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Bethesda District Council. THE BURIAL QUESTION. The monthly meeting was held on Sat- urday, under the presidency of Mr Griffith Roberts. The following letter was read from Mr Will-iam Owen, clerk to the Beth- esda Free Churches Council: — "In reply to your letter of the 21st inst. inviting the Free Church Council to meet th NeNoncon- formist members of the Urban District Council to discuss the question of the bur- ial ground, I am directed to inform you ♦that the Free Church Council is of opinion that the proper course to pursue would be to convene a public meeting of Noncon- formist ratepayers and submit the question to them. They consider that to accept the invitation of tho Urban Council would be inconsistent with the standpoint they have taken hitherto." — After some dis- cussion the matter was further referred to a committee of the Nonconformist mem- bers of the Council, which met at the ter- mination of the meeting, and recommended that a circular be sent to all the Noncon- formist churches with reference to the question. — A letter was read from Mr R. C. Trench, estate agent to Lord Penrhyn, calling attention to the fact that sewage from Bethesda was running into the river at a point opposite to the Conservative Club, and asking that the attention of the Council should be called to the fact with a view to putting a stop to it. — The Clerk (Mr D. G. Davies) stated that he had al- ready communicated with Mr Trench ex- plaining that the matter referred to was re- ceiving the serious attention of the Council and that steps were being taken to re- medy the defect. — From the report of Dr Fraser, the medical officer for the month ended March 31st, it appeared that the number of births was 11 and deaths 12, being at a rate of 29.6 per thousand of the inhabitants. Three cases of fever had been notified. — Mr Evan Evans, county surveyor, submitted plans of a scheme to improve the reservoir intake. It was de- cided to carry out the work forthwith-Mr Bryner Jones, University College, Bangor, by letter called attention to lectures on agriculture which were given under the auspices of the County Council during the winter months and also to the classes in dairy work, which were held during the summer months. In the course of the dis- cussion which ensued, reference was made to the lectures delivered last winter in the district by Dr Jehu on geology, which were largely attended and greatly appreciated by the young men of Bethesda and the district. It was also felt if the agricultur- al lectures were equally attractive they would be a great boon. It was resolved to ask for the terms. — The following is a table of the attendances of the members of the Council during the past year, out of a possible 26': — Messrs Wilham Williams, 23; Griffith Roberts, 20; Dr R. P. Roberts, 14; Jeremiah Thomas, 21; John Davies, 22; Henry Edwards, 5; John Hughes, 10; John Roberts, 24; Dr Jenkyn Lloyd, 2; W. Charles Hughes, 16; Benjamin Tho- mas, 10; Hugh Thomas, 19; John Evans, 11; Richard Morris, 8; and LI. R. Evans, 5.

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