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Holyhead County Court. T"LF.:SDAY.-Before His Honour Judge Sir Horatio Lloyd. CLAIM FOR THE LOSS OF A ax7.IV POTATOE CROP. Villiam Thomas, Glandwr, Llaneristiol us sued William Hughes, 'Re'rw, Lla^gl 1' icius for the sum of £ 27 4s, being his daim 3 7°P of 'uP"to-date"potatoes vhich he alleged were not the proper sort he had purchased from the defendant as see ing. Mr W. Huw Rowland appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr S. R. Dew ap- peared for the defendant, From the evi- dence it appeared that the plalintiff had purchased seed potatoes several times be- fore from the defendant, but this time they were net the sort ne had bargained t-.T, and no mention irauc- ~hcn s°t- account, what- the breed was, ann he believed at the san>e time thai he was deceived. Mr S. R. Dew contended on bp- halt of the defence that the transaction came under sub-section 2 section 14 Sale of Goods Act. Moreover, the plaintiff had hiili every opportunity to examine the seeding' and satisfy himself in fore it was planted 7 further, Le had sent his man servant for them instead of going to Bodcrgan station ptisvaally to ascertain which were the proper sort. The defendant and Mr Fred- fenck Litberland, wholesale potatoe merch- ant, Manchester, having given evidence, Honour reserved judgment. a en EVANS v. ADEANE. Mr R. E. Pritchard, on behaCf of the plaintiff, stated that his Honour's judg- ment for £ 2 2s damages had been cippeale-I agaiirst to the Divi-ional Court and Court of Appeal both of which upheld h-s Honours decision, and he now applied to the Judge for the injunction to be made ?Trp!tu^Mr R R- Williams (Messrs Lloyd Griffith an I Williams), for Miss Adeane, desired an adjournment.-H Honour adjourned the application to the next Menai Bridge Court. THOMAS OWEN v. MARGARET GRAY. This was an application by the plaintiff (for whom Mr T. R. aiis appeared) fer the appointment of a. ceiverof rents and dividends in certain houses and shipping shares ot defeiT: nt.—Mr R. E. Prit- ch^rd, for the defendant, oppo'ed, and stated that proper'hotfees had not beeu given. The case was adjourned. ^^PIjIOATION FOR EJECTMENT. Bii WiJlia.ms' the assignee of the Pilot thi LUuUr PQ' "I-PlM that the firm I„d. Coopa and Con, pan j, brewers, Burton-on-Trent, should give ui possession of the said premises. Mr W SdWM?T Rnd a £ P?ared for plaintiff byMrR Tr, u • (instructed Th» r> nej? berts) for the defendants. The case was adjourned to the Menai Bridge Court, on the 5th of March.

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