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South Carnarvonshire Notes

Letter to the Editor.I


Letter to the Editor. MR LLOYD GEORGE'S MEETING AT BANGOR. Sir,Bangorian!s" letter in your last issue is a strong indictment against the police force. But to -set off the good man- agement at Carnarvon against the bad management or rather lack of management at Bangor, and then cry quits, will not do. The force at hand in the forr^r case ap- pears to have been well ana properly handled. But this implies nothing more than what could have been expected. At Bangor, however, there appeared to be no one in command. The boys smashed the windows for fun, and finding that the police made no effort to get at the perpe- trators, the fun proceeded with renewed energy. And even in the narrow roadway at the back of the hall, window smashing proceeded ad lib. Why was the proces- sion of boys—mostly from ten to eighteen years of age—allowed! by the police to march round the block, especially when it was found that the stone--throwing comr menced each time with the advent of the boys? Why did not the police disperse the boys at once ? Why were they allowed to go through the narrow street at the back of the hall when a couple of police- men could easily have prevented them? Why did not the officer in charge send a few of his men amongst the crowd ? This would have had a very salutar- effect upon the window smashers. A constable told me that their orders were merely to pro- tect the doors. So it appears. The win- dows were left to protect themselves. But why were the orders not changed to meet the altered circumstances? I was on the spot, and could not help feeling the lack of a guiding spirit. It is the case of our forces at the scene of war-in miniature. We have seen exciting times in Bangor before. We have had party processions, where feelings ran very high, but they have been splendidly managed by the local police without the assistance of 60 extra constables. Why the miserable failure on this, occasion with a §mall pro- cession of playful boys? Why?—Yours, &c., ON-LOOKER.


'Carnarvon Harbour Trust.


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