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Apple Dumplings and so on.

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Consumption. Miss E. Pitt. Ringford, Kirkcudbrightshire. Cured of Consumption. Lost blood. wasted away. and had a bad cough, with night-sweats. Violent pains in the head; in- digestion. Years had passed in despair: Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were tried. and restoration to health was ftartlingly rapid. /<*&!& IMS Paralysis. Mr. Henry HaD. 62. Wood- street. Stockport. Buffered from nervous fits, and eventu- ally had a stroke of paralysis. His limbs were drawn up and trembled. He could not con- trol them. Despite hospital treatment he grew worse, until Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were taken. After third box he gradually recovered strength. Neuralgia. Miss Cissie Cowser. 15. Palmers ton-avenue, Claren- don-road, Whalley Range. Manchester. Neuralgia in the head and defective cir- culation of the blood. A sur- prising change in her health and appearance set in before the second box of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills was finished. Mm Decline. "Decline" had laid hold upon Miss Gertrude M. Yates, of 17. Wood-street. Fallings- heath. near Wednesbury. She wasted to a skeleton. Food did not nourish her; excessively weak; ordinary medioine of no avail. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills made her a strong plump girl. Heart Disease. Mr. William Gerrard. of Hadfleld. on the borders of Lancashire and Derbyshire, sustained a severe shock in the death of his wife. and neighbours actually discussed keeping the grave open for him. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills saved his life in the nick of time. ipkf Aoute Indigestion. Indigestion in the form of aoute attacks troubled in- cessantly Mrs. Bums. of Liscannor. County Clare, Ireland. She describes her sensation "as if something were growing on my ohest." Constantly vomited. Com- pletely cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pill*. 0 Rheumatism and Sciatica. Mr. Joseph Holloway, aged 67. of Victoria-street. Nun- eaton, was for many years <. martyr to Rheumatism ai Sciatica. Dr. Williams' Pi' "Pills were recommend(-. The first box stopped the paij an i with pe; severance he w&a Suon happy and active. Xfckj? CSr I Eczema. Miss Harvey, Kingsteign- ton, Devon, suffered from childhood with Eczema, which broke out after vac- cination. She also suffered misery from Indigestion. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cured the indigestion as well as the skin disease. X&9 ht/ Paralysis. r Mr. Thos. Wilkinsdn. Auohenairn. Glasgow-Cured three years ago of Paralysis, Right side was wholly useless —the dangerous condition known as hemiplegia. Speech affected and face distorted. Was quickly restored by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Early Decay. Mr. H. S. Lewis, 18. Am- berley-road, Attercliffe, Shef- field, clerk, a young man broke down and suffered from great Debility. He called in medical Aid, only to have his health pronounced shattered. and he was not yet flve-and- twenty. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills made him a man again. and a strong one. Influenza. v Miss Jenny Barry, tIlf ■ charming and weU-knOVO ■ vocalist, is one of theMOO ■ enthusiastic friends of JJt. B Williams' Pink Pills, havtDI S been cured of distressing Nervous Prostration a.ft8t K Influenza, which left h er pale, w thin, and excessively do blu, m tated. bursting into te<|& at B the least excitement. c;- H St. Vitus' Dance. a Little Gertrude Williams. Wk child of the respected pro- v prietors of the Swan Theatre M Vaults. Water-street, Llan- M elly. became suddenly help- n less, as if paralysed, and was jfl found on medical examination jfl to be affected with St. Vitus' m Dance. Dr. Williams' Pink jj Pills, given (as directed for m children) half a pill at a dose. 9 cured her. Ji „ I ;7 ,:ï; Internal Disorders., .1 Influenza left Mr. J. G- West. 104. Mayfield-road. Gosport, with severe internal pains, and agoi ising indi- gestion. Body much swollen- Ordinarv m.dicine of no avail. Dr. Williams Pink Pills entirely cured him. The pains dispersed, and he can now eat and digest freely. /Iks Heart Disease. Miss E. Miilerd. Thorntree Cottage, CambridFe-road. Southport. Heait Disease. Loss of Breath, and Palpi- tation on slight exertion. to benefit, the case wc s looked Hospital dcctois had lailed jj upon as hopeless. Dr. Williams' fink Pills eatirelv cured her. 1 440 Anaemia. Mrs. A. Simpson. 85. Caie- donian-road. King's Cross. London.—Cured of Anasmla and Fainting Fits. Was ex- tremely weak, perspired too freely. Doctors said Mrs. Simpson waa on the verge of phthisis, or consumption. She was completely cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills rv-d has remained well. Full details of any of these cases will be sent gratis to any address. Dr. Williams' Pink Pitts Han ewed thousands of cases of anamia, weakness, palpitation, all forms of female weakness, paralysis, rheumatism, sciatica, rickets, and consumption. These pills are genuine only with the full name, Dr. Williams' Pink PUIs IDr Pale PeoPI" and if a substitute is offered it is best to send to Dr. William? Medicine Company, Holborn Viaduct, London. Pries 2s. gd. a box, six boxes for 13s. gj., 10" frø.

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