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A Strange Case of Intoxication


A Strange Case of Intoxication At the Carnarvon County Magistrates' Court,, on Saturday, before. Mr J. Menzies, Mr D. P. Williams, Mr G. J. Roberts, and Mr J. Issard Davies, John Davies, licensee of the Garddfon public house, Portdinor- wic was summoned for permitting drunk* enness on the 28th of March last. Mr J. fT. Roberts, who prosecuted on behalf of the police, said that two men named Wil- liam Jones and ''Hugh Jones visited the house in question, and had a quantity of beer there, Henry Jones consuming a pint and the other a pint and a half. They both became helplessly drunk one of them being found in that state by a con- stable, and put in a. place of safety. It appeared that the men called the attention of the person who served them 'to a pcu- liar taste which the beer had, but the ex- planation given was that it probably arose from the pint measures in which it was served having been previously used for rum.—Police-constable Jones said that he found William Jones helplessly drunk, and took him to a slaughter-house until he sobered down (laughter).-A Magis- trate: You do not always send such men to a slaughter-house, do you? (laughter). —William Jones, who had earlier in the day been fined for drunkenness, said that after drinking the first pint he felt him- self becoming blind (laughter). He, how- ever, called for another pint, but could only consume about half of it, after which he was so drunk that upon going out he immediately fell down. He next found himself in a slaughter-house.—A Magis- trate Was the fault with you or with the beer ?—Witness: I think there was more fault with me than with the beer (laugh- ter).-A Magistrate: Does a pint of beer make you that you cannot see ?—Defend- ant: If I take one too many, sir (laugh- ter).—Henry Jones, related a similar story, but admitted that before entering the public house he had had four glasses of beer. The landlord told him that they .had been mixing rum with the measures. He had no recollection of how he got home.—Mr Lloyd Carter, who defended, maintained that the license could not be guilty of permitting drunkenness in view of the small quantity of beer consumed, and the fact that the men did not remain in the house for more than half an hour. The only explanation he could furnish was that the measures had been used for mixing rum earlier in the day.-—After hearing the defendant and other witnesses the bench imposed a fine of 20s and costs.

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