fcpeaahty. PARRY. 241L "ITTIRE NAILS Mixed 8s per cwt.; VV 281bs 2s 3d; Screws, mixed. 34s per cwt 2blbs., 9s; wire cut wrought and malleable ndh. tacks, shoe rails, rivets, &c. wholesale prices—Midland Nail Works, 25 and 26. Rea street, Birmirghani. VAN GHUISEN PIANOFORTE IN Walnot-wcod Case, Panel Front. complex Iron Frame, Triciiord. Nett Cash. 20 Guineas, or on the Hire Pur- chase System 23 Guineas at 19s 6d per month. —Jone*, Old Bsnik. Beaumaris. 1783f PUBLIC NOTICES. fTlYPEWRITING.—MSS accurately copied X iOd p?r 1000 words; specifications, legal work. &e., Id per folio; circulars, in large or small quantities, at reasonable, rates six yeara' expedience; shorthand. L. M. Jones, Garnedd, Segontium road South. Car- narvon, 2552 FRIARS SCHOOL, BANGOR. mHE SCHOOL RE-OPENS at 9.30 a.xa. on JL Tuesday, January 21&t. A substantial reduction hah been made in the Boarding Fees in the case of boys whose homes arfe in North Wales. The "John Hughes" Scholarship of £ 24 per annum. awardei as a "Prize to the best Boarder," will be vacant in September next, bat only Boarders who have previously en. tered are eligible. Ful] particulars on Application bo the Head- I r, f5 I CARNARVON COUNTY SCHOOL. I NEXT TERM COMMENCES WEDNSS- I DAY, JANUARY 15th. f I YhtE HEADMASTER will be pleased to JL interview parents at the School on the 15th and 16th January, between 2 p. ill and 4 pm ar.d on any Friday between 2.50 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. Special Notice is Her? by Given that fees will be received on January 16th a.ad 16th. between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Further particulars may be had from the Headmaster or the undersigned, J. HENRY THOMAS, Clerk to the "iioveroers Carnarvon, 1st January, 1902. 0 MENAI BRIDGE IMPROVEMENT BILL. NOTICE OF RESULT OF BILL. WHEREAS, at a meeting held en the W Twelfth day of November, 19C1, the Board School, Dale street, Mena; Fridge, in the County of Anglesey, it was agreied that, the following re.solut-ion should be proposed to the owners and ratepayers ,of the Urban District of Menai Br"ldge:- "That we being Owners and Ratepayers of the Urban District of Menai Bridge, do hv.rebv consent to a Bill being promoted by tiio Urban District Council of MemLi Bridge, in the next Session of Parlia- ment for thd purchase and extension of St. George's Pier, the constriction of a Sea Wall and Promenade, additional Waterworks, and for other purposes." And whereas, on the Ninth dar of Decem- ber, 1901, otdng Papers were accordingly delivered to all the Owners and Ratepavers within the said District, and daly collected on the Thirteenth day of December^ 1901. and on the Fourteenth day of December, 1901 I the undersigned. duly ascertained the nnrobe; of such votes for or against tie adoption of the said Resolution, and I aerebv declare that the result of the Poll is as follows, viz. In favour of 349 Against 123 Majority in favour 221 fi Dated this 16th day of December, 1901. (Signed) J. DAV7ES JONES, 2634 Retaining Officer., .A CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY, a 10 BE SOLI) BY PRIVATE TREATY the severs! Bt&cka of HAY, of the growth of 1901, standing at the undermer tioned I Stations OA tile Camhian Railways, and estimated to contain tho respective quantities more or less, also undermentioned, V171. o .'Krtimatcd StatIoks. Weight, »TATto»s. Weight T°ns- Ton*. — 1 — LUnymynecb 6 iPensarn 3 LUnsaintffraid j 6 Tol^amau i fc Kerry 3 iPortfliadoo 4 Bousthiood 4 Criccieth 6 Talga.-tli F lAbererdl 4 IJaabryuffaur For further particulars, and to treat, apply C. & DENNLSS, Sectary and Generai Waragec. PASSENGER TRAIN ALTERATIONS FOR JANUARY, 1902. With the following exceptions, there will be no alterations m the running of this I Company's Trains for Jajxuaiy, and the Time Tables dated October, 1901, will therefore J continue in force until further Notice. The 9.55 p.m train from Whitchurch to Oswestry will run at altered times as under: Whitchurch dep 8 45 p.m., Fenn's Bank erl dep 852 p.m., Bettisfield dep 8 59 p.m., Welshampton dep 9.4 p.m., Ellesmere arr 9 10 p.m. Ellffimer dep 9.12 p.m.. Frank- ton dep 9 17 p.m, Whittington dep 9 25 p.m., Oswestry arr 9 30 p.m. This Train will connect with the 4 15 p.m. from London (Euston). 