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----------1 OUR VALENTINES.

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1 OUR VALENTINES. His Honour Judge Sir Horatio Lloyd.— "There's a letter for you, sir, if your name ie Horatio, as I a-m let to knew it is." ,I Sir Llewelyn T-Lirn(-r.Of aldorinanie nd even mayoral celebrity." Sir W. 1-1. Preece.He is the freeman &taom the truth makes free." Mr J. Brvr RobertM P.— Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but our country right or wrong." Mr D. L;oyd George, I!.P.- -t all the ends thou aim'¡t at be thy country's. Mr W. Jcnes, M.P.—'T lovei my country." Alderman T. Lewis (Bangor).—"His shrievai sword and his richly bejewelled chain of office. The Mavor.—He was the miki-s&t man- ut. r'd ni, n Tiie Rev E. Jones.—"A Christian Ls the highest stvie of maji." Rev J. W W ynne Jcnes, M A. (Vicar).— "Broad cloth without and a. warm heart within." Rev J. Ð. Hughes, M.A.—"That one small head could carry all he knew." Rev Stanley Lit he to fawn." The Rev T. J. Wheldon.— 'I aim Sir Oracle." Rciv Cad van Davi -"rhos(, that write in rhyme still make the one vorse for the •tber's nake." The Rev D. Hughes, M.A.—"Call things by their right names. Glas;, of brandy and water! That if the current, but not the appropriate na/ne; ask for a glass of liquid fire and distilled damnation," ° The Rev O. Davie; D.D.Vater, water, t-erywhere." The R' y O. Willictms -"r preached as never sure to preach again." Father Jones.—N rver the likes of his logic was beard." Mr Assheton SmiH .1 am the monarch of all I survey." Mr Charles A. Jc ncs, C.C. — "If thou wouldsl learn, how ruly great was he, go, uk it of the poor." Mr R. Norman Davie*—"Kind hearts are more than co on»t.s and simple faith than Nmnan. bloxl." 1. Mr J. T. Rob, stood on the Bridge of Sig is." Mr J. It. Pritciard.—' Bread is the statf of tife 71 Mr J. Issarc1 Davies.—A remarkably independent and outspoken man." 0 Mr -J. Nienzies.A noble son of Cale- donia." Ei&onytLi.—"And the recording angel, a, he wrote it down, dropped a tear." Mr M. T. Morris.—"With the flag to Pretoria." Messrs R. Q. Roberts and Davies (solici- tors).—"Let us consider the reason of the case. For nothing :s law that is not rea- wm." Dr J .Williams (chairman of the Highway Committee).—"Fair and free iq the King's highway." Mr R. E. Owen (Auctioneer).—"Estates are landscapes gazed upon awhile then ad- vertised and auctionedd away." Dr. Parry (chairman of the Gas Com- mittee).—"Let there be light." Mr W. G. Thomas (chairman Carnarvon School Board).—"The man of independent mind, he looks and laughs at a' that." Dr G. R. Griffith (chairman of the Health Com mittv^ei.—"Better to hunt in fields for health unb<agbt." Mr -T. Pritebard.God's mill grinds- slow but sure." Mr R. Roberts (Bangor street).—"I do remember au apothecary, and here abouts he dweHs." Mr R. Roberts (.solicitor).—"For e'en though vanquished he could argue still." I Mr J. W. Jones (Castle square).— HI make assurance double sure." Mr J. Williams (organist of Christ Ohureh).Some to church repair, not for the doctrine, but the music there." Messrs Owena Brothers.—"So call a coaefe, and "t, a coach be called." Meaws Lake and Co.Coffee which makon the politician wise." Superintendent Rowian& -Thou hast outmfl the constable at last." Carnarvon Corporation.—"Corporations cannot committ traason. for they tare no aonLs." Mr O. Jones (Glanbeuno).—"The cup that cheers but not inebriates." Mr Williams Jones (Bangor street). "Diamonds cut diamonds." Tho Doctors,—"Diseases desperate grown, by desperate appliaxce, are relieved." Mr T. M. Lloyd.—"Good wine needs no bush. Mr T. Roberts (Castle Hotel).-ccA man's house is his eafctie." Mr R. Ll. Jones.—"A fellow of infinite jest." Mr Richard Thomas.—"This England aerer did, nor never shall, lie at'the proud foot of a conqueror." Mr Rowland LI. Jones.—"Every mfji is the architect of his own fortune. Mr T. Owen (Taicoohion).—"Let me have men abou me that are fat." Mr J. Mason Cumberland.