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EBENEZER CHAPEL DEBATING SOCIETY. — The session of this society was successfully brought to a olose on Wed- nesday evening, when a soiree was held in the schoolroom connected with the chapel. Mr J. Williams, Hirael, presided over a concert during the evening, the following taking part: —Miss Edwards, Miss Jennie Williams, Miss Dylis Williams, Miss Gwladys Williams, Ap Iorwerth, Messrs O. T. Williams, T. Davies. The accompanists were Miss Edwards and Miss Eardley, A.C RAILWAY INSTITUTE. — In aid of the Railway Benevolent Institution a. concert was given at the Railway Institute on Monday evening. The greater part of an excellent programme was undertaken by Miss Hewitt's orchestra, the principals being Miss Margaret Hewitt, solo vjolin; Miss Evelyn Price, solo violincello. Mrs Reichel was the vocalist, and Miss Hughes (Telynores Menai) the harpist. LIBERAL MEETING. — A meeting of the executive committee of the North Car- narvonshire Liberal Association was held on Wednesday at the Queen's Head Cafe. Mr Roberts (Llanfairfechan) presided. The business was of a routine character. Mr W. Jones, M.P., the member for the divi- sion, was present, and briefly explained the attitude he had taken with respect to the establishment of a Roman Catholic Univer- sity in Ireland. A vote of confidence was passed. PRESENTATION—At the Zion (Welsh) Wesleyan Chapel, on Thursday evening, an interesting soiree was made the medium to present Mr Evan Thomas, printer (upon his marriage to Miss Lucretia Hughes, of Menai Bridge), with a handsome marble timepiece as a mark of appreciation, by the congregation, of Mr Thomas' services to the church. Mr W. O. Williams presided, and speeches eulogistic of Mr Thomas' work in connection with the Zion Wesleyan Chapel, and, indeed, on behalf of the cause generally, were delivered by Mr W. Jones, Post Office; Rev J. Kelly, Mr William Jones, Caelleppa, and others. Mr Evan Thomas suitably returned thanks on his own and Mrs Thomas' behalf. ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS. — On Thursday night, Colonel Savage, V.D., dis- tributed prizes to the successful competitors of the 6th and 7th Companies of thd 1st Cheshire and Carnarvonshire Volunteer Artillery in the shooting competitions for 1899. The prizes, which were the giiU of local friends, were in kind, and the names and scores of the winners are as follows — Non-Commissioned Officers' Class: 1, Q.MT.-S. John Williams, 127; 2, Colour- Sergeant John Jones, 125; 3, Corporal A. Davies, 125; 4, Bombardier E. S: Jones, 121; 5, Bombardier Richard Jones, 120 6, Corporal W. R. Lewis, 113; 7, Sergeant O. Roberts, 106; 8, Corporal G. P. Murray, 101. Gunners' Class: 1, Gunner J. E. Jones, 125; 2, Trumpeter H. Kerr, 121; 3, Gunner Robert Williams, 116; 4, W. J. Jones, 107: 5, Gunner Richard Hughes, 98 6, Gunner David Jones, 94. Recruits' Class: 1, Gunner Henry Jones, 35; 2, Gun- ner David Pritchard, 27; 3, Gunner W. R. Edwards, 25; 4, Gunner Richard Roberts, 24; 5, Gunner Richard Hughes, 24; 6, Gun- ner W. T. Williams, 24. COMPETITIVE MEETING.—On Mon- day evening a competitive meeting and miscellaneous entertainment was held at Horeb Schoolroom, under the presidency of Mr G. P. Roberts, Osborne terfaoe. The following were the principal awards: -Reciting a hymn (oonfined to children under 9 years of age), Artie Hughes; dialogue, U A Football Match," Master R. A. Roberts and Hugh R. Williams; com- petition for the best rendering of a song (confined to children under 16 years of age), Miss Miriam Barfley; challenge solo, prize divided between Messrs R. H. Morgan and H. F. Williams, Caelleppa. In the male voice competition, a party conducted by Mr R. H. Morgan were the winners. During; the evening songs and Testations were given by the following: —Miss M. A. Jones, Miss Gladys Jones, Miss A. M. Jones, Miss Perry, Messrs Fergusson Jones Griffiths (Rhi,wlas), Lemuel Roberts, H. F. Williams, R. H. Morgan, Francis Reeves, John Owen, Ed- ward Evans, Richie C. Jones, and a child- ren's choir, under the conductorship of Mrs T. J. Jones, rendered part songs. VESTRY. — The Easter vestry was held on Thursday afternoon in the Cathedral, the Rev W. Edwards, M.A., gfenior vicar of the parish presiding over a small attend- ance*. Mr Humphreys, City View, presented the new parish "terrier," the compilation of which had been found necessary owing to Pentir being made a separate ecclesiastical district. An (interesting discussion, in which Minor Canon Owen, the Rev Jenkyn Davies, and others took part followed with regard to certain details, notably the dis- position of the old burial ground in the Bishop's Park, which has now been acquired by a syndicate. In respect of this it appear e*d that the bishops paid 6s 8d to the vicars for grazing land.—It was also stated that the 1-nd situ- ated in Glanadda, which had been set apart for the parish clerk, hfd been leased to a. building firm. The ';terrier" was confirmed and signed. Colonel Marshall, C.B., in moving its acceptance, spoke of thd inter- esting and valuable facts Mr Humphreys had compiled, which must have necessiated much labour.