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— | A lilfDYIMGprp WOMAN MARRIED. The following is the True History, in her own intelligent words, of a lady who when married was declared, on the best medical authority, to be dying of CON5UMPTION. Dr. Williams" Pinll PiiSs for Pale People p not only saved her life, but cured her Consumption ■* and made her what she is now, A STRONG, HEALTHY WDFIIAN. ——*— t -i Investigated by the Weekly Dispatch j and Confirmed by Three Doctors! j MRS. MARY WEBB, who resides at 37, Irene-road, Parson's Green, Fulham, London. S.\V.. 9 is comparatively a young woman, twenty-nine, ard a short time since (writes a Weekly Dispatch ,m reporter) I spent an evening with this lady and her husband in order that I might learn some of the startling facts connected with her almost miraculous life. Mrs. Webb and her husband were girl and boy together, went to the same school, and played side by side. We were very fond of each other," said Mrs. Webb, even in those days, and he was always ready to protect me and look after me, because I was not half as robust and strong as the other girls. I don't know that either of us ever mentioned it, but it seemed to be understood that when we grew up we should be married. As we grew older we began to understand matters better, and I could see that my future was a r-ad one. I CAME OF A DOOMED FAMILY. My father had died of Consumption at forty, and of his nine sons and daughters six died also of Consumption. I. was stated that I should never live to sae five-and- twenty- and, remember, this came from one of the best physicians in England. If ever a woman lived a living death, I did. In the I 1 I 40 winter it was impossible for ne to go out, Mrs. Webb (front a plzotograple taken by F.Soirtlt'vell, and when I used to go backwards and Battersea Park-road, at the time of her mart-age, forwards to Brompton HospitaJ for Con- when she was in an advanced stage of Consumptim). sumptives it used to take me hours and i hours to walk even a few hundred yards. When I coughed I felt as if two great strings were inside me tearing my very heart out. At night I lay shivering in bed with horrible cold perspirations, and I felt as if death would be welcome. It took me hours to dress, aid at least half an hour to get down a small flight of stairs. There's a photograph I bad taken just before we were marri'id, and, as you can see, there is no doubt that my fnmds spoke the truth when they said that if I had had a piece of white round my face I should ■; have locked exactly as if I had been laid out.' (See Photo above.) 1 "As for eating, tnnt was impossible: j in fact, I did not know what it was to sit down to a meal. If I had even a cup cf tea it used to lie on my chest just like u log. One minute I would feel starved, b.:t directly I saw food I did not wsnt it. No sooner had I got into bed than my nightdress, the bedclothes, and the pillow would become literally saturated with Cold P rrv.'ir .tion, and then I would have a terrible burning 4 sensation, although I was q'ii:e coid. I .3 suffered terribly from Dianhcoa, in a very .3 painful form. Mr. Webb had then enlisted 3 in the Durham Light Infantry, and 1 ti ought I should never live to see him out of his time." "Just let me have a word hen," ob- served Mr. Webb. "Every word iry wife says is true. But I had m :dc up m mind to marry her, and so I did. I thou ht she would have died two years before, and at our marriage my people told me I MARRYING A DYINQ WOMAN. Whilst in the Army I saved a very decent little amount each year, so that wher I had finished my time I had a banking account with £100 to my credit. I had got a little home together, and after waiting six weeks we determined to get married. You should have seen her that day— there was no doubt that she did look a dying woman She walked to the church, and all the way she was leaning on the shoulder of her brother. She was coughing, and stopping every few Mrs. Webb. present day: showing her complete cure. yards-in fact, it was not walking to church. (From a photograph taken recently by Ham, Ltd., it was crawling there. Week by week she v ° Strand.) went from bad to worse. I thought per- haps she had not been receiving good advice, so I sent her to a specialist, but beyond charging me a very heavy fee he did nothing. Then we commenced buying everything we could hear or read of. By the time we had been married three years I had spent the £100 I had saved on doctors' medicine. It useH nearly to break my heart to see her curled up coughing and suffering. At last Mrs. Burt, a friend of ours, suggested that I should try DR. WILLIAMS' PINK PILLS FOR PALE PEOPLE; twi- that week she had fainted from weakness and exhaustion. Of course I had little hope, and for a good reason -we had tried everything, and found it was only wasting good money. But M-S. Burt told me how they had cured a fri" t-1 of her: sj I began to feel that after all I might snatch her from the grave. Well, after the first b)x she began to improve. Her appetite got better, and the Cough was not so bad. Then the Perspirations stopped and her breath got better. By the end of the fourth box she could get about, and had actually walked up the stairs without stopping. She got stouter, and in place of her pale samken cheeks she had a much plumper face. I began to feel quite happy to sse her getting about as she was. Well, we went on with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and after she had taken them three; months I found her actually doing her washing and running up and down the stairs singing, and she was strong enough even to go to a ball. CURE CERTIFIED BY THREE DOCTORS. So well did she get that I thought I would see if she could be insured, and I proposed tc the Wesleyan Insurance Company that I should take out a policy of insurance on her life. An appjint- ment was made, and after an examination sue was passed by the doctors. She is alsJ insured in the Sons of Temperance Benefit Society, and in all she has been examined by three Doctors. I am proud-of this, because it show. me that she must have entirely recovered." I Dr,WILLIAMS' POT PILLS* have cared many thousands of f of Consumption, Paralysis, Jr 81% St. Vitus' Dance, Rheumatism, J Indlzestion, Skin Diseases, and J 13/9* all Ladies' Ailments. t Beware of Substitutes. 8&1 Substitutes cw* Rover if W&w substitutes are offered. please send direct ■ to Williams' Medicine & penwnrpt « PHlx Compoiiy, nuilurn Viaduct, v ri « tpadtn. enclosing price. ft

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