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HOLYHEAD ALLEGED FRAUDULENT TRAVEL- LING.-At the polioe court on Saturday, before Messrs T. Forcer Evans, J. M. Pritchard, and R. Gardner, a tramp named James Gibson was charged by In- spector Thompson, with travelling on the railway from Menai Bridge to this town without a ticket, and with intent to de- fraud. The accused was sent to prison for seven days with hard labour. LEAVING THE TOWN.—Mr R. J. Fletcher, Longford terrace, late foreman in the goods department, who is leaving for Manchester, has been presented with a marble clock by the goods employees. COLLISION.—On Friday, the steamer "Saint Keven," from Maryport, put in, having collided with the Carnarvon Bay Light Vessel, the damage to light vessel on starboard side being considerable. The damage to steamer was above water, star- board bow being dented and cracked. Survey will be held. SUCCESS.—We are very pleased to find that Dr Roland P. Williams, of Menai Bridge, has successfully passed the examination held at Gray's Inn on the 4th inst., in constitutional and ecclesias- tical law, and legal history. We congra- tulate Dr Williams upon the success of his studies for admission to the Bar. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. — The annual meeting of the above Council was held on Tuesday evening, Mr Joseph Hall, J.P., presiding.—Mr David Williams, Boston Villa (the vice-chairman) was unanimously elected chairman for the en- suing year. For the vioe-chair, four can- didates were nominated, Mr W. D. Jones being elected by a majority of five. The remainder of the time was occupied in electing the various committees. THE AGRICULTURAL SHOW.—A meeting of the local committee was held on Saturday, presided over by Mr J. Nath Thomas, vice-president of the parent s0- ciety, and who was appointed chairmart of the local committee. Mr T. G. xtughes was elected local secretary: Messrs P. A. Jeffrey^ Smith, N. P. Bank, and R. J. Bd'wardjs, N. and S.Ww Bank, were ap- pointed treasurers. Canvassers were ap- pointed' to solicit subscriptions in the town and vicinity. Mr J. LI. Griffith, M.A., president, and Mr James Edward Hughes, secretary, and others, were pre- sent, BARTER VESTRY.—The Fister Vestry was held on Friday at th" schoolroom, Old Churchyard, the Rev r avid Walter Thomas, M.A. (vidar), presiding. The financial statement for the past year was submitted by the (treasurer, and waa 'unanimously passed. Mr J. Lloyd Gri- ffith, M.A., and Mr Theolus Roberts (late Medical Hall) were unanimously appoin- ted churchwardens for thd acoauang 12 months, the former the people's warden, and the latter vicar'a warden. RURAL PARISH COUNCIL—The an- nUb! meeting or the Holyhead Parish Council was held on Friday. The present chairman, Mr J. N. Thomas, was re- elected for the fourth year, and Mr W. Harper, Trefgan, -vice-chairman. The overseers elected were Messrs J. N. Tho- mas, O. Williams, Glanygors; and W. H. Parry, Garreg Fawr. The three members of the Joint Burial Committee are the chairman, vice-chairman, and Mr O. Wil- liams; Mr Hugh Williams, Capel Uio, being revelected assistant oversee.r.-The question of tno parish pound was dis- cussed, and a committee appointed to further consider the matter. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—The annual meeting of the above Board was held on Tuesday. Mr R. Gardner, J.P., moved the re-election of Mr J. Lloyd Griffith, M.A., as chairman for the ensuing year, and in doing so he paid a high compliment to the valuable services rendiered by Mr J. LI. Griffith, during the- period he has presided over the Board's gatherings. Mr T. Forcer Evans, J.P., seconded. The reso- lution; was carried unanimously.—On the motion of Mr R. Chambers, seconded by Mr J. fNath. Thomas, the present vice- chairman (Mr O. H. Foulkes, J.P.) was u £ nimously re-appointed.—The contract for clothing was let to Mr J. Christmas Wil- liams^ Boston Mreefc, Holyhead, for th« next six months. liams., Boston Mreefc, Holyhead, for the next six months.


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