- The Chairman remarked that the document would be found to be one of the most complete, concise, and correct of any "terriers" within the diocese of Ban- gor. In response Mr Humphreys said that work had been to him a labour of love. —It was notified that the Vicars, who have ihe exclusive lighi of appointment, had ap- fKfinted as churchwardens Mr Humphreys. fKfinted as churchwardens Mr Humphreys. Dity View, and Mr J. Pugh, saddler, High street. .JKiTY SESSIONS. — Tuesday. Before Messrs Harry Clegg, J. Evan Roberts (mayor), and T. Roberts, Aher. TEMPORARY TRANSFER.-Thie license of the Farmetrs Arms, Glanadda, was tem- porarily transferred from E. Holt to E. D. Kerr. Glanadda, on the application of Mr Huw Rowland, and that of the Castle Hotel, Llanfairfechan, was temporarily transferred to Thomas Hughes, Llanfairfechan. DRUNKENNESS. — Thomas Owen was summoned for being drunk at Lonpobty. Fined 12s including costs. — Moses Wil- liams, a quarryman, living at Bethesda, against whom were recordCd several previous convictions was fined 10s and costs for a like offence; and Stephen. Owen, Mount street, Bangor, for being drunk and dis- orderly in the neighbourhood of Hirael, was fined 2s 6d and costs. Susannah Roberts, a married woman, living at Hirael, was fined 2s 6d and costs for being drunk and dis- orderly in High street, Bangor.—W. Wil- liams, Conway, an old offender was fined 5s and costs or seven days for being drunk and disorderly in Euston road, Bangor. NINETY TWO CONVICTIONS. — A young girl, named E. Catherine Jones, of Glanadda, preferred a charge of assault against Owen Williams ("Now Minffordd") wha did not appear. The prosecutrix, in her evidence, stated that the defendant, who was her uncle, entered the farm where she resided, in a. drunken state and imme- diately chased her. He seized her and kicked her savagely about the body. He had no right to enter the farm. It was reported that the defendant had been convicted ninety-two times, the offences including poaching, assaults on police constables, civi- lians, and larceny.—The Bench committed the defendant for one month., BASTARDY. — Katd Jones, West End, Bangor, applied for an affiliation order against J. H. Hewitt, Well street, Bangor. Mr Lloyd Carter was for the applicant, and Mr Huw Riowland for the defendant. An order for 2s 6d a week was granted. ALLEGED FORGERIES. — D.C.C. Har- ris charged William Childs, a young man of respectable appearance, residing at Brick street, Bangor, with uttering false orders for the payment of sums of money upon Messrs Charles Pozzi and Co., general merchants, High street. Mr S. R. Dew, who prosecuted on behalf of the police, said the accused was charged with having forged and uttered two requests for the payment of money. The accused, Mr Dew explained, was engaged at a mineral water manufactory at Bangor, and it seeined that he went to the branch establishment of Messrs Pozzi and Co. in Drum street, offering some old iron for sale. The value put upon the old iron was Is 6d, and it was the practice in this place of business when such stock was bought for the man in charge, to assess the value of it. A short paper, indicating the amount which was to be paid the seller was drawn up by a man in charge, and the paper was taken to Messrs Pozzi's establishtaetnt opposite the Cathedral. There the sellar reoeived money for the stock he had sold at the branch establishment. It would be proved by W. Hill, who was in charged of Mr Pozzi's establishment in Drum street, that a request for Is 6d was given to the defend- ant. Unfortunately the document itself was destroyed. At Messrs Pozzi's princi- pal e: tablishment the defendant produced a request entitling him to the payment of 18s 4d. Mr Foulkes Jones paid him 18a 4d. Subsequently he came with another request, and that was in similar terms to the formeT one. It was ore for the sum of 9s 6d. At that time Mr Pozzi was in the shop, and being aomewhSafc suspicious he went to the telephone and communicated with Mr Hill, from whom he ascertained the true facts. An arrangement was come to by which the prisoner was allowed to pay the sum to Mr Pozzi. That, however, had nothing to do with the police, and as th<3 matter had come to their knowledge they had no alternative but to prosecute.—Evidence having been given for the prosecution, the Bench com- mitted tbia defendant to take his trial at the next Assizes. On the application of Mr Huw Rowland, bail was gramted, the defendant in 250 and two others in 225 each.—-Mr S. R. Dew intimated he jrould offer further evi- dence regarding the charge of forging the request for 9s 6d. AivU^iSD FOWL STEALING. — Tho- mas Williams ("Tom Cockles"), Bangor, was charged with stealing three fowls, valuad at 6s from the farm of John Williams, Wern, Llanfairfechan. Formal evidence* was given P-C. T. Griffith stating that he arrested the defendant at Bethesda, where hd practically admitted the theft.—On the application of D.o.C. Harris a remand for a week was granted.



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