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SCIENCE OF THE DAY. £ B§ HEADACHE GUEED with W. J. F, KA LY I N's Spectacles & Eyeglasses He visits The Bee Hire Hotel, Turf square, Caroarrea, ■•Tery Saturday, from JO till 6. EYES TESTED FREE. All letters to be sent to Llangefni, Anglesey. 1 WATM mm FW OW MT-SWW md wL rt £ r*B WATGB. ate* > fl eha&M tor »«a»* u w STMT EBB ONI AD AR EFENGYL lOAN. Gan y Parch Evan Roberts. f A IL-ARGRAFFIAD, yn awr yn barod, i\ mewa liian hardd, Haner Coron. Ar werth gan yr boll lyfrwerchwyr. ArgrafFwvil a cbyboedlwyd D. W. Davies, Caernarfon. MR JOHN HCOHES, ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, AND CIVIL: ENGINEER (Engineer for Pwllheli Pier), PWLLHELI AND COLWYN BAY. HAZELMLRE, LAWSON ROAD, COLWT N BAY. 1, BAY VIEW TERRACE, PWLLHELI. GWALTA HOUSE, HIGH STREET, PORTHMADOG. MR J. H. ROBERTS). SYFLAWNDER o Ddilladau Parod, Ties, %-2 Coleri, Hetiaa, Crysau, &c., am y prislau Lief gydd 5 a bosibl. Cofiwch, 36 eisiea Bargeinion, ymweied a Gwalia. Ho .se. Porthmadog. 487 W. H. ROWLAND. (L te Pritchard Brothers). Yacht Lanch and Boat Builder, Ship's Carpenter, &c. ABEf BRIDGE, CARNARVON. Any description of Yacht, Launch, or Boat Built o order. Specificai ions and Designs subi^it-te i. New an i Second-hand Boats uJwftys iu Stock. Boats ai. Yachts for Hire by the Hour. ESiy, or W i. Inspectic1. invited. LIVERPOOL SHAFTESBUxlY. HOTEL. morNT PLEA8AKT Three minti 's' walk from Central vnd Lime Street S' ,tions, and about ten m inutes from Landing Stage. FIRST CLASS TEMPERANCE HOTEL. with moderate cnargee. Electric Lieut. 100 Rooms. Nifihi Porter, H PORTANT NOTICE. W. RICHARDS, FISH, GAM E, & POWLTRY MERCHANT, 172,174, and 329, HIGH STREET, BANGOR BRANCH SHOP at 329, HIGH STREET, Telephone, No. 39. 1068 SEEDS SEEDS. L If B RAL N B i UPERB STOCKS. Well ripeue i and matured. True to name. FARM SEEDS. Cereals, < Irasses, Root Crops, ete., etc. KITCHEN GARDEN. All the choi -est and best of all Vegetables. ) FLORIST FLOWERS. New, raw, choice, and the beat of the old varieties. Seeds of every description for every purpose. ALTRINCHAM & VjIIUJL allSj MANCHESTER, AND 296, HIGH ST., BANGOR. UEEN OF FLOWERS c- u \:t —THE ROSE. Oar Stocks cousist of TENS OF THOUSANDS, a.u that ix fain: and bast in thia lovely flower; and we are always pJoaaed to supply quotations for any cumber of Plants in the following and all oilier classes:— H P a STANDARD & DWARFS. TEAS f NOISETTE. HYBRIED TEAS & MOSS. BOURBONS & CHINA. POLYANTHA& CLIMBERS. AUSTRIAN PENYANCE St SWEET BRIARS. BANKSIAN & PROVENCE, SCOTCH, ETO., ETC. ROSES IN POTS for forcing. All strong, healthy, and vigorous. C'lLIBRANS, Altbincham, MABTOHESTEB. and 296 lpall ST., BANGOR. 04 B JyTOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS. N FRUIT! FRUIT! FRUIT! WRT R FOR PRICE LIST. FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK. FITZPATRIC K FITZPATRIC • FITZPATRIC ;i: FITZPATRIC' FITZPATRIC K FITZPATRIC K FITZPATPvK K FITZPATRIC FITZ PATRICK FITZPATRIC i. FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK The Wholesale Fruit Mer- chant. The Commission Agent. Looks after his own business personally. Em- ploys no Travelling Agents, so by this means can sell cheaper. Can buy right, so by this means bell right. Ships only sound stuffs guar- anteed. Has been brought up in the Fruit and Vege- tabla line. Life-loag exper- ience. Serves more people in Wales than a ay other firm in Liverpool. Serves every- body and anybody at Whole- sale Prices. Keeps all sorts of English and Foreign Fruits, Cherries, Plums, &c. The great Onion Salesman. 