—"Mr Cum- berland i; unquestionably a man of very wroo abi hies." Mr S.. Parnham.And he sings with su GoiEJK a face that our sides are just re&c^pr tc split." Mr J Trevor Owen, M.A.—"A man of very « .ensive and various knowledge." Mr J c in Davies (Gwyneddkm).Wheil he does ta' he talks well." Mr A iller (Messrs Jones and Miller).— ''Tfiei • was a jolly miller once." Mr R Joaeis (Inspector Western Sea Fishtrk ;)—"I marvel how the fishes live tia t M- J: Paull. Add] n, fuel to the flame." ife B H. Owen.—"The boast of her- aldry.' Mn Brymer and Davies (Nelson Em- porium). -"Give ruffles to a man who wanltb- a shirt." Mr Heiry Owen (butcher).—"God sends K«at and the Devil sends cooks." Mr Da.v dson (veterinary surgeon). "A horse! a horse! My kingdom for a horse!" Mr Dand (Messrs Brymer and Davies). —"Fair fa' your honest xonsie face." Mr Anemia Williams. "Up! up! my friend, and quit your books." Mr Vangfom Davies (Inspector of Weights and Measures).—"Measures, not ■sen, have always been my mark. Mr R. Prichard (organist cf Salem Ohapel).—"Music .hath charms to soothe the savage breast." Mr Orwig Williams (organist of 3foriali Clap^l).—"If music be the food of love, pi a-y on. Mr D. W. Davies (bookseller).—-iHe who destroys a, good book kills reason itself." Mr J. H. Roberts repo,-ter). -There' a chiel among ye takm' notes and, faith, keTll prent it." Mr W. P. Williams—"Tho old man f'1 quent." Mr W. 0. Williams (Banger street).— "A flattering pointer." Mr T. Morris.—"There goos the parson, Ob! illustrious spark! and there, scarce loss illustrious, goes the clerk." The Penrhyn QU;trrymen. A bold noa. santry, their countrys pride, when once destroy'd can never be supplied. I Messrs Piarce and Williams (Golden 0aat). 1' or the apparel oft proclaims the ■an." I Mr R. A. Griffith (Elphin).For I am f nothing if not critical. Mr Caradog Rowland (bookseller).-— "Choose an author as you choose a friend." Mr G. Jones (Pool street).—"A bed by night, a eiie-t of drawers by day." Messrs E. H. Jonathan and Sous—"Oh, where did you get tlfat hat" Mr John Rccs (North rcad), An abr.i.,g- ment of all that was pleasant in man." Mr J. Etliail.lile goes on Sunday to tho Chun-h." Mr Wright (National School). 'Tis education forms the common mind." Mr D. Thomas (The ClifFe).—"Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new." Mr J. Kinsley.—"This is the Jew that Shakespere draw." Mr Griffith. Jones Oso-I ici tor) -'Seven hours to law, to soothing slumber seven." Mr A. Carter.—"Hail fellow, well met." Mr E. R. Evans (Reporter). "When found miice a note of it." Mr T. Jones (PGstma.Ater). For evil news rides post while gocd news htits." Mr J. H. Thomas (Superintendent Registrar).—"Ding dong, I love the song, for it is my wedding morning." Mr E. Roberts (Sanitary Inspector).— "I coui-.tkA.two-aiid-seventy stenches, all well defined and several stinks." Messrs C. E. Jones and Co.-—"Sublime Tobacco! which from east to west cheers the tar's labour or the Turkman's rest." Mr R. Ranelagh J ones.For there was never yet philosopher that could endure the toothache patiently. Captain T. Williams (Bangor street). "Give me a cigar!" Mr H. Lloyd Carter.Cnited we stand, divided we fall." Mr S. Morris.—"Rich and rare were the gems she wore." Captain Lewis ("Arvon").—"Boatman, do not tarry, and I'll give thee a silver pound, to row us o'er £ he ferry." Mr D. Parry (Guild Hall).—"The curfew tolLs the kneill of parting day." Mr T. Roberts (Blacksmith). "Strike while. the iron is hot." Mr J. T. Jrne.s (Board School). "The schoolmaster is abroad, and I trust to him, armed with his primer, against the soldier in full military array." Mr Owen Edwards.—"My song it shall be witty, and it shan't be long." Mr Speed (Bangor).—"And to thy speed add wings." Mr W. A. Dew (Bangor).—"The dews of the evening most carefully shun." Mr J. Gili (Bangor).—"A little fire is quickly trodden out." Mr J. Pritchard (Bangor).—"Even the auctioneer was always a character in the drama."






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