5 50 p.m. from Birmingham (New street), 6 25 p.m. from Wolverhampton ($ueen street), 6 50 p.m. from Liverpool (Lime street!, 7 0 p.m. from Man- chester (London rotid), and 8 15 p.m. from Crewe, due Whitchurch 8 36 p.m The 9 15 p.m. Train from Wrexham to Ellesmere on Saturdays will have no con- nection to Oswestry. C. S. DENNISS, Secretarv and General Manager. Oswestry, December, 1901. COLLECTION AND DELrvXRT OF PAS- SENGERS' LUGGAGE. PASSENGERS Luggage is collected and JL delivered by the Corapany or their official Town Porters at the following Sta- tions Aberystwyth, Barmosth, Aberdovey, Criccieth. and Towrn. Applications, addressed to the Station- Masters at the respective Stations, will receive prompt attention WEEK-END TICKETS are i'Jued every Friday and Saturday from all L. and N. W. and G. W. Stations in London to Machynlleth, Aberdovey. Towyn, Aberyst- wyth, Dolgelley, Barmouth, Harlech, Llan- bedr a.nd Pensarn, Portinacloc, Criccieth, and PwllLoli. Available for return on the following Surday fwhere Train Service permits), Mon. day, or Tuesday. C 8. DENNISS, • Secretary and General Aanager. I r- TO EE LET. mO BE LET,—A Fully-licensed Public- I house, in the centre of the town oi Carnarvon. For particulars apply J. Thomas and Son. Auction-era, Camarvou. 14 LI."V- WANTED. ANGLESEY. — Wanted to Rent Genteel Residence, near coast preferred (but ii otherwise suitable, not e&sientiai), having no less than 2 or 3 Reception and 4 or 5 Good < Bedrooms, with or without land. Would I lot object to purchase a suitable place. I Ifeate full particulars, with retat or price, to I No. 2253, "Observer" Office, Carnarvon. G- EXRAL. SERVANT WANTED.—Two \jr in family. :Nure kept.—Fosbrooke, Breck Cottage, Li^Citrd and Poulton Station 2 "V7S7ANTED,—Nurse Maixi, after Ciiristma>s, VV at a Country House, near Cemmaes I'ay, Anglesey, capable of taking entire chaage of 3 children, age« 2, 5, and 7 years. Must have had a fair education, and ex- pexience. State age, how Jong in last sitna- j taon, 'tnd wag^^ :x-uired.—No. 2628, ''OKser- ver' Office, Camiu-von. 26?8 ) SALES BY AUCTION. Mr. Wm. H. Owen. 1 By Dirtction of the Executors of the late John Arthur Evans, Esq. rtnnt to Capitalists, Trustees, Investors, Newspaper Pubitsners, and Others. SALE of Most Imjxutant BUSINESS PRE- j MINES, known aa tho HERALD" OFFICES, situate in one of the leading nreets of the town of Carnarvon. 1\;fR WILELiM HUGH OWEN is instruct- jM ed to SeAl by Auction, at 2 p.m., on Saturday, the 4th da,y of January, 1902, at the Sportsman Hotel, Carnarvon, all those Extensive, Conimodiaaia, and Valuable Busi- ness Premises, known as the "Herald" Offices, situate in a commanding position at High street, one of tk/j principal thoroughfares oi the town. The rroperty has an imposing appearance, is substantially built at great cost, and covers an area of 4i1 square yards, IL^d under Leases from V aynol and Glyn- Hifoih: Estates for 75 y^ars, from November, 1877, at a Ground Rent of £51 10s per an- num, at present kt to Vtgarm Smith and Coplettone under a repairing suWease for 21 years, from the 84th June, 1885, at a dear rental of L270 A YEAR. Further paiticulars, plans, and conditions of Sole May be inspected at Mr William Hugh Oweu, Auctioneer. Carnarvon, or at W WYNN EVANS, Esq., Solicitor, Wrexham. December 2nd, 1901. 2594 BANGOR, NORTH WALES. