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PORTMADOC MOEL-Y-GEST QUARRY.—This quarry will shortly re-start. under new manage- ment. MEDICAL. Mr Richard Lewis, son of Mr John Letwis, Garth, has passed his inter- mediate medical examination at Glasgow. THE CONGREG AJTTON ALISTS* CY- MANFA.—The local committee are active- ly emgagjed furthering %the arrangements for holding the annual Cymanfa of the Congregationalisms here this summer. A NEW RESIDENCE.— The new resi- dence of Mr A. G. Edwards is all but com- pitted, and is one of the prettiest build- ings in the neighbourhood. It was built by Mr E. Jones Williams. BISHOP WILLIAMS.—Bishop Wil- liams stayed with Mr and Mrs Greaves, Wetrn, during the re-opening pf Penmorfa Church. Mr and Mrs Greaves defrayed the whole cost of restoration of the old church, and Mrs Greavets has presented to the church a 'beautiful /screen, and hsa also carved some of the wood work there. THE VOLUNTEERS.—-Adjutant Were inspected the local Volunteer Corps last e, and expressed ,hilf highly lea, pleased with the appearance of the men. He said that the f Volunteer battalion would camp this year at Fleetwood, and that each man who was able to stay for a fortnight's training would secure a grant of £ 2 for Viia company* THE HORSE SHOW.—The light horse judges at the show bo Mr Dunville Lees, J.P., Woodhill; Oswestry, Mr E. R. Owen, Garthmyl; heavy horse judges, Mr Edwards, Fox HAll, Oswestry, and Mr E. Green, The Moors, Welshpool. The contract for enclosing the Park for the show has been let to Mr Johnston, Chapel street, by tender. POLICE COURT.-On. Fridav. before Mr Jonathan Davies and Dr S. Griffith, Thomas Caine, a sweep, was fined 2s 6d (without costs) for drunkenness at Cric- cieth. P.O. Owen (46) was the infor- mant.—Isaac Jones, sailor, Borth-y-Gest, was fined 5s, costs 8s 6d, for being drunk and creating a row at Penycei. P.S. Jones proved the charge.—Evan Griffith Jones,, Garn, was fined 5 for refusing to send his child to school. SOLDIERS AND SAILORS ASSOC- CIATION.—A branch of this Association has been started in this distriot, and the following have been appointed on the committee -President, Mrs Casson vice-preisident, Mrs Hopkinson, Cric- cieth; hon. sec., Mrs Breese, Morfa Lodge; hon. treasurer, Mr Randal Cas- son; Miss Griffith, Bodlondeb; Mrs Jona- than Davies, Mrs Hughes, Vicarage; Mrs J. R. Prichard, Miss Morgan Jones, for Portmadoc; Mrs Barnard and Miss Ro- berts, Bronhaul, for Tremadoc; Mrs Wyatt for Beddgelert; Mrs R. M. Greaves, Wern; Mrs Williams, Cambrian House, Garn, for Dolbeaimaen; Miss Jones, Eisteddfa, for Pentre'rfelin; Miss Greaves, Bron Eifion, for Criccieth. Any of the above will gladly receive the names of people wishing to help by gifts of cloth- ing or money. The association is a most excellent institution, ;and should receive strong support from re.sfden.ts here and along the coast. TREMADOC SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. The annual meeting of this Union (C.M.) was held- at Garth Chapel on Saturday, and a large number of people at- tended. Mr Tom Price, Merthyr, was the musical conductor. Mr W. T. Williams, Penmorfa, was the president of the Union Mr Hugh Hughes, Borthygest, secretary; .9 1 and Mr Griffith Prichard, treasurer. Mr R. Hughes, Ynystowyn, and Mr W. T. Wil- liams were the presidents. The Rev Gri- ffith Parry was the catechist. The board of examiners were Messrs W. Morris Jones, S. R. Jones, F. Buckingham, Jonathan Da- vies, James Evans, and W. Emlyn Jones. The awards were as follows —The county examination (for those under 12): 1, R. W. Jones, Borthygest; 2, Kate Hughes. ge Bethel; 3, W. A. Evans, English Chapel 4, Daisy Parry, ditto, and William Wil- liams, Penmorfa, equal; (for those under 16), 1, G. R. Jones, Borthygest; 2, Thomas .9 Roberts, Borthygest; 3, Maggie Jones, Garth, and Lizzie Jane Williams, Penmor- fa, equal; (under 21), 1, R. W. Jones, Garth; 2, Maggie Jones and Susie Jones, Penmorfa; 3, H. R. Williams, Penmorfa; (over 21), 1, Hugh Hughes, Borthygest. Examination in "Hyfforddwr" (under 21), 1, R. W. Jones, Garth; 2, Maggie Jones, Penmorfa, and Blanchard Evans, Taber- nacle, equal; (over 21), 1, William Jones, Garth; 2, John Hughes, Tremadoc. The following received certificates for commit- ting to memory all the "Hyfforddwr," Mary Roberts, Morfa Bychan; Mary Williams, Penmorfa. Rewards for proficiency in the standards Sixth standard, 1, Evan Evans, Cedron; 2, Deborah Williams, Tremadoc; 3, E. Jones, Cwmstradllyn; John H. Sam- uel, ditto, and D. E. Jones, Bethel, equal; seventh standard, 1, Kate Hughes, Bethel; 2, Ellen Jones, Morfa Bychan; 3, Annie Owen, Bethel; eighth standard, 1, Martha E. Owen, Cwmstradllyn; 2, Annie Owen, ditto; 3, Annie Jones, Tremadoc; ninth standard, 1, Lizzie Jane Williams, Penmor- fa 2, John Pierce Davaes, Tabernacle; 3, Ellen Jane Roberts, Penmorfa. Anthems and congregational tunes were rendered. The accompanists were, Mr Evan Evans, Pentre'rfelin; Miss E. Jones, Borthygest, and Miss Lloyd High street.



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