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BANGOR SUNDAY SERVICES. CHURCH 8F EHGLAKD Cathedral (English) The Rev the Canon in Residenee, Archdeacon Pryce (Welsh).. 10, Rev W. Edwards, M.A. St. James's (English) Rev D. R.JPugh, B-A. St Mary's (English; Rev T. Edwin Jones, M.A. St. David's (Welsh) Rev Lewis Jones, M.A, BAPTISTS. Penuel. Rev Edward Evans. English Chapel Rev W. R. Saunders Ainon (Glanadda) CONGHEGATIOITALISTB. Pendref Rev Rowland Hughes. B.D Salem (Hirael).10, Rev. Morgan Danieis 6, Rev. Ellis Jones Ebcnezer 10, Rev Ellis Jonea 6, Rev. Morgan Daniel English Chapel Rev Emlyn Evans, B.A. CAL VUiISTIC METHODISTS. Tabernacle.Rev W. W. Lloyd, Brynteg Twrgwyn Rev Robert Parry, Llaurug Glanadda Rev W. Roberts, Gorslwya Park Rev T. Charles Williams, B.A. Hirael Rev John Rogers, B.A., Bwlan Princes Road Rev E. P. Jones, B.A. WESLEYANS. English Rev R. Corlett Cowell Horeb 10, Mr R. Moriifl; 6, Rev Gwynfryn. Jones St. Paul's.10, Rev G. Jones; 6, Mr R. Morris Hirael 2, Mr R. Morris; 6, Mr R. Jones Glanadda. 10, Mr R. Jones; 6, Prayer Meeting ROMAN CATHOLIC. St. Mary's Rev Father Radcliffe In succession to Mr S. Mobley, who has retired upon a pension, Mr Richard Joces, Conway, has been appointed sexton and caretaker of the Cathedral. SUDDEN DivATH OF A BOY.—On Friday evening a boy named W. R. Williams, ten yenr old son of a tailcr living in Chapel street, was seen to fall close to the Star Hotel. When examined, life was found to be extinct. The boy was subject to fits, and no linque-st was held. FIRE.—Last week a frre broke out at Tanybryn, the residence of Mr E. A. Young, and the fire brigade promptly turned out. It appeared .that the woodwork en one of the greenhouses adjacent to the house had become ignited, probably through the build- ing-being cverhen.tea. NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF 1902.— The committee of the National EisteLldfod of Wa,les, which is to be held next year at Bangor, have decided that the formal decla- ration shall be made on August ;>th. An endeavour is being made to secure the pat- ronage of the King. RAILWAY CONCERT HALL.—A con- cert was given at the Hall on Wednesday evening when songs were rendered by Misses Winnie Owen and C. Ev^ns, and ,,s es ,n Messrs H. T. Jones, D. Hughes, Lloyd Jones, and Erasmus H. Jones. The 'Girls Serenade" of the Hall assisted in the pro- gramme, Miss Hettie Jones being the ;.1f)- companist. ERENEZER DEBATING SOCIETY.!— At this debating society, which took place on Monday evening, Mr TTiomas Owen. Dean street, delivered i, lecture on "Charles Dickens and his works," Mr Thomas Ed- wards occupying the chair. The following also spoke :—Messrs 't-Tuward Evans, W. Jones, and Robert J. Tames. A vote of thanks was unanimously accorded to the lecturer. JUNIOR REFORM CLUE.—In reply to a communication of condolence submitted by the club to the King on the doiith of the Queen, the following reply was "The Private Secretary is commanded to I convey the thanks of the King for the kind expression of loyalty and sympathy con- tained in the letter which you have for- warded to His Majesty. January 30th, 1901." Some importance fit" aches to the- above, it being the first replv received to a resolution of condolence with the King by any body in, the ne'ighbourhood. FOOTBALL.—The result of the match Normal College v. University College, pflayed on the Bangor F.C. ground on Janu- ary 26th, should have been Normal College, 2 goals; University College, 1 goal. The results of the previousi games were as fol- lows -At Friars, a draw of two goals e2cb at Ffriddoedd the University won by 2 goals to 1; and on the Bangor F.C. ground Nor- mal College won. by 2 goals to 1. The next match between the Colleges will be played &t Ffriddoedd on March 16th. PENDREF DEBATING SOCIETY.— Professor Lewis Jones, M A., on Monday night, dfHivered a lecture to the members of this debating society, the subject being "Welsh Poets and Poetry." The chairman was the Rev Rowland Hughes, B.D. In the course of the lecture, the works of Dafydd ap Gwilym, Hugh Morris, Glasyny.s, Ceiriog Hughes, and Talhaiarn, were touched upon. Mr Matthew Hughes, Caelleppa, and Mr Jones, of the University College of North Wales, also spoke. BILLIARD MATCH.