1 JOHN FITZPATRICK Wholesale Market, CAZNEAU STREET, LIVERPOOL. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. TRAIN ALTERATIONS. JANUARY, t 1901. On and After January 1st, the following Trains will be Discontinued:- MAIN LINE. 9.35 p.m. Welshpool to Llanidloes. COAST SECTION. 11.40 a.m. Pwllheli to Glandovey Junc- tion; 5.0 p.m. Machynlleth to Portmadoc. C. S. DENNISS, Secretary and General Manager. Oswestry, December, 1900. CAMBRIAN RAILWAY. TOURIST BOOKINGS DURING THE WINTER MONTHS. TOURIST TICKETS available for two — months will be issued from the principal stations to all Health Resorts on the Cambrian Railways, also to Waking Places in England, North Wales, English Lake District, North East Coast, &c.} &c., during tht Winter Months. Tourist Tickets, available for two months, will also be issued from the principal sta- tions on most of other Companies' Lines to the various Tourist Resorta on the Cam- brian Railways. All information regarding Excursion Trains and Tourist Arrangements on the Cambrian Railways may be obtained from Mr W. H. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, OswestrT. O. S. DENNISS, Secretary and General Manager. November, 1900. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. I' 'O BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, the t. several stacks of well-harvested HAY, of the growth of 1900 (except where other- wise stated), standing at the undermentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less, also undermentioned, viz. Estimated) Estimated Stations. Weight* j STATIONS Weight. Tona TODS IJaaymynedi 7 Bow 8tree* 6J Iiaasaintffraid. < iPeamaespool 4 Kerry (lgw) 2t Pcnsarn klm), 4 Lkuudloea 9 Peoøam 4 Tyiwdk 8 Hariech (t899) 7 St. Harmons ach at 1} Talaarnaa (1889) 6| Eft. Harmon* Talnrnaa Bsflth Portznadac 4 Abowhr at Criedeth (1899). 19 Booghrood 8 priccieth .? 9 TalgwrtW 10 Abcradi (1899) S CaeiBVB » 41 Abecerch 7 Ynystaa 8* — Borth 2} T»U1 146 For further particulars, and to treat, apply to Oswestry, C. S. DENNISS, November, 19M. Secretary. c A M B R I A N RAILWAYS. SHIRE HORSE SHOW, ROYAL AGRI- CULTURAL HALL, FEBRUARY 26th to MARCH lat. On Monday, February 25th, 1901, Cheap Excursion Tickefc will be issued to LONDON. From Pwllheli 10.30 a.m, Afon Wen 10.45 R..m, Criccieth 10.56 a.m., Portmadoc 11.10 .m., Minifordd 11.15 a.m., Penrhyn- deudraeth 11.21 a.m., 2 days tickets, 128; days tickets, 19s 6d; 8 days tickets, 23s. Talsaniau 11.26 a.m., Harlech 11.33 a.m, Llanbeir and Pensarn 11.43 a.m., 2 days ticket?, 12s; 5 days tickets, 18s 6d; 8 days tickete, 2k Dy-ffryn 11.54 a.m., 2 days tickets, 12s; 5 days tickets, 18s; 8 days tickets, 21s. Passengers return from London (Euston) a.i uuder —Two days passengers return at 9 45 p.m. on Wednesday, February 27th. live days passengers return at 9.45 p.m. cn Friday, March 1st. Eight days pass-n- i;ers return at 9.45 p.m. on Monday, March < th. All information regarding Excursion Trains and Tourist Arrangements on the Dambrian Railways can be obtained from Mr W. H. