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PWLLHELI IVIr -avid Williams, rate collector, has re- signed. The Cambrian Railways Company are ex- tending, their station. It was very much re- quired. Mr Owen Thomas, Rbosbach, has passed thie Board of Trade examination, qualifying as a mate. At the Borough Court on Thursday Gri- ffith Evans, Black Lion Inn, was charged with permitting drunkenness. Thi Bench considered the case a very serious one, de- fendant having previously been fined £1 and his license endorsed. He was now fined E5, and El 14s costs, his license again to be endorsed. John Jones, Talysarn, was fined 10s and costs for being drunk on licensed1 premises. Griffith Evans was also fined 10s and costs for selling whisky 56 per cent. under proof. Griffith Parry, Mostyn Inn, for selling whisky 32 per cent. under proof, was fined 2s 6d. THE GOLF CLUB. Over 50 members now belong W the Golf Club. To-day (Thursday) a game will be played for a medal, th gift of Mr Atthen O. Owen, the chairman of the committee. SAD DEATH OF AN AGED WOMAN. About five weeks ago Mrs Ellen Jones, North street, fell into the fire, and was seriously burned. At the beginning of this week she succumbed to her injuries. She was 76 years old. SIR GEORGE WHITE. The Town Clerk has received a communication from Sir George White, regrettting his inability to accept the freedom of the borough, as he must soon leave the country for active ser- vice again. FAIR. Thld cattle and horse fair on Tuesday brought a large number of people into town, and a considerable number of cattle and horses. Demand for cattle was at low prices, but a great many were sold. Farmers and grazers were disappointed, Heavy horses went for rather lower prices, J and light horses in poor demand, sold for from 1;20 to £ 35. TOWN COUNCIL. On Monday, Dr O. Wynn Griffith in the chair, a discussion took place, owing to the resignation of the col- lector, upon the question of pension ill con- nection with the appointment of a succes- sor to Mr D. Williams. It was resolved that- one 3ogn be appointed to collect the water rate, and another the poor and borough rates. An advertisement will appear in "Y Genedl Gymreig" asking candidates for the work to send in their applications. AB^iiJiRCH PARISH COUNCIL.—Mr J. F. Roberts, Gromlech, and Mr Samuel Roberts, plasterer, have b\en elected chair- man and vice-chairman respectively of the Aberereh Parish Council. Thie overseers k>r the same parish a Messrs W. Llymgwvn Jones, Mr Henry Parry, Fronerch, and Mr R. Christmas Davies, Bodorwel. The Coun- cil iic- not hteard anything as yet from the Lleyn Rural Council respecting the applica- tion sent to them and supported by a de- putation, asking that the lesser scheme for sewering the parish should be adcpted. The Parish' Council had had considerable difficulty in connection with its efforts to secure land for burial purposes, and it is now intended to approach another local landlord respecting the same matter. The Council is prepared now to make a sub- stantial bridge on the way to the station, provided the District Council contributed a good sum of money towards the expense and that the Cambrian Railways Company helped with material. As nothing has yet been done to fence or wall up the opening space on the road leading to Pwllheli station bridge, an application will again be made to tll. Pwllheli Town Council relative to the matter. --A

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