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Peorhpdeudraeth Board of Guardians. A meeting of this Board was held on Tues- day, Mr John Jones (chairman) presiding. A SATISFACTORY EXPLANATION. Mrs Morgans raised a discussion on a minute which referred to a complaint mad,: about a teacher who, it was alleged, had beaten a little girl. Mrs Morgan wanted the attention of the School Board to be drawn to the matter. Mr J. B. Jones said, that the boy was in receipt of out-relief. Whien the Attendance Officer took him, ac- companied by his mother, to school, the schoolmaster ordered the- mother out be- cause of her conduct towards one of the pupil teachers in thie street. The boy at- tempted to run out of school, and when the schoolmaster pushed him back the boy fell, and began to cry in a piteous manner, call- ing for his dead father. A great commotion was treated in the school. The master felt that the. discipline of the school was in danger, and insisted upon the boy obeying him. This J..Ie- young fellow did at last, without the master touching him. The master was a man highly esteemed by all who knelw him, and was one of the most suc- cessful teachers in the country. It was an act of cruelty to bring suchr a charge against such a kind-hearted schoolmaster (cheers).— Mrs Morgans said that according to what Mr J. B. Jones stated something had oc- curred that had drawn attention.—The ex- planation was accepted by a majority of the Board. —. Mr W. Davies, Cae'rblaidd, said that Mrs Morgans had done her duty in bringing the matter forward.—Mr R. M. Greaves remarked that it was most import- and that the authlority of school teachers should be upheld, or discipline would be im- possible. — The School Board had made full enquiries into the case, and had found that the blame rested with the woman and the boy. I A PROPOSED CHANGE. On the motion of Mrs Morris, seconded I by Mrs Morgans, it was reteolved to support a change in the law to enable Board of Guar- dians to keep unfortunate women for three j-months after child birth, in order to have timd to sue the fathers of the children for the keep of the children and other expenses. | It was stated' that expenses in this connec- tion'were continually increasing. _—————



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