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. O. S. DENNISS, Secretary and General Manager. Oswestry, February, 1901. 2 GRAND BAZAAR will be held in connection with B ETHEL CHAPEL, PENYGROES, during FHIST AND SECOND WEEKS IN SEPTEMBER. 1375 SEIONT, &c., FISHERY DISTRICT. HEREBY CERTIFY that L. Morgan, of P!as Coedlrnor, in the County of Angle- sey, Eisquire, has been duly elected by the Net Lioencees as their Representative Mem- ber cf the Board of Conservators for the abovi Fishery District for the year 1901. J. T. ROBERTS, I R-etuming Officer. Carnarvon, 13th February, 1901. 1395 NOTICE. ELECTRIC LIGHTING ACTS, 1882 and 1888. CARNARVON AND DISTRICT ELEC- TRIC LIGHTING PROVISIONAL ORDER, 1901. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the -L'' Board of Trado have appointed Mr Alexander Pelham Trotter to hold a Public Inquiry at the Institute, Bangor street, Carnarvon, on Tuesday, the 26th day of February, 1901, at 10 a.m., in the matter of the application by Mr Edward Whittred Iltyd Peterson for a Provisional Order under the Electric Lighting Acts, 1882 and 1888, to authorise him to supply Electricity for all public and private purposes within the Borough of Carnarvon and portion of the Rural District of Gwyrfai. It is open to any 01 person interested to attend thtI Inquiry. (Signed) T. H. W. PELHAM, Assistant Secretary. "Board of Trade, 9th February. 1901. 1390 You neednot BOTHA ABOUT DE WET if you waterproof your boots with DALES* gold medal D U B BIN. It also soi ten* and preserves the leather. Allows polish- tI ^ghest awards at Exhibitions. My by Booima/itra, Uathtr- •ttttn, Chimin, <Sx. Manufaster)/; Duiwish, S4E, WANTED, &c. I A PARTMENTS WANTED.—Hundreds of a! families from the Rhondda Valleys will be raiting North Wales this year. All having acconni.crbtior. for visitors at the var- ious watering places should at once insert a small advertisement in the family paper of the Rhondda district. The charge for 30 words or under is only sixpence; three times, Is; 13 times, 2s 6d, or 4s for the whole season. Address: "Manager, 'Rhondda Leader," Ton- ypandy." APARTMENTS.—To all having Apart- ments to Let. not lose pounds by having your Apartments empty when for Is (for three weeks 2.s) you can have a 30 word advertisement in six London Suburban news papers circulating in London Suburban dis- tricts which each year send thousands of visi- tors to Southend and other Watering Places on the Coast. Name of papers Leyton, Ley- tonstone. West Ham, Wanstead, Woodford and Forest Gate. Manor Park and IIford Ex- ■ press, and Independent.—Address, Publisher, "Independent" Oifice, Leyfconstone, London, N.E. 308 BOOT TRADE. — Experienced Managers Wanted (North Wales). Good Terms to competent Men- -Apply, "Boots" "Genedl" Office, Carnarvon. 1377 BRITISH WORKMAN AND GENERAL ASSURANCE COMPANY. — Agents wanted in all towns and villages in North Wales. Full and spare time. Liberal terms to suitable men.—Apply, by letter, Superin- tendent, District OfSce, Blaenclydach, Carnar- von road, Bangor, or to Mr 0. Jones, Assist- ant Superintendent, Penygraig, Llanfagdalen, Carnarvon. 1372 OOK.—General wanted. Three in fam- ily (no children). Housemaid kept. —Mrs Cook, Oakfield, Abergele. 1396 ^IHEAP JEWELLERY. Shopkeepers will find the best assortment and lowest prices at Millicgton. Houndsditch. London, clocks, watches, knives, &c., &c. Catalogues to be had free. DRAPERY.