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:-1111 CARNARVON Ti I J COUNCIL. The Quality of the Gas. THE PROPOSED ELECTRIC LIGHT- ING- SCHEME AND LIGHT RAILWAY. ..The monthly meeting of the Town Coun- eil was held on Tuesday night, at the (jj 5 ?al1' Alderman W. J. Williams 't»ite^CT Presiding. The other members Resent were Aldermen R. N. Davies, E. p f,hes' J- Williams, D. T. Lake, and J. _■ ^gorv; Councillors E. Parry, J. Dar- RV> A Hughos, 0. Evans, R. O. Roberts, toil ^Weu> G. Owen, R. Thomas, R. New- Pritchard, J. Fletcher, R. LI. bortf' & R" Griffith> R- Pan7> J- T- Ro" clerA' r 'SrS J' Bodvel Roberts (town g xi'i' Scales (borough accountant), p* (borough surveyor), E. W. M. lector)11 manager)> J- W illiams (col- RETURXING THANKS. on behalf of the Council, re- Wh thanks to the various public bodies Q» took part in the procession to Christ ^rch and theTavilicn on Saturday, when ljej ,1Ces in memory of the late Queen were He proposed.a vote of thanks to the „wjerei1^ public bodies.—This was seconded and agreed to. ALLEGED EXORBITANT CHARGES. At a meeting of the Finance Committee Urn ^ec^cr reported that the owners cf jel ^rty in Little Chapel street and Smith- th • 6 °^3ec^e^ to the charges made for • nn+ Pr^Va^e drainage work recently carried by the Corporation. ^i^iams: There is a general plaint in the town about the exorbitant mat^e by the Corporation. I have •all T* myself> anc^ am no^ surPrise^ hat these people object to pay. It was resolved that the Accountant to the owners asking them to make a wntten statement of their objections 1 in fourteen days. BETHEL ROAD widening. It was reported that the Council had ta"T^r^e^ to the County Council a de- ■■ ed statement of the expenditure of the "Ove improvement, viz., £ 297 4s 4d, to- getherwith the Council's request for the tu^ment ^alf exPenc^i" It was also stated that the Bethel ,^0otpath hadi just been completed Wo 1^ claim in respect thereof at. shortly be made out and forwarded the(County Council. NEW APPOINTMENT, .-was resolved that the Borough .grafsJ,rer;(Mr G. H. Humphreys) be con- on his appointment as manager Old Bank, Carnarvon, where he has ed so many years as cashier. THE QUALITY OF THE GAS. 'Gas Committee, whose minutes ere submitted by Dr Parry, reported as follows :-Additional Loan for Gas Im- provements Account: It was reported that •6 aPP^cati<*n had been made to the Local overnment Board for sanction to borrow Urther sum of £ 690 towards the improve- tnentsrecently carried out at the works, :accompanied by full particulars as per ement supplied by the Accountant to the members, and now submitted to the jommittee and approved of. Gas De- •Preciation Fund Recommended that the +*■ ^rom the bank on the gas deprecia- i on,fund account, viz., £ 915 lis 9d, with imr»reSt ^ate» he transferred to the gas "Illprovenients account. Recommended »aa r? that the amount advanced from the of <P^*ciatio* fund for the hospital loan, placi ■' be c^led in at 25th March, and Wh • 1U the gas improvements aecount, ^erest to date.— Cartage of Coke, from M ter t*atec* January was read 'Tessrs Owen Bros., complaining that had Ibeen refused coke at the gas a ? or °ne of their customers for which ha<J been issued to them in the the f mana6er having instructed "Vices03:61X1311 &t the works that their ser- •Wit^ as carriers of coke were dispensed the st + manager having contradicted ftj. ernents made, it was resolved that on ^ourned meeting be held at the works tW ^rs<lay, the 31st inst., at 3 p.m., and Hep essTfi Owen be requested to attend, do I?euded also that the Corporation tjofee /• 111 ^nture arrange for the cartage of their °r CUstoniers — buyers to engage ranep°Wn carriers. Also, that present ar- ^sist111611^8 as l°a(liuS he continued, no ance to be given except to lift bags Drp1^' ^Port y' in mOTino the adoption of the shov suhniitted a detailed statement Hectimg the excess of expenditure in con- nate011 With the gas works over the esti- «aid[ y^he excess, which was £ 1193, was of mainly due to tlie increased price ^naL 2g pe^' Pritchard said that a difference of ture between the actual expendi- iteiti aU<j estimate was a very serious Cl"edi't an 0ne ^hat did not reflect much ■tiali att^01- ^as Committee. He would tar}y dat^011 matter again at an Df p f°r ^7 pointed out that were it not be^ *e "ePreciation fund it would have \Vhen .Yery serious matter for the town, they ,e improvements were finished anv °,^ have gas works as complete as b In the kingdom. Wo^ijj ^ffith asked how long the town Was su w&i^ again before better gas ^either ^as Present was in jjj ^hat it ought to be in pressure cr Pressedihmatill £ Power- He had been ter y gas consumers to bring the mat- so til] «Fe Council, but had not done till ere.owing to the alterations that Self ^ade at the works. He him- Provem8^ -°king ^orwaT(l to a great im- e Pub^ gas' an(l i^ would satisfy brnn u know when the change was to The n &bout- atinp- n as Manager said that the illumin- o'cloejj ^as candle light at five lo\p jg at night, and it was never be- Mr R rj r» ^at the ^pherts It has been noticed on fi38 better on Council nights t)r (J t> fights (laughter). Machine a ^r'ffith I am afraid that the Mr E pctuates- a gentlem U^^es so-id that some time ago P°Or qualit11 his attention to the o^i^ed yth°nViL?aS. in a certain street,I c°nseqUeil0 there were complaints in ^reet arifi They went through the there and found that in everv shop where ere "'as satisfact0 a new connection