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IGardening Notes,

Menal Bridge District Council.


Menal Bridge District Council. The monthly meeting was held on Tues- day evening, Mr J. Davies Jones (chairman) presiding. Mr Henry Thomas, in moving the adop- tion of the report of the Finance Committee, stated that the committee had under con- sideration the exemption list and the ques- tion of recovering rates in respelet of empty houses. It was resolved to refer back the matter to the committee. Some discus- sion ensued as to the action of certain per- sons. in setting up poles on the property of the Council at Tanybont. It had been been agreed that the persons should pay a nominal rental of Is per annum for the use of the land. Nothing had been collected, and the offending persons disputed the right of the Council to make the charge. Mr R. G. Thomas felt that it was a matte'r that should be looked into. It was resolved that if the rent be not paid within seven days, the servants of the Council should remove the poles. The Watch Committee, recom- mended that a plot of land should be ob- tained by the Council for the) purposes of garden allotments. Mr Walter R. Jones stated that two or three gentlemen in the neighbourhood had been asking him why the Council had not acquired a field for garden allotment so that the men of Menai Bridge could indulge in the enjoyable pursuits of gardening. It had been done with success at Llangefni. The Clerk thought that the Council would have to adopt the Act. — Mr G .Hand remarked that in Beaumaris there were thirty to forty persons taking advant- age of the allotment scheme. Dr Williams enquired whether the committee had any land in view likely to be taken advantage of. —The Unairman: Therd are various fields close by. So far as land is concerned, there is plenty of it. Dr Williams said that thle Parish Council of Newborough applied for the necessary powers to the County Council,! who gave them what they required. The matter was referred back to the committee to be further investigated.—A communica- tion was read from the County Coroner (Mr R. Jones Roberts) enclosing a resolution passed by a jury who made inquiries into thie circumstances attending the death of a woman named Margaret Williams, who lived in a house--22, Well street, Menai Bridge-which was not fit for human habita- tion. It was reported that the supply of water for the past month was better than it had been during any previous month, though a leakage (which had been repaired) was found near the mouth main water drain.— From the report of Dr Fraser, the medical officer of health, for the month ended March 31st, it appeared that the number of births was seven, and three deaths had occurred, being at the raite of 20.9 petr 1000 of the popula- tion. No case of fever htad been notified. —Mr W. R. Jones stated that he had re- ceived a communication from the officer in chargd of the Royal Anglesey Engineer Militia, now at the front, thanking the in- habitants of Menai Bridge and the district for the kindness and hospitality shown to the men whilst passing through Menai Bridge on their way to Bangor.