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«■ Charge of False Pretences at Llandudno. At a special meeting of the Llandudno Police Court on Wednesday, before Dr Dalton (pre- siding), Dr Bold Williams, Mr Elias Jones, and Mr W. Bevan. a middle-aged man of res- pectable appearance named William Cart- wright was charged on remand with obtain- ing money by false pretences. Mr James Marks prosecuted on behalf of the police, and Mr W. J. Corbett defended. In opening the case Mr Marks said that prisoner was on remand, committed under a warrant on the sworn information of William John Mobley, charging him with having ob- tained three guineas by false pretences. Sub- sequent investigation bv the police authorities had brought to light the fact that there was a large number of similar cases. In the month of June bust the prisoner called upon Mr Mobley at the Harrington Hotel, of which Mr Mobley was the licensee, and asked him for an advertisement for a "Commercial Guide, Hotel, and Apartment Register for North Wales" that Messrs Morrington and Co., a well-known firm of publishers, of Har- borne-, Birmingham, were getting out. In addition to Mr Mobley's advertisement the prisoner desired to have Mr Mobley's recom- mendation, to be allowed to use his name in soliciting orders in Llandudno and district, as Mr Mobley was well-known and popular. Mr Mobley said the prisoner was quite welcome to his recommendation, as he had known Cart- wright for some two or three years when the latter was connected with the National Tele- phone Company. On June 17th he gave the prisoner an advertisement and paid to him three guineas, for which ho received a receipt on a printed form, for "outer cover, gold letters, whole page." It was signed by "Wil- liam Cartwright, secretary," for Morrington and Co. The receipt contained the words, "All communications to be addressed to the sec- retary." The prisoner represented that the guide wds in a forward state, and that it I would pe published in August. Mr Mobley saw the prisoner later on, and asked about the non-appearance of the guide. He was put off by various statements, and eventually the prisoner and Mr Mobley had some correspon- dence, in which it was suggested that Mr Mobley should have his money back. That however, was immaterial, as it did not affect the pretence on which the money was origin- ally obtained. In Llandudno and district the prisoner obtained £ 120 19s 9d, representing approximately 400 transactions. Evidence having been given, the prisoner was committed for trial at the assizes, bail being allowed.

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