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South Carnarvonshire Notes

Letter to the Editor.I


'Carnarvon Harbour Trust.



IMPROVING THE QUAY WALL. Mr Carter called attention to the need of improving the quay wall by the Aber 1 Bridge. I The Surveyor said that a plan was some time ago submitted to the Works Commit- tee, but the matter was deferred. The Chairman observed that the cost of the improvement suggested was estimated atJEZOOO. I Eventually it was resolved to refer the | matter to the Works Committee to report upon it. APPOINTMENT. In the absence of Mr M. T. Morris, Mr H. j Lloyd Carter proposed the appointment. of | Mr W. S. Jones, solicitor, to fill the var i cancy on the Trust caused by the death of j Mr J. Jones, Minafon. j Mr T. M. Lloyd seconded, and the mo- l; tion was adopted unanimously- SHIPMENT OF SLATES. As instructed at the last meeting the col- < lector (Mr H. Owen) presented tabulated statements as to the shipment of slates from the port of Carnarvon over a number of years. By water from Carnarvon and Portdinorwic the following were the ship- ments1895, 90,078 tons; 1896, 88,671 i tons; 1897, 99,091 tons; 1898, 95,799 tons; and 1899, 86,774 tons. For Car- narvon alone the following were the figures for the last three years — 1897, 26,433 tons by water and 14,970 tons by rail; 1898. 21,498 tons by water and 17,769 by rail; 1899, 19,840 tons by water and 18,982 by rail. The Chairman said that the figures were no indication of the state of the slate trade. There was no falling off in the production of slates, and the decrease in the shipment of slates from the harbour was due entirely to the fact that orders for slates were very pressing, and that buyers wanted to get them as soon as possible by rail. Speaking from experience he might say that in one year 2600 tons were shipped from his quarry at Nantlle, but last year the quan- tity shipped was only 900 tons and the year before only 700 tons. This concluded the business of the Trust.

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