—Wanted, a Smart Youth as an Apprentice. — Apply, R. Winter Jones, Upper Bangor. 1354 TMPORTANT TO FARMERS AND JL OTHERS.—OIL to entice Rabbits, Rats, and Fish. Will force Rabbits from their holes without a Ferret. Will destroy Moles, Rats, &c., quickly and without trouble.—By post for Is 6d, 2s 6d, 3s 6d, and 5s, from Henry Jones, 53, Conway street, Birkenhead. 1301 ON SALE. — Freehold House and Shop, Gladstone House, Mountain street, Car- narvon. Immediate possession.—For particu- ars apply to Mr W. J. Williams, Chartered Accountant, 7. Market street,. Carnarvon. February 5th, 1901. 1349 PAliVfER.—Wanted at once, a Coach Painter; steady man.-A pply, Royal Carriage Works, Carnarvon. 1389 SERVANTS WANTED. Mrs Moms' s Agency, 19, Granby street, Princess road, Liverpool. Established 1887. Reliable Servants of all classes can be well and quickly suited. Communications in English or Welsh promptly attended to. Fees when suited. For reply send stamped envelope. TO BAKERS.—Wanted, a thoroughly com- petent Baker. Must be sober.—Apply, at once, "Constant Work," "Observer" Office, Carnarvon. 1340 TAILORS.-Improver Wanted. Splendid opportunity to learn. -Particulars on application, Hughes, Bee Hive, Penygroes. 1335 "0 BE LET OR SOLD. Excellent Busi- ness Premises, House and Shop, com- manding corner position in High street, Ban- gor. Double frontage; splendid windows. Good opening for any business. Early pos- session. Apply, Williams, 364, High street, Bangor. 1329 TO BE SOLD as a Going Concern, General Drapery, Outfitting, Millinery, and Dressmaking business Grocery and Italian Warehouse; Large and Commodious Shop aDd Premises (with good and imposing front- age) doing a large country trade. An old Establishment, with good connection, in one of the best market towns in North Wales. The present proprietor retiring from business.—Ad- dress, J. 100 "Genedl" Office- YICTOIUA LEtrAL.—First-class position for suitable agents. Salary 30s and com- mission. Local men pref&rred.—Apply, 370, High street, Bangor. WIRE NAILS, Mixed, 9s per cwt. 281bs. 2s 6d; Screws, mixed, 34s per cwt. 281 bs., 9s; wire cut, wrought and malleable nails, tacks, shoe nails, rivets, &c., wholesale prices. Midland Nail Works, 25, and 26, Rea street Birmingham. WANTED, IN CANADA, Capitalists, Per- sons with Moderate Incomes, Farmers, Miners, and Young Men and others desiring to Learn Farming. Illustrated Handbooks and Maps, issued by the Government, may be had post free on application to Canada Government Office, Western Mail Buildings, Cardiff. Write for particulars. =- AUCTIONS &c. Mr. J. G. Jones. FR J. G. JONES begs to announce the receipt of instructions to Seli by Auction on Wednesday, February 20th, 1901, commencing at 1 o'clock pjm. pre- preciselv, at the Auction Rooms, top of Skin- ner street, Carnarvon, a Costly and Well Selected Stock of New Carpets, and all of this season's patterns, comprising: First. Quality Bordered Brussels, Axminsters, Velvet Pile Squares, Bordered Tapestry, Brussels Carpets, magnificent Turkey and Oriental Carpets and Rugs, and a quantity of Engl'sh made Rugs, &c. Catalogues may be had on application to the Auctioneer, Tovrer Buildings, Carnar- von. 1388 Messrs. W. D. Jones and Son PARISH OF LLANFAIRYNGHORNWY ANGLESEY. 