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY In the very heart of the city, now for Sale, with Immediate Possesion, by MR WILLIAM HUGH OWEN, who is instructed to Seil the same, by Private Treatv, ;md which comprises:—A most sub- stantially erected BUILDINGS of 8tone (18 indies thick), with Slate Roofing, having a frontage of about SO feet and a depth of about >o feet. Well lighted, back and front, together with VACANT GROUND and offices at the rear. The whole property occupying an area of about 450 square yard". Eminently adapted a. PUBLIC ROOMS. PRINTING OFFICES, WHOLESALE DE- POT. MANUFACTURING PREMISES, WAREHOUSES, &c., or could be converted intiya number of DWELLING HOUSES, for which great demand always exists at this part of the city. For Plans, Particulars, and to Treat, please apply to MR WILLIAM HUGH OWEN, Auctioneer and Valuer, Carnarvon. December 28. 1901. Messrs. ft. and Rogers Jones. Re WM. PIERCE, BEMARTH FAWR, Deceased. THURSDAY and FRIDAY, JANUARY 2nd and 3rd. 1902. llENIAltTH FAWR. BETTWS, ABER- GELE. HIGHLY Important and Unreserved Syle oi the Live and Lead Fanning Stock,— comprising 7 Strong Cart Horses, .12 Choice Crossbred Dairy Cows, 9 Fab Bullocks, 11 Strong fwo-year-oid Bullocks, 12 nice two year-old Heifer?. 8 very promising Calves, 181 Welsh Breeding Ewes aud Withers, 34 Fat and Store Pig;" about 60 Tons of excel- lent Hay (1900 and 1901 growth), 10 Large Stacks of Wheat, Outs, and Barley, about 50 Td&s of Swedes iUid iitlVigoWs (all crops to I ca gor off), a capital collection of modern Farm- ing Implemenw, Horse Gearing, &c., together with the Dairy Utensils, and the whole of e_Jllue Household Furniture, which in" clude several items in Old Out and Mahog- I! any, Old Bruffes, and Crockery, &c. Order of Sale. 1st day's Sale, January 2nd, Implements, Sheep, Pigs-, and Horses. 2nd day's Sale, January 3rd, Cattle, Produce, Dairy Utensils, and HousehoM Funiuure. Sale each day at Eleven o'clock prompt. Re WM. PIERCE, BEMARTH FAWR, I Deceased. SATURDAY", JANUARY, 4th, 1902. TY'N DDOL, DAWN, BETTWS, ABER- GELE. HIGHLY IawjSortant and Unre^ervwl Sale of the Whole of the Excellent Farming Stock, Jtc., Comprising: — Cattle 11 Grand Crossbred Dairy Cows, 8 Stock, Jtc., Comprising: — Cattle 11 Grand Crossbred Dairy Cows, 8 Splersd i In-calf Heifers, 10 Strong two-year- old Bullocks, 1 Stock Bull, 8 Choice Yearling Heifers, 1 Yearling Bull. Hordes: 6 Capit al Young Cart Horses, Useful Chestnut Cob. Sheep 125 Welsh Breeding Ewes and W tthers. Pigs: 21 Fat and Store Pigs. I Cr<jp«s: 2 Stacks of Prime Hay (30 tons), 8 Long Stacks of Wheat, Oats, and Barley, about. 60 ton* of Swedes and Mangolds (all crops to go off). Implements 3 New Tumbrel Carts, Dog Cart, Horsepowers, Iron Ploughs, Harrows, Iron Landroller, .and alt other Farming Im- ¡ pigments of the latest improvements, Horse Gearing, Darrr Uteivils. (}"'der of Sale -Implements, Pigs, Sheep, Cattle, Horses, and Produce. Sale at Lleven o'clock a.m. prompt. Re WM. PIERCE. BEN1ARTH FAWR, Deceased. MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1902. l'ODCHWIL, LLANF AIRT ALH AIARN, ABERGELE. LTNRESERVED Sale of the whole of the J Live Stock, Crops, &c.. 15 Strong 2-year- old Bullocks, 1 Milch Cow. 60 Welsh Breeding Ewes. Stack of Hav, Stack of Oats and Ear- lev Straw, about 2 tons of. Swedes (all crops to; zo off), Land roller, Drag. Chaff Cutter, &c. Oak Dresser. Oak Cupboard. &c. Sale to common ee at One o'clock in the afternoon. 2628 Messrs. J, Thomas & Son. DODREFN HENAFOL. MAE MRI JOHN THOMAS aM SON, Auction- eers, Caernarfon, yn barod i brynu pob math '} HEN DDODREFN, yn lotiau mawr neu fychan. Pefyd mile ganddyni Ddodrefn Ail Law If Wertit BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS. | Dales' GOLD MEDAL Dubbin -I Makes BOOTS and >HARNESS waterproof I as a duck's back, soft as velvet, ard wear 3 time8 as long, pleasant odour; allows polishing. 