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Menai Bridge District Council.


Menai Bridge District Council. ST. GEORGE'S PIER. The monthly meeting was held on Tuesday. the Chairman (Mr J. ) hi vies Jones) presiding. Mr J. H. Hugh. boar lu-Ider, Menai Bridge, wrote that he was desirous of pur- chasing a plot of land at Cambria road, which would form a. frontage to houses he proposed to erect on the adjoining land.—Mr Cadwaladr Davies proposed that the offer be not enter- tained at present, and this was agreed to. In reply to a complaint made by the Council regarding the condition of the road leading from the Menai Suspension Bridge to the rail- way station, a letter was read from Mr F. Harrison, general manager of the Railway Co., stating that he found that the roadway re- quired a little alteration, which would be carried out. There was no question of dan- ger involved. With regard to the lighting, he had given instructions for an additional lamp to be put up, and he was assured that when this was done the lighting of the road I would be quite as satisfactory, but he pointed out that the adjoining roads, which were under the jurisdiction of the Council, were not lighted at all. Mr Ellis J. Griffith, M.P., wrote that he would be delighted to support the Bill with reference to land values, which he hoped would be introduced next Session. A communication was read from Dr Fraser the medical officer, stating that at the pre- sent time the recent outbreak of small-pox in another part of the county was apparently drawing to an end, and he thought that every authority should make preparation for such an outbreak in future. The return of Dr Fraser for the month ended December 31st showed that three births and a similar number of deaths had occurred, the death rate being 20.8 per 1000. No case of fever had been notified. The Health Committee submitted a report stating that the heavy leakage of water had been located between Telford road and Chapel street, a three ineh main pipe being broken. The pipe had been repaired. On the motion of Mr T. Roberts, it was agreed to adopt the amended plans of an al- teration to the shop window of 25, High street which projected 22 inches, bringing it in line with the bay window of the adjoining house. In accordance with a. notice of motion, Mr Wm. Jones moved that in future the raising of stones in different quarries should be done by contract, as well as the opening of ditches. He held that if the motion were carried it would be a great saving to the ratepayers, as at present every load of stones cost double what it should.—Answering Dr Williams, the Surveyor said that he could not give an opin- ion as to the proposal, but go-ahead towns did not execute the work by contract.—Mr T. Roberts proposed that the Watch Committee take the proposal into consideration, and this was carried. The seal of the Council was affixed to the conveyance of land at Tanybont from the Council to Mrs Roberts. Regarding the St. George's Pier, a letter was read from the Office of Woods and Forests asking whether the Council had come to an arrangement with Colonel Price. A letter was also read from Messrs J. Rice Roberts and Laurie (on behalf of Colonel Price) asking if the Council would make an offer for his interest in the lease of the pier. At the outset Mr George Hand suggested that the whole Council should discuss the letters. Mr R. G. Thomas said that the Council had asked Colonel Price for his price, and he had refused to give it. If they had received the price they could say "Yes" or "No." Mr George Hand asked whether the Council had taken into consideration the new terms offered by the Office of Woods and Forests. Mr R. G. Thomas: They have nothing to do with Colonel Price's interest. ,A Member: What interest had the Ja Ja Co. in the pier? The Chairman replied that when they bought Colonel Price's interest, they purchased that of the Ja Ja Co., who were yearly tenants, as well. He denied that the Council had been unbusinesslike during the negotiations. They had a perfect right to make any offer. Mr Walter R. Jones held that in making no offer the Council was merely wasting time, and it was their duty to come to some terms to acquire the pier as soon as possible. Mr Thomas Roberts proposed that the Coun- cil should offer J3100 to Colonel Price for his interest in the pier, and Mr Cadwaladr Da- vies seconded A member asked if they were bound to pay the annual rental which was now paid by Colonel Price? The Chairman: Possibly we might get over that. Mr R. G. Thomas considered that the offer should be made without prejudice. The proposal was put to the vote, and with the exception of Mr Hand all the members voted in its favour.

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