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I I f Better than 1 t ft-W H I! 1, Cod-Liver Oil Angier's Emulsion is mads with our specially purified petroleum combined with the Hypophos- phites of Lime and Soda. It is better than Cod-Liver Oil BECAUSE it is pleasant to take, agrees with the most delicate stomach, and aids digestion instead of disturbing it. BECAUSE it promotes a healthy appetite and increases the power to assimilate ordinary nutritious foods, thus building up the health and strength as nothing else will. BBCAUSE it has healing and curative virtues which ffi Cod-Liver Oil does not possess and which make |g it positively without an eqlal for Troublesome » Coughs, Weak Lungs, and all Chronic Lung w Affections, A FREE SAMPLE | On receipt of 3d. for postage. Mention this paper. I I CAUTION.- Oars is the original Petroleum Emulsion. It is niade with a special cii I S from particular welts and carefully purified by our own process, imitations.tcade witii Oiciuary fa ■ peiroieum cannot have the same effect. Be sure to get I Angier's Emulsion 3 I Of all Chemists and Drug Stores, 2/9 and 4/6. |t THE ANQIER CHEMICAL COMPANY, LTD., 32 S'-OW H!l_L, LODOOK, K.C. \wuwwilll 'I y' A. ■ 11 0 THE QUICKEST AND MOST CERTAIN CURE IS Veno's Seaweed Tonic. I Acknowledged by Medical Men and used in Hospitals, because it is the best Remedy Science has yet produced oso THE FOLLOWING- LETTER PROVES THIS. Indigestion is the result of a weak stomach. The symptoms are, pain and fulness aft-er eating, with a '.ore and tender ftcling at the pit cf the stomach arid frequently pa-in tinder the heart, caused by wind on the -i-n- consequent uporl the food not being properly digested; it sours and feiments. This condition, with \I}thr causes, produce*; anaemia. When yoar food ia. properly digested, it assiavlat-es and noum&e-i the body, makes blood, and gives health. strength, and vitality. If it oo.' not digest properly you become pale, Chin, weak, languid, and uuiit for work; suffering from headache*, pow appetite, and fieepleassness. Veno's Seaweed Tonic ftiergtliens the stomach and cures indigestion. It enables r~n to eiat and digest your food,, her.ce you get strong. It produces natural and refreshing si^p, clears the. he.id and bia-iu, and invigorates the whole system. SeatfeedTcnia Thf MOST SUCCESSFUtMEDlCfNmTHGD^Dr^ A YOUNG LADY AT HUDDERSFIELI* CCRED COMPLETELY AFTER MANY YFAW; TERRIBLE SUFFERING. Miss M. F. HAIGH. How, Hill, Kirkheaton, ntfir Huddersfieid, writes, January 17th, to Mr Veno:—! now take the pleasure of writing* this note to inform you of what Ven Seaweed fontc hys dor"" for me. I suffered terribly from indigestion for over five years. I had it so bad that it caused mo to have colic and neuralgia at the stomach. I have always been under the doctors, and had to give up my employment. Sometimes I ftJt all right when baking the doctor's medicine, but aa soon as I stopped taking it I would be bid again. I never had ubovo jj, week or two of pleasure until a friend told me of your Seaweed Tmic. I was so bad then that I could scarcely put one foot before the other. On September 10 h I got a small bottle of your Seaweed Tonic, a,lid I felt it had done me good. I ther: began to g-et, large bottles. I have- taken four alto- gether. I hitve had no need to take any since December 21st, for which I am very glad. I think I never felt better in my life, thanks to your Seaweed Tonic. I can- not praise it enough. I told a friend of mineabout it. and it is doing her good. Veno's Seaweed Tonic quickly and permanently cores all ailments arising from a diseased condition of the stomach,^ liver. kidnnys, ,-nd blood. It is a veritable "life invigorater," has mnrve'lous tonic ana strengthen r,g power, and is the natural cure for constipation. You will feel better after the lirst dose.. Price, Is ld and 2s 9d. CAUTION See that the nain2. ''Veno" is blown in each bottle, as un-principled dealers may try tc sell you a mixture of their own. SOLD BY MESSRS J-AAKE & CO., LTD. CARNARVON AND BANGOR AND ALL CHEMISTS AND MEDICINE VENDORS EVERYWHERE. L -:c===- 72 FREE TO EVERYONE. 0- t U- I .1" 9 OP" )M As a huge advertismont we give you your choice of. either of these Valuable presents for selling FTVE articles of Jewel- lery (consisting of Studs, Brooches, Scali- pins. Bangles, etc..) at Is Oct each. SEND NO MONEY, WE TRUST YOU Just send us a postcard or letter with your full Name and Addiess clearly written and say tha.t you will either sell the Jewellery or return it to us On receiving your postcard we will at | once set d on the Jewellery When liold send las the is e., received for same an,1 we will at once 3eml ycu abso- lutely free either of the two Vaiuable presents as illustrated and described An additional long lists of presents (such as Musical Bsx, Phonograph, Muff and Boa. Cutlery, Silver Watches, Real Gold and Diamond Rings, Marble Clocks, etc), that This Watch, Gold Gased, you may choose from will tJe sent out with guaranteed correct time- each packet cf Jewellery This handsome Real Oak Draw- keeper and Lever Move- The Jewellery will be /tent to-morrow if ing Room Clock Guaranteed Free ment Free for Belling you send your full name and address to-day for Selling FIVE articles at Is 6d FIVE articles at 13 6d direct to our Head OfP.co each FIVE articles at 13 6d direct to our Head OfF-co each each, Addre&- w follows I The Scottish Wholesale Jewellery EMPORIUM (Dept. 58). I 205, BUCHANAN STREET, GLASGOW. I -r- There's SECURITY in ism HL AM mJF t ML sUP RTEilu BILIOUSNESS. 8 \M 17 Bfr SICK HEADACHE. 9 W 6« fjmEm vLsiTORP,D L,VER- Tttufr B B MMA FURRED TONGUE. A| YM LJ INDIGESTION. YM LJ INDIGESTION. W W CONSTIPATION. DIZZINESS. SALLOW SKIN. Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Prioc. Thev TOUGH the LI V E R Be Sure they are RTER'S

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