5 I SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MESSRS W. D..TONES AND SON ARE instructed by Mrs Jane Roberts [to whom Administration (cle bonis) with will annexed was grunted by the Principal Pro- bate Registry under an order (on motion) made by the High Court of Justice (Pro- bate Division)], to Sell by Auction (subject to conditions of Sale then and there read), at the Public Cefi-e. House, Holyhead, on Saturday, February the 23rd, 1901, com- mencing at 2.30 o'clock p.m., all that very compact and neat holding Tyddyn Law- rence, Llanfairvnghorriwy, Anglesey. Ten- ant, Mrs Ellen Jones. Consisting of five and a half Acres, or thereabouts, divided into very convenient Quilets, comprising some good Arable and Pasture Land, which is well fenced and watered. There is a Four roomed House, t.he Out-buildings are ample and in good order. Particulars from Mr C. E. M. Pritchard, Solicitor, or Messrs W. D. Jones and Son, Holyhead. Old Bank, February 9th, 1901. 1387 AUCTIONS &C. Messrs. J. Pritchard and Porter. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. -7- MESSRS JOHN PRITCHARD AND lYJL PORTER beg to announce that their next Monthly Sale of Stock will be held at the above Smithfield on Monday, February 25th, 1901. The Entries already received comprise (30 Head of Grand Prime Fat Cattle and 30 Yearling Sheep. Entries close February 15th, 1901. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. Telephone 47. 1 I Mr. H. Parry Jones. TOWN OF HOLYHEAD. A HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, GROUND RENTS, &c. MR H. PARRY JONES has been favoured with instructions to Sell by Public Auc- tion at the Town .Hall, Holyhead, on Satur- day, March the 2nd, 1901 (subject to condi- tions of sale then and there produced), the Ground Rent and Reversions of the whole of that Charmingly Situated and Substantially built Terrace of nine Houses situated and being part of the Bryngoleu Estate, in the Town of Holyhead, together with one of the Finest and Splendidly Finished Leasehold Houses Situated thereon (if not previously sold by Private Treaty). The particulars and order of sale are as follows: Lot 1.—That very imposing and well con- structed Leasehold Dwelling House, being the second House in the above Terrace, and is now in the occupation of Mr Nicholson Jones, at the Annual Rental of £32. It is held under an Indenture of Lease, dated June 20th, 1899, from Cornelius Smith to Thomas Len- festey, for the term of 500 years, at the An- nual Ground Rent of 26. The House com- prises of an imposing and neat Vestibule, En- trance Hall, a lofty and roomy Drawing Room and Dining Room, five well lighted Bed- rooms, Bathroom and Lavatory, W.C., large Kitchen, Pantry, Wash house, Coal house, and W.C. outside. The above has a most attrac- tive Verandah frontage; neatly walled in Front Garden; two fine Bay Windows in the front; is built of Stone, relieved with Ruabon Brick; is thoroughly well finished in every detail; is well Papered, Painted, and Varnished through- out and is altogether a most desirable pur- chase. Lot 2.