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MENAI BRIDGE PROCLAMATION. — Uxbridge square was on Saturday afternoon crowded by a large as.'iemblv to witness the ceremony of proclaiming King Edward VII. A pfaU form had been erected, and from this (Struc- ture the Chairman of the District Council (Mr J. Davies Jones) reaa tHe proclamation, the authority from the High Sheriff being read by the vice-chairman (Mr Cad- waladr Davies). On the platform were most of the heading men of the district, in* eluding the magistrates. Mr L. Protheroe, the chief constable; the Tire Brigade, headed by Captain Knio TTT. The fanfare was furnished by the Menai Bridge Brass Band, under the leaaership of Mr G. W. Senogles, which also rendered music fitting to the occasion, ana a choir sang "God save the King," together witTT^ie Welsh hymn, "I'r Ajrglwydd cenwch lafar glod." The Home Secretary, on behalf of the King, has acknowledged the address of condolence from the inhabitants of5?enaT Bridge.

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