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The Proposed Great Improv- I ments at Pwllheli. The Pwllheli TowL. Council held a special meeting on Monday, in crder to discuss in- portant matters affecting the* improvement and development of the town with Mr D. Lloyd George, M.P., and Mr C. S. Denniss. Dr 0. Wynn Griffith (the Mayor)- presided. The first matter discussed was THE PROPOSED HARBOUR OF REFUGE. The Mayor called upon Mr Lloyd George, M.P., who said that he did not know what had been done as to the preparing of de- tails of the scheme. Mr Douglas had been appointed engineer. Before the mat- ter could be brought in proper form before the Board of Trade, full details must be prepared. The Cambrian Railways Com- pany must co-operate with the Council and both must approach the Board of Trade, They should not give in if any oppos!t:ui arose. What was the depth of watel in the harbour? Was it too little for the formation of a harbour of refuge? — Cap- tain D. Williams, Cardigan View, said tha; it was not. — Mr William Anthony fully understood that Mr Lloyd George and Mr Douglas knew all the facts, and that the former was aware what the opinion of the former was aware what the opinion of the latter was. — Mr Lloyd George said that he did not know what Mr Douglas's opinion was. He had written more than once asking for an explanation. The Board of Trade must have all the facts and details before anything could be done. — Mr C. S. Denniss, manager of the Cambrian Rail- ways Company, said that he agreed with the views of Mr George. Plans and parti- culars must be provided and presented to the Board of Trade. If such plans, &c., were prepared, he believed the company would co-operate with the Council in push- ing the matter forward.—Mr Lloyd George promised to do his utmost to further the project. Mr E. R. Davies (the town clerk) said that Mr Collin, the engineer of the Cambrian Railways Company, and Mr Douglas, the Council's engineer, under- stood one another as to the plans and esti- mates. — Mr Collin made some obsarva- tions upon the plans, &c. — Mr Denniss said that it would be a great convenience to extend the railway to the town, and the company were prepared to carry out that extension on certain conditions. The com- pany could not do the work and pay all the cost. — Mr Lloyd George was glad to hear what Mr Denniss had stated as to extend- ing the railway. There was a possibility of the company and the Council co-operating in that extension. — Mr W. Anthorty put before the meeting some of the particulars in connection with the formation of the water in the harbour into a marine lake. An artificial island would be made in the middle of lake, by using the stuff that would have to be removed in deepening some por- tions of the harbour. Mr Anthony went rather fully into the matter. Many of the facts have already appeared in these col- umns. — The Board of Trade, if they con- sented at all to a harbour of refuge in the place, would only contribute a portion 01 the outlay. THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAY EXTENSION. Mr C. S: Denniss said that his company had fully made up their minds to extend the railway to the town. The company would go in as sooil as possible for Parliamentary powers. Mr Denniss felt glad that Mr Lloyd George would give the company his valuable help in this matter. It was, however, necessary that full particulars of the financial responsibilities of the Council and the company must be prepared. The company's engineer would prepare the ne- cessary plans by next November, and the application to Parliament would contain a clause setting forth the share of the Coun- cil in the matter. The company were anxious for co-operation, and required fuller details of what the Council proposed doing than what Mr Douglas had so far pre- pared. Two of the directors-Messrs Hum- phreys Owen, M.P., and J. Maclure, M.P. -would co-operate with Mr Lloyd George, M.P., when the bill for the extension would be before Parliament (cheers). — The local- ity of the new station was referred to, and opinions differed as to the best place. Some were of opinion that much harm would be done to the "old town" if the station were transferred to the embankment end of the town. — Mr Denniss remarked that all the facts and the general interest of the in- habitants would be considered by the com- pany, who also would take the Council into their confidence. — Remarks followed, and the discussion drifted. Mr Anthony then proposed that Mr Douglas should prepare plans, &c., and the same should be pre- sented to the company and Mr Lloyd George for approval, prior to their being submitted to the Board of Trade, in respect to the harbour of refuge. — Messrs R. Isaac Jones and T. Winslow supported, and the Council agreed,- V otas of thanks were passed to the gentlemen who had met the Council. Mr Lloyd George, in returning thanks, emphasised the necessity that the harbour of refuge caie should be made as strong as possible. A strong and influ- ential deputation, representing the various local authorities, should be appointed to attend before the Board of Trade, and all the facts in the matter should be got up.- Mr Dnniss, also replying to the vote of thanks, said that his company were most anxious to do all they could to help to make Pwllheli a harbour of refuge, and an attrac- tive place for visitors. He also referred to the want of energy shown in pushing for- ward the proposed light railway to Lleyn. Such a line must be made very soon. When made it would show the importance of hav- ing the Cambrian Railway station in the middle of the town.

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