the gas was e old whilst in other shops, where theli«ht w VKm h;1d lwt U-. H 'lisfiii'bed, the liirW ^he pas was not at fault ;,ovaj c ,^J couid be impj'o\>d bv tlie re- Dr (?' the old I can name plac- iyot the .'UH- "rc 11 a^u, nff>- R. v 18 the rarne. hoari11[r n ,u,10.s said that he was tired ftt^i^ined *a')-R,'1'its about the gas- He *tc» 'U anv I the could not b0 y Own of the size of Curnar- 11.1 von. In Shiloh Chapel, where there were new fittings tho gas was of i S qualitv that no one could wisli bettor hgh Where complaints were made the burners were out of order. Dr J Williams There a tufferencc of oD'iiion I put in new fitting*, Inn they oniv lasted for a short time. I took off the burners and found that they were blocked with chemical impurities. Mr E. Hughes: Was tfcat wiuiin the last four or five weeks ? Dr J. Williams: No, fcur or five months. < Mr E. Hughes We had noo comp^eteu the fittings then. tit-h- Dr Parry remarked that Dr J. Williams knew very well of the difficulty in which the Gas Committee was placed some time ago owing to the improvements that were being made to the purifiers. Mr R. O. Roberts asked what the com- mittee had done in regard to Messrs Owen's ccrtiplam-. Dr Parrv replied that the committee had not come to a satisfactory conclusion as to the dispute as yet. The report of the committee was ad- opted. INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The Inspector presented his report for the year ending 31st December last, which stated that the number of births during the year was 264, deaths 202, eight being non-Tesidemts. The number of cases of infections diseases notified were 38, ery- sipelas 15, diphtheria 9, scarlet fever 8, smallpox 4, typhoid 1. One proved fatal of the 38. 14 were removed to the hospi- tal. Satisfaction was expressed with the work carried cm by the Inspector. THE :NEW WATER MAINS. Dr J. Williams expressed the opinion that to lay down the mains in the -way suggested would not improve the water supply in the slightest, and he wished the ratepayers to know it. They were be- ginning at the wrong end entirely. Dr Parry: Is Dr Williams in order? Dr Williams What is the use of having new mains to Ysbytty unless you renew the pipes from the streets to the houses. The Mayor: Dr Williams is not in or(ler. „ 0 Dr Griffith (chairman of the SanitaTy Committee) He ought to give notice. Dr J. Williams: I have had my say; that is all (laughter). TWTHILL STREETS AND CASTLE SQUARE. On the recommendation of the Highway and Town Improvement Committee,-whose report was presented by the chairman (Dr J. Williams) it was resolved that the r waste stones at Twthill Bach Quarry (about 40 loads) be purchased from Mrs Lloyd Roberts at Is per load inclusive, and that the same be broken at the place and used on Twthill streets and that the coating of Castle square with macadam be in- cluded in next years' estimate. ADVERTISING THE TOWN. Mr D. T. Lake submitted the report of the Advertising. Committee, which con- tained the following items: —A letter was read from Mr Young, Pwllheli, suggesting the advertising of Carnarvon in Messrs Andrews' New Guide on reciprocal terms. The Surveyor was instructed to inform Mr Young that the committee would be pleased to see him to confer upon the mat- ter. Recommended that a full-page ad- vertisement (£3 3s) of Carnarvon be in- serted in the Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company's official guide for 1901; that an advertisement be again in- serted in the Liverpool A.B.C. Guide for four consecutive months at E2 10s inclu- sive; that the chairman (Mr W. G. Tho- mas) be appointed to go to London at an early date to make arrangements with the London and North Western and other railway companies for the exhibition of Carnarvon posters at different stations and views of Carnarvon and environs in rail- way carriages. It was also recommended that Mr Connah, Rhyl, be given seven days' notice to pay an account for ad- vertisement in the Guide Book, and fail- ing compliances that the Town Clerk take the necessary steps for its recovery. Dr Parry suggested that the committee should prepare an estimate for the year in order that the Council might know what money they wanted, and how they were going to get it. The Mayor: It is too. soon for an esti- mate. We get that in March. Dr Parry: But this is not a Corporation estimate at all. Mr D. T. Lake: The committee will be most happy to supply each member of the Council with a copy of the accounts. The report of the committee was ad- opted. PROPOSED ELECTRIC LIGHTING AND LIGHT RAILWAY. At a meeting of the Electric Lighting and Dinas Dinlle Light Railway Commit- tee the Town Clerk produced a letter re- ceived from Sir W. H. Preece in wuich he advised as to the course to pursue in op- posing the order applied for by Mr Peter- son. It was resolved that the Town Clerk arrange with Messrs Lloyd George and Roberts, solicitors, London, for the draw- ing up of the objection to the granting of the Order; also that Mr Peterson be in- formed that the resolution passed by the Council supporting his application has been rescinded, and that the Gwyrfai Dis- trict Council be so informed. Mr G. Owen: What are the prospects with regard to the electric lighting and the light railway? i i The Mayor: We are quite in the dark. There will be a committee at the close to consider the matter. The report of the committee was ad- opted.


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