—At the Castle Hotel, on Wednesday, two interesting games were witnessed between Stevenson (the acknowledged champion cf England), and Tothill (champ,ion of the Vale of Clwyd), for 800 points up. In the afternoon Steven- son was in fine form, scoring rapidly, the scores being—Stevenson, 800 points; Tot- hill, 566. Amongst the breaks made by the winner was one of 283, ,32, 25, 30, 23, and 99 unfinished. At the evening match Stevenson again won, Tothill reaching 667 points, to Stevenson's 800. Some of the breaks made by Stevenson were 105, 100, 98, 86, 46, the loser making breaks of 22, 27, 20, 19, and 17. Mr Tom Leatt acted as marker. BANGOR PETTY SESSIONS.—Tuesday, before Mr J. Evan Roberts (chairman), Colonel Marshall, C.B., and Dr Langford Jones. DRUNKENNESS.—CorneUus CLeary, Llanfaarfechan, was fin-éd 5s and costs, a similar penalty being imposed upon John Stewart, .Garden square, Bangor. MAINTENANCE ORDERS.—On the ap- lication of Mr R. B. Evans, clerk to the Bangor and Beaumaris Guardians, John Roberts, a Tivetter, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and Wm. Roberts, Newcastle-on-Tyne} were ordered to contribute Is 9c each per week in support of their mother.J. resident at Menai Bridge.—An application was heard for .2., distress warrant against John Jcnes, Brook Row, Bangor, who has failed to con- tribute fuilly in support of his son, now an inmate of an asylum, the amount of the arrears being El 16s. The Bench allowed > the defendant a. month to pay.—Evan Owen, r plasterer, Longsight, was allowed two months to pay £ 3 2s 6d.—A commitment order was granted against Thomas Lewis, farmer, Llanddyfnan, who has not complied with a maintenance order made in respect of his mother. A MISSING LICENCE.—Mr S. R. Dew stated that at the last petty sessions the licence of the Victoria Inn, Llanfajrfecban was transferred to Mr Billings. The origi- nal certificate which the justices granted at the annual licensing meeting had been either lost or mislaid, and application had been made to the Excise Office, and the Excise collectors at Llandudno and Llar- fairfechan, neither of whom could find it Mr Dew asked the Bench to alllow a dupli- cate to be issued, and the application was ^THE^MARRIED WOMEN'S ACT.—Mr S. R. Dew applied under the Married Women's Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1895, of IUI order which waa made in favour of Mrs Elizabeth Hum- phreys, the wife of Win. Humphreys, 3, I Inghum Buildings, Glanadda, Bangor, un- der which she obtained 2s weekly from the applicant. He applied ior the Uncharge of the order because he alleged that Mrs Humphreys had been guilty cf adultery since the order was made. He would call Mary Shelton, 21, Britannia street, Upper Ban- gor, who would state that Mrs Humphreys hy.d told her that she had obtained a situa- tion at Conway, the wages being Is a week. She also told Mrs Shelton that she had to sleep with her employer, a man named John Hughes. That statement wna re- ported to her husband. His chrnt had in- vited his vrife to dive with him, but she re- fused.—Mary Shelton bore out Mr Dew's statement. IfFcmss-cxamination she said that the person with "whom Mrs Humphreys was engaged was of a raspt-ctable reputa- tion. Witness went to Conway, and visited Mrs Humphreys. Her employer threw a glass of beer at her child's face. Witness first informed Mrs Griffith, the applicant's sister, of the conversation.—Wm. Hum- phreys, the applicant, stated that he had the custody of six children. He had invited his wife to live with him, but she went to Conway instead, and had been there for about 15 months.—Mr Huw Row- land, for the defendant, held that his client, whilst holding a respectaJble position at Coaiway, had been molested by her husband. She might have that stupid conversation With a friend after having a "lass of beer, but he pointed out that what she had agreed to do was not evidence of adultery, and it was all a foolish joke.—Mrs Hum- phreys said that she obtained a separation order in May, 1899. She was forced to find occupation, and for that purpose went to Conway. She recollected the conversa- tion with Mrs Shelton, but denied ever mentioning beds. The Bench dismissed the application, and allowed the t-raveilling ex- penses of Mrs Humphreys.




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