11 .22 Exhibition High eat Awards for super- iority. Tins, 2d, 6d, 2s Sd, of Bootmakers, SadrUers, irononmgers. &c. Manufactory E. Dulwich. L<indon. I STUBBS I MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBB'S Ltd.), 42 GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. ^nbacribers, by obtaining tim«ly information, through 'ME STATUS ENQUIRY i)E £ ARTMfiNT MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. Every Trader should read STUBB'S W EEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued n Supplement contain- LIST OF CREDITORS Under AH the Important Failures. THE COMAIERCIAJj REGISTERS Contam rooe. than NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS RECOVERED PROMPTLY, And pdid over to Subscribers on Tuesday L-.cL I nday in ach week. Branches at Aberdeen, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff, Cork, Croydon, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Hud- dersfield, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London (West End7, Mat chest er, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymoutld" Ports- mouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea, Wolverbaiaivon. SUB-OFFICES. — Buxton, Cambridge, Drby, Dumfries, Gloucester, Greenock, Grimsby. Halifax, Hanley, Inverness, Ips- wich, Limerick, Londonderry, Middlesboro', Newport (Mon.), Northampton, Oxford, Perth, Preston, Reading, Stockton-on-Tees, Torquay, Walsall, Waterford, Worcester, York. Trl,RMS.-E- I 1- s, £ 3 3s, JEa 5s. ac- cording to airements. SOUTH_AFRICA. IMPORTANT NEWS A resident of Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, lately returnsxl from South Afnoa, was suc- cessful in procuring while there what is likely to prove one of tho most valuable dis- coveries of the past century, na.mely a "CURE FOR CANCER." Proviou;, to coming into the possession ot the present owners tho pi-eparition was for some time u>ed in private practice in 6outh Africa with most excellent results, having effected many cures of cancerous tumours, ulcers, lupus, and sores of various descrip- tions. Th:s has been ceitified to by reliable testimonials from residents in that country. The preparation is in the form of an oint- ment and is a compound of herbs indigenous to Soutii Africa, which is now protected by Trade Mark under the name* of "MANNIN A." In order to establish its undoubted heal- ing properties the present Pi-oprietors dur- ing th; List twelve months have further care- fully tested tho Ointment amongst iha in- habitants within a radius of 14 miles to the town of Fishguard, with really MARVELLOUS RESULTS. In confirmation of the above, statement rcfrrence can be made to the following cases whi 1 h have already been effectually cured by the use of the Ointment, and have given testimonials, tho originals of which can be inspected or printed copies fi>x warded to any applicant. CANCER OF THE PREAST. 1. Katherine Esau, of Balfour, Stocken- stroni. Cape Colony. BLEEDING CANCER ON THE NECK. 2. Ann Kevittes, near Bedford, Cave Colony. CARBUNCLE ON THE LEG. 3. Lieutenant A. J. Green, Cape Defence Force-. Cape Colony. VIRULENT WOUNDS ON LEG AND ANKLE OF SEVERAL YEARS STAND- ING. 4. John Garnon, Mariner, The Slode, Fishguard. WOUNDED HAND WITH ACUTE BLOOD POISONING. 5. David Ort-n, Mariner, Lower Fish- grard. ECZEMA FROM CHILDHOOD. Two cases. 6. Children of W. S Jenkins, FRq., Fish- guard. Justice of the Peace for the Oounty of Pembroke. LUPUS. 7. Miss Elizabeth i>avie«, Penrhiw, Uan- ychaer, ULCERATED LSG. 8. Jennetta ThomM, Ruther Lane, Haver- fordwest. NOTE.—Tlie OINTMENT i:, prepared in three dnrecs (v7 strength, viz. No. 1. Cancer, Tumours, P-3. No. 2 F'stula, Carbuncles. Ulcerated and Poisoned Wounds, Abscesses, Sore 1.4,g-. &c. No. 3.8czema, Ring-wormi, Scalds, Burns, Diseases of the Skin, &c. This valuable preparation has been ac- quired. and is manufactured solely by THE MANNIX A OINTMENT Co.. MAIN STREET. FISHGUARD, SOUTH WALES, and can be obt-iined from the Depot or by application to Chemists. Prices:- No. 1. "Cancer," 2s 9d. 4s 6d, and 8s 6d per pot. No. 2. "Medium," Is ld. 2s 9d. and 4s 6d per pot. No. 3. "Mild," Is lid. 2s 9d, and 4s 6d.

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