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An Anglesey Officer in South I Africa. We cull the following from the "Cape Times," January 14th :—"Three squadm: of the regiment left for the front on Stndav I afternoon. The majority of the members of I these squadrons are men who have been through the present vror. and are experience;! and fit for the work before them. They are well disciplined, and presented ;m appearance equal to regulars in the smart manner in which ] they went through their evolutions at a J parade held by the commanding officer. M;i jnr I Owen Thomas, who took the opportunity of I appointing the non-commissioned officers" an I of whom were appointed from the ranks. It t is worthy of note thaf- Major Owen Ti nm.v: I has made it a rule to select his non-co-miii- I sioned officers from the ranks, the sc-'ectio.T I being strictly accorded to individv.:d me-it and ( previous service record. The men were v.vli I pleased to move forward up-country, and dr- I lighted at the prospect of beine on active ser- { vice. As the train moved off they vented their t enthusiasm with continued hearty cheering ? for their justly popular commanding osT'xvr" Recruiting for this regiment is still actively proceeding, and during the coming week fv-r- ,td- r., ther squadrons will be despatched. Those who are desirous of getting away early to the fi 0.1: will find an opportunity in this resrimert. Major Owen Thomas will remain in town a short time longer, in order to bring un the strength of the regiment to 1000 men. Thi* will be shortly accomplis hed. as there are a number of men on their way out. and it is ex- pected that locally the response will continue n: active and hearty as heretofore." In the "Cape Argus." for January 12th. there is ci account of a complimentary conceit given undet the auspices of the Cambrian Societr and t (" Welsh community at Cape Town, to the ofiker:- and men of the recentlv formed Prince of Wales' Light Horse. "The hall," the report states, "was crowded, and the utmost en- thusiasm was displayed. Appropriate rrottoe- in Welsh adorned the walls. The progrnTume was a long one. comprising over twenty iteruf. some of which wero rendered in the lan(rua<re of Wales. thiring the interval Mr T. R. Price expressed to Major Thomas and the officers and men of the corps the satisfaction felt at so many being present 1 at the concert, and offered them a hearty welcome and good wishes on the occasion of their depaitvre for the front. The Prince of Wales had doro a high honour to Major Owen Thomas in giving him permission to call the force, by the name it had, and all Welsh people entertained ad- miration of the readiness of the Major ami his men to place themselves at the service of the Queen. Most of the men of <he corps- were Welshmen, and could be fully lelicd uvo" t^ do their duty. Thev would watch their carer. with pride and satisfaction, and he felt 8tn" that His Royal Highness the Prince of Wn'es. i, t giving his name to the regiment, would take a constant personal interest in its welfare (ap- plause). Major Owen Thomas, in replyiri'. said that it was not necessaiy for them make a reputation for Wales for p:albr.t. T; already had that, but they hnd to in .hold th; gallantrv. and he hoped that the Princf of Wales' Light Horse would not give reason fo< disappointment (cheers)."

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