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I OLD FALSE TEETH BOUGHT. | Many ladies and gentlemen have by them old or disused false teeth, which might as well be turned into money. Messrs R. D. & J. R. Fraser, of Princes Street, Ipswich (established since 1333), buy old false teeth, If you send your teeth to them they wil) remit you by return of post the utmost j value: or. if "preferred, they will make you the best offer, and hold the teeth over for your reptv. If reference necessary, apply to Messrs Ba/~»n & Co., Bankers, Ipswich Criccleth Council. A meeting of the Council was held on Saturday evening. There were presen; Messrs T. Burnell (chairman), Dr Davies, O. T. Williams, C. E. Palmer, W. G. Evans, Evan Jones, J. W. Bowen John Jones, H. Humphreys, W. Watkin, Owen Parry, J. T. Jones, J. Tobias (atsbtant clerk), and Morris Williams (surveyor). CASTLE VIEW. Sir Hugh J. Ellis Nanuey, Bart., was prepared to give land to Widen Castle View, provided that other owners would do the same (applause). Mr Tobias, replying to Mr J. T, Jones, said that no reply had been received from the other owners. The Clerk was instructed to write again to these owners. SEA WALL. One of the Local Government Board In- spectors would inspect the Abereistedd Sea Wall prior to the Board's consideration of the application of the Council for loan of money to repair that wall. VITAL STATISTICS. Births during the month, 6; deaths, 3; no infectious diseases. IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE. Mr O. T. Williams was reappointed chair- J man of this committee. It was resolved to advertise the borough in certain London periodicals, the cost to be defrayed by sub- scriptions. Complaints were made that the lamps were not lighted near Parkiau. Mr J. T. Jones advised that light work should be given to an old man in the town, who could paint. — Mr Palmer was afraid that a cry might be raised against the Council cutting down wages. Mr J. T. Jones said that they ought to keep a man from the parish if he could do some work.— The chairman agreed with Mr J. T. Jones. — Mr W. G. Evans proposed that two extra hands should be Engaged. — Mr O. T. Wil- l'ms thought that the recommendations of the committee would cover Mr Evans' pro- posal. The Chairman said that the com- mittee could deal with at. Dr Davies said that, whoever was engaged, he should be paid like any other man. Mr J. T. Jones only referred to the old man in order to bring the matter before the committee. The matter was referred to the com- mittee. A COLLECTION. Subscriptions were solicited towards de- fraying the cost of advertising the town. Mr J. T. Jones and Mr Watkin gave 10s each. Mr O. T. Williams said that the amount subscribed came up to more than what was required. The Chairman said that the money would be wanted for other purposes as well. ROADS AND BUILDINGS. Mr W. Roberts, Pen Ystumllyn, and the Council had come to an agreement as to the exchange of properties at Ty'nygellhesg Various plans were produced and amend- ments were made in the same. Mr W. R. Lawford, Lord Harlech's agent, had been with the committee inspecting the plots proposed to be exchanged near the old mill. — Mr J. T. Jones was elected chairman of the committee. A difficulty had arisen as to who was to maintain the new road at Maes Ty'nygellhesg. The householders there held that they had taken the sites before the resolution was passed by the Council regarding the matter. SANITARY. Dr Davies was elected chairman of the sanitary committee. No suitable land had yet been got for the purpose of de- positing refuse. Flushing was to be re- gularly carried out, and the surveyor was to keep a correct record of the same. It was alleged that a house in the place was overcrowded, and that the tenant could not be removed as she had nowhere to go. The Surveyor said that Dr Fraser had) con- demned the house as unfit to live in owing to overcrowding. Mr J. T. Jones thought that it was very hard to turn the old peo- ple out. Mr Tobias said that the land- lord received no rent. Mr W. G. Evans said that there were many other houses overcrowded in the place. Why should they not be reported ?-Mr Watkin wanted all houses reported. The Chairman said that they should not make any difference in these cases. The Surveyor said that there were other cases ot overcrowding. Mr W. G. Evans sa-id that that showed that workmen's dwellings were wanted in the place. It was a great shame that there were no such houses in the place. SPECIAL COMMITTEE. I Mr J. T. Jones was re-elected chairman of the Special Building Committee. Mr Palmer had prepared plans of the land be- longing to the Council and Lord Harlech, in order to show the proposed exchanges of land with Lord Harlech. The plans were adopted. — They were examined and would be marked and" sent to Lord Harlech for I his consideration. Mr Palmer showed the plots that were proposed to be exchanged with the plots belonging to Lord Harlech. I The mill pond would be filled up, and the I whole place would be greatly improved. I Mr O. T. Williams said that the Council was greatly indebted to Mr Palmer for pre- pairing such excellent plans. Mr Evans I supported a vote of thanks proposed by Mr Williams, to Mr Palmer. A full copy of the plan would be sent to Lord Harlech, with the various plots marked thereon, without prejudice as to ny course the Council might adopt. NO CHARGE. It was resolved not to charge for per- mission to deliver geological lectures at the Town Hall. The Chairman said that the lectures were public and free, and a charge should not be made for the Town Hall.


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