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------__-----( IBANGOR NOTES.




J DO YOU KNOW I That Dr G. R. Griffith made his first ap- pearance at the Town Council after his pro- loncred illness on Tuesday night ? That Mr T. G. Thomas, of the Carnarvon Post Office, has been asked by the Arts Com- mittee of the Liverpool National Eisteddfod to make a design for the cover of the Eis- teddfod programme? That Mr Thomas in his design has included » Welsh hlarpist, y ddraig goch, and the ,r, &C. F That -r W. Lloyd Griffith is about to re- sign the secretaryship of the Roystl Eryri Male Voice Choir and the Choral Society? That the gentleman who organised the demonstration at Carnarvon on Monday night on the occasion of the home-coming of Driver J. Williams was Captain Whiskin, of the Artillery Volunteers ? That Mr Oarter is not to be the' Conserva- tive candidate for the Carnarvon boroughs at the next election ? That the real candidate will be Professor Hughes, who has already suffered defeat in Carnarvonshire ? That there is a scarcity of water at the Carnarvon new County School, which was informally opened on Tuesday? That the scholars were heard to complain that there was not eveta water for them to wash themselves P That the matter is a serious one and de- serves the immediate attention of the local authorities ? That the Carnarvon Fire Brigade are sup- posed to meet once a month for drill ? That unlike other local brigades the Car- narvon fire brigade do not belong to the North Wales Fire Brigade Association ? That Mr J. P. Gregory proposed that the Town Clerk should accompany the Mayor to represent the Carnarvon Town Council at the Association of Municipal Corporations at Dublin in order that he might have a sea. trip which would do him good ? That Mr R. Gordon Roberts, who is with! the Imperial Yetomanry in South Africa, has written home an interesting letter giving his experience on board a transport ? That a corps of mounted' infantry is to be formed in connection with the 4th Battalion R.W.F. ?





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