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The Return Home of a Carnarvon Hero. A REMARKABLE DEMONSTRATION. A demonstration, the. like of which has not been seen for many years in Carnar- von, took place on Monday night, on the occasion of the home-coming ot Driver J. Williams, of the 66th Battery Field Ar- tillery, who distinguished himself at the battle of Colenso whilst trying to recover the lost guns, and who is one of those re- commended for the distinguished conduct medal. The approaches to the railway station were crowded with people some time before the arrival of the train, and when Williams, who waa dressed in khaki, made his appearance outside the station, about ten o'clock, he was greeted with great cheering. So eager were the people to catch a glimpse of the "little hero" with the beaming face,that it was with the great- est difficulty that he was able, with the assistance of Mr H. Lloyd Carter and Mr Richard Thomas, to reach an open con- veyance which awaited him, and in which was seated Private R. Roberts, of the Royal Welsh rusiliers, who has just re- turned home from South Africa wounded. A procession consisting of the Artillery and Rifle Volunteers, in command of ■Captains Whiskin --and Williams respec- tively, and the Royal Naval Reserve, then formed, and, headed by the Artillery band and a number of torchbearers, proceeded through the principal streets, which were thickly lined with enthusiastic on-lookers, to illiams's. home. Williams who is invalided home, had six horses shot under him in the attempt to save the guns. Just as he reached the guns the last pair of horses, of which he had charge, were shot,) and he fell under them, and there he was ) pinned for several hours unable to move. A revolver which he had and a water bottle were shot away. Lieutenant Ro- berts, who belonged to the same battery, was shot down before his eyes. A correspondent writes —I was pre- sent at the railway station when Driver Williams arrived. No sooner had he de- trained than he was confronted by Mr Richard Thomas, who harangued him at considerable length. He was then es- corted to an open vehicle by Mr Thomas and Mr H. Lloyd Carter. Why should these gentlemen have taken so much business upon themselves? Captain Whiskin was the gentle- man responsible for the arrangements and it was he who had a right to receive, to escort, and if necossarv to address-the hero. Not content with the speech he made at the station, Mr Thomas delayed the procession at the top of Pool street to air his eloquence still further. He spoke of "hogia'r dre" hav- ing distinguished themselves, and hoped that they would continue to fight for their Queen and country, and, of course, the Union Jack. Mr Carter -ad also some- thing to say, but it was inaudable. In the absence of an official reception, it was not right for certain gentlemen to. arrogate to themselves the -right to speak on behalf of the town.


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