—The round Rent and Reversion of that fine corner Dwelling House adjoining Lot 1, now in the occupation of the Lessee. The Lease is dated June 20th, 1899, from Cornelius Smith to Thomas Lenfestey, at the Annual Ground Rental of R6 for the term of 500 years. Lot 3.The Ground Rent and Reversion of the Dwelling House Lot 1. Tenure, Parties to the Lease and Rental same as Lot 2. Lot 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, are the same tenure and Ground Rentals as the previous Lots. The several Leases from Cornelius Smith to the following parties: Robert Owen, of 53. Newry street, dated Oct. 21, 1899; Annie Wil- liams, of Mona House, dated Dec. 1, 1899: Mary Jane Thomas, of Clock House, Holyhead, dated Feb. 3, 1899; Elizabeth McHugh, of 18, Kelvin Grove, Liverpool, dated April 26, 1899; John Jones, of Tanygraig, Penrhosfeilw, Holyhead, dated April 29; and Louisa Smith, of the George Hotel, Holyhead, dated April 26, 1900. The above Reversions Would be a most desirable purchase for a good, sound Invest- ment, having the finest constructed Houses in the Town erected thereon, and the sights being in the most desirable situation; and the Houses are such that will always command the best class of Tenants and good Rentals. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock. For further particulars see small Bills or apply to Mr T., R. Evans, Solicitor, or to the Auctioneer, both of Holyhead. -J Mr. Robert Parry. Y — HENDY, LLANENGAN. MAE MR R. PARRY wedi ei gyfarwyddo gan Miss Ellen Jones i WERTHU AR AUCTION yn y lie uchod, DYDD GWEN- ER, CHWEFROR 22ain, 1901, yr HOLL STOC a ganlyn, yn cynwys 3 o Fuchod Godro, dwy yn gyflo a'r llall yn ei phroffit; Buwch ar ganol ei phesgi; 2 Heffer gyflo; 4 o Fustych dwy flwydd campus; 5 o Ddynew- aid da; Llo gwrryw; Gwellt, Mangolds, &c. Hefyd, gosodir yr Holl Dir: rhan i'w Bori, rhan i'w dori'n Wair, yn nghydag un cae gwrteithiol i'w Aredig. Coel fel yr bysbysir ar y pryd gyda meichiafon boddhaol. Yr Auction i ddechreu am ddeuddeg o'r gloch. Am fanylion pellach ymofyner a r Ar- werthwr, 3, Salem terrace, Pwllheli. PENBRYN, LLANARMON. (Pellder haner mill dir o Station Llangybi). Mae MR ROBERT PARRY wedi ei gyfar- wyddo gan Ysgutorion y ddiweddar Mrs Jones i Werthu ar Auction yn y lle uchod, dydd Llun, Chwefror 18fed, 1901. Cropiau, yn cynwys Tas Wair wedi el chynhauafu yn dda; Tas Wellt Ceirch; Tas Wetlt Haidd; darn o Das Wair llynedd. OFFERYNAU:—Trol gref, 2 Aradr haiarn; Aradr dwbl, Scuffler, 2 Og haiarn, Og chain, Engine Kithin newydd, Pulper, | Chaff Cutter, Ysgolion, Arfau, Cribynau, &c., Ger CefFylau. yn nghyda. holl Ddodrefn y Ty, yn cynwys yn benaf Byrddau C-egm, Parlwr, &c., &c.; Cadeirta." Parlwr a Chegin, Cadeiriau Bedrooms, Gwelyau haiarn, Gwelyau plu, Dilladau Gwelyau, 2 Gloo mawr, Cwpwrdd press derw (hemffas- siwn), Chest of Drawers, Dresser, Cwp- wrdd Crwydr, Cwpwrdd eto, Buddai a Llestri Llaeth, yn nghyd a lluaws mawr o bethau eraill rhy luosog i'w henwi. Telerau fel yr liysbysi- ar y pryd. Yr Auction i ddechreu am 12 or gloch yn brydlon. Manvlion oellach i'w cae-I gan yr Ar- werthwr, 3, Salem terrace, Pwllheli. "PORRIDGE IN, A PUFF" A HEALTH BREAD, A SWEET. Shredded Wheat, "BISCUIT" Cures Indigestion & Constipation. 19 STOCKED AT ALL BRANCHES OF Messrs THOS. LEWIS & CO. Bangor IMPDRTANT TO ADVERTISERS" AN ADVERTISEMENT APPEARED IN OUR SERIES OF NEWSPAPERS LAST WEElC AND OVER 500 RE- PLIES WERE RECEIVED THERETO FROM ALL PARTS OF THE PRINCI- PALTTY THIS FAol, WHICH SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, CAN EASILY BE VERIFIED.

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