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Great Railway Scheme. NPW EAST TO WEST ROUTE. TO COST TWENTY MILLIONS. "Manchester Evening Chronicle" gfp,. "at a great scheme — by far the f0l> J^^t of recent years—is being promoted itarirrUl^'n £ an entirely new railway from ^not>,1Ch ^>orth Dinlleyn in Wales, and er Tailway connecting with this at from Hull, the total cost of which, JHod ?.ecessary appliances and dock accom- a^Out o n -th Dinlleyn, is estimated at the millions sterling. The authors of are Messrs Bennett and Ward- J Ji|a ooasulting electrical engineers, of "ester and London, and the promoters hav a indicate of London financiers, who i8 • ,a preliminary capital of £ 50,000. It be _t^^ded to lodge a Bill in Parliament to Vhjj ns^dered in the spring of 1902. Mean- ■^ay6 ^°rk is being pushed forward in the t^odu ,surveying and negotiating for the 5ti°n of detailed plans and arrange- 5che>v,' ^ne of the* chief objects of the ^en the communication be- to ^01idon and Ireland, and another is Amer-^ate competition with Liverpool for Part ofa+v, steamship traffic. An essential greaf. a scheme is the construction of a *ttate j0ck at Porth Dinlleyn, and the ulti- f:rol11. rtlng of turbine steamship services t s ^ew port to IrelEind and to Se5*vicea' OT diversion thence of existing Petiti0S" ^1G two ports with which com- Livep-11 thus arise are Holyhead and andp0<iV distances between London *otad ?r Dinlleyn on the different routes land otin' .^reat Northern 260 miles, Mid- ^titi-al Great Western and Great + miles. The distance from is each^ F° is 2G4 miles. Not only than tv, three proposed routes shorter Astern Present London and North- Cr«ased rou*e to Holyhead, but greatly in- he possible. From Porth ■^■in^stown is 60 miles. From ^ch. ^ati tl,e ^if'tanco is 54 miles. But ^rbin5rla<er cPeed can be attained with ^°Hr j„ enmboHi-s (a speed of 30 knots an that aitogetheir it is bp. that a savinc of about two hours u*<biin nati,J iU the journcA* from London to Th ^tr'ca] engineers to the scliemc" are V^r and Ward-Thomas M;-m- if11!? 'J°n(lon: the civil engineer i: J if:¡ Mr E London and the solictor Davie Pwllheli.


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