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EXTREME FOLK. These people always go too fast or too alow. Either they go at a snail's pace or try to outrun the Flying Dutchman. Either they are 120 degrees iu the shade or else they are 20 degrees below zero. Extreme Folks, like the Puritan Sabbatarian, who killed bit favourite eat because it caught a mouse on Sunday; or like the man the Rev Peter Cartwright speaks of in his autobiography—a Dutchman he was to be sure—who being told by the preacher that if he would get to heaven be must take up his cross and carry it, at the close of the service, packed his wife on his back, and rushed off home with her, for said he, "she's the biggest cross I've got." There is always a danger of going to extremes. Among the Puritans it was a law a man should never kiss his wife on the Sunday. What a deprivation! How sad for the wife, and heart-breaking for the hnsb-md. Extreme folks should even go to extremities to secure a box of Page Woodcock's Wind Pills. For Indigestion, Wind on the Stomach, Liver Complaints Sick Headache, Costivoness, Palpitation of the Heart,' Biliousness, {&c. th«v are simnlv nvaluable. We've told you so seventy-times-seven. y P One of the leading Chemist* in Leeds recently said to Mr Northcote Willey, the well- known Evangelist, I-Tberware no Pills sell so well as Page Woodcock's Wind Pills. We are selling large quantities of them. Only a few days ago I gave Page Woodcock an order for 400 do^ne." We bear similar statements on every hand, and the good they are doing excels all telling.-P. W. Page Woodcock's Wind Pills being purely Vegetable, Tasteless, and Mild and Tonic I?. 8ck°°» *b*en. w,tn perfect safety by the most delicate of either sex, Children mayfsafely take them in reduced doses. Sold by„ all Medicine Vendors at Is lid and 2s 9d; post free for price by Patre Woodcock, Lincoln. K 1 0 s Po PER.- 116 This Celebrated Article is a thoroughly pure find reliable manufacture, for making 0 Bread, Cakes, Pastry, &c., proved by the testimony of innumerable housekeepers in all parts of the world during the last fifty years.- When 01 dering Baking Powder be sure and get BORTW 1CK S. I