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Carnarvon County Court. WEDNESDAY.—Before His Honour Judge Sir Horatio Lloyd. CLAIM FOR COMPENSATION. Griffith Williams, a quarryman, residing at Ty'nllwyn, Llanliyfni, sued Mr Thomas Robinson, the owner of the Talysarn Slate Quarries, for compensation for an accident, by which he had lost his right thumb.—Mr Montgomery (instructed by Mr R. Roberts) appeared for the plainfcff, and Mr H. Lloyd Carter defended. Counsel said that the case was first brought before the Court in November, 1899, when His Honour thought that there was no damage proved, as the plaintiff was in receipt of his fuU wages, but subsequently he was dismissed, and the Court made a declaration in his favour. Since his dismissal he had been out of regu- lar employment, and only earned about 8s or 9s a week. Counsel asked the Judge to allow lis 3d a week, being 50 per cent. of his former actual earnings.—Plaintiff said that after the accident he got work at Ty Mawr Quarry, where he earned about 3s 8d a day. He was stopped there about Christ- mas, 1899, and since. then he had been out of regular employment. When he got work he could only earn about 8s a week. —Cross-examined by Mr Carter, the plain- tiff said that he did not apply for work at Mr Robinson's quarries after his dismissal. Plaintiff added that his employer's manager told him before he came into Court that he had better settle the case, as he was keep- ing himself out of the quarry by instituting these proceedings.—His Honour suggested that the case ought to be settled by pay- ment of a lump sum, and he would give judg- ment for the plaintiff for £ 25. WORK DONE. The hearing of a case in which John Ro- berts, stone mason, Ponkyforyd, Llanfae- dalen, sued Henry Owen, Liverpool Housl Ebenezer for balance due from the defen- dant to the plaintiff for work done was concluded. Mr M. E. Nee (Messrs Nee and Gordon Roberts) appeared for the plain- tiff, and Mr Montgomery (instructed by Messrs R. O. Roberts and Davies) defended. For the defence Mr Montgomery called the defendant, Mr Henry Owen, who said that the agreement made with John Roberts was to build at Is 4d per yard, but no mention was made at any time of Is 8d. He had been supplied with 36,000 bricks, and he was not at any time short of materials. The bricks cost him £1 10s per 1000, and if John Roberts' statement was correct to save P.7 10s he had agreed to pay i-43 more for building. He had paid E8 2s 4d for which no credit had been given.- Samuel Ingham, general merchant, Eben- ezer, in reply to Mr Montgomery, said that he had no interest whatever in the matter but was there on being subpoenad and merely mentioned to Mr Ellis Davies that he knew something about the case He had a conversation with John R.ok,.i- -„ 1900, when John Roberts told him tW v, h,d taken it at the rate If ls He was sure of that Richard Hugh^ I gave evidence as to the custom of includiS roughing in the pnee for masonry made building the partly of briok T stone and ment bnck—^ Judge reserved judg-