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The Aher Bridge.

Bangor School Board.j

The Finest Statue of the Qaeel.

JLleyn District Council.


-North Wales Licensed Tletnallers.

Commission on the Sale of…

Carnarvon School Board.I

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i Welsh Case.


- -------------------_.. An…

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I N.S.P.G.C. Anglesey and…

The " Ceniasn" for January:I


The Ceniasn" for January: I The "Geninen" for January is as full of vigour as of yore. The subjects range from a cnt^ism on tne past century by the Rev David r;r-th to hfe in the country bv Howel Wclsh Wesleyan Methodism bv Gwyllt y Mvnydd' to a pi^ for the union Q'f tne sects by Min y Mor," and from a learned disquisition on. the Christian Church by Pro- fessor Re-s, of Brecon, to a glowing descrip- tion of the Vale of TeiS by the Rev StanVv Jones. Ben Davies, the bard, contributes meditations on m-o stanzas on flowers, and Professor Ellis Edwards, of Bala, a svnopais of his interesting lecture on the music -f nature. In defence of himself and the quarrrmen the Rz-v W. Ryle Davies answers some "Penv- gohvg" with might and main, and this an onymous hero will henceforth, if he be wise keep "his head out of sight" completelv A most sprightly article is Watcyn Wvn*'s the alliterative Welsh metres, and '• \r' ? fvl's" letters from the shades are written ■„ V charming pellucid style. These so-called letted are m reality bnlliant criticisms on ♦ Love Poems so highly euWised T*«>- at the National Eisteddfod tT SS S or'TbinrSndedeXb^SiVel^F° i the other. "pjl^ f ard°nr °f lefnevs in r< r j written these Carnarvon^ +J,Cardigan ,dialec^instead of the d-idf -l' i a~<in;atic assumption of Ar- fe^f T^0lf T'M have beeD per- ^W ^rird;e contri^tions are like Mar- g..et s wedcing ju sents in "Enoc Huws"—too j FeWry.t0 Wales," for Februar..


Penrhyodeodraeth Board of…