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Penrhyodeodraeth Board of Guardians TUESDAY.—Mr Owen Jones in the ciuir. THE HOUSE. — An imbecile inmate had sscaped from the House, and had been found it Prenteg.—Mrs Morgans, having been re- formed of the number of male vagraiits in %i*e House, said that work should be provided far them.—The Chairman agreed.—The wanted the Board to advise him what to do m the case of a female pauper who lied in tJJe House. She came into the institution wt& £ 5 on her person, and expressed the wish that the monev should be used to burv her lI.t Garn. Mrs Morgans wanted the pauper's wish to b* carried out, but the Chairman showed that ifc could not be done. It would establish a pre- cedent. He was prepared to contribute to- wards the expenses of the funeral, and no doubt other Guardians would do the same. CONDOLENCE WITH THE ROYAL FAMILY.-A vote of srvmpathv with the Royal Family was passed, on tlie motion of the Cha irman. seconded bv Mrs Morgans. VACCINATION FEES.—The Clerk had written to the Local Government Board iN support of the appeal of Dr G. J. Roberts, for the payment of JE53 due as vaccination arreafK to Dr Roberts. I,, seems that the bills for the vaccination had not been sent in within the statutory period.—The London Board re- plied that if the Guardians paléj the money the District Auditor might surcharge tbenv- The Guardians, however, might, in that event. appeal to the Local Government Board to allow the payment.—It was resolved to pay the amount. — The Chairman expressed the hope that Dr Roberts would in future stud in his accounts in due time. and therein prevent lOllS to himself and trouble to the Board. COUNTY RATE IN ARREARS Mr Bod vel Roberts, on behalf of the Carnarvonshire County Council, threatened to i^ue process against the Board unless the arrears of the rounty rate was paid.—The Clerk said that I- eheque had been sent.—The CI. tI: najned tb; parishes in ajreai- with the pnynwTlt of CAIL- --The Chairman said that they had only £ 2f0 in the bank.—The Clerk would writ*; to t, parishes in arrear. THANKS.-—Mrs Jones. Ynysfor, wnte to thank the Board for their kind expression of sympathy with her and family in their be- reavement. FINANCIAL.—It was resolved to advetwe for provitdons in the "Genedl Gyinreig" and other papers.—Burial fees ha i been unde the consideration of the committee. A" shere was now a new Burial Act, the committee re- commended that the fees should be cons dered bv the District Council. DIETARY TABLE.—The Clerk re. d the report on the dietary table, as eou«lde ed by Dr J. R. Jones and the committee, and a new copv was ordered to be made d the a nended table for consideration at the next me* ting of the committee. CENTRAL POOR LAW CONFEIENCE. —Mrs Morgans proposed th,u the C iairman sliould represent the Board at the alx ve con- ference, Mr Richards seconded., an it was passed.