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Pwllhell Town Council.


Pwllhell Town Council. FREEDOM OF THE BOROUGH FOR SIR GEORGE WHITE. A meeting of the Council was held on Friday. Present: Messrs Dr O. W. Gri- ffith (Mayor), William Anthony (ex- Mayor), W. Saddler Jones, R. Isaac Jones, Captain D. Williams, T. Winslow, T. J. Williams, H. P. Jones, J. E. Hughes, Rd. Jones, T. Lloyd, W. Eifl Jones, R. O. Jones, E. R. Davies (clerk), H. J. Dickin- son (surveyor), Edward Jones (accountant), and R. 0. Davies (assistant clerk). CATTLE IN ALA ROAD. The Council was petitioned by several ratepayers in Ala road, asking that the cattle, instead of being taken to Ala road, on fair days, should be taken to the Maes. The animals were a source of danger to the public at present. — Captain Williams thought that the cattle should be removed to the Maes. — Mr W. Eifl Jones could not see how the request could be granted. If there were houses in Ala road, there were also houses in the Maes. — Mr T. J. Wil- liams agreed with the views of the last speaker. — Mr R. Isaac Jones advised the Council not to annoy the farmers. The Council should be very cautious. — Mr J. E. Hughes said that they had no proper place for penning cattle in the town. They had better leave things as they were. — No resolution was passed. THE RAILWAY EXTENSION. The Clerk said that correspondence had passed in respect to the extension of the railway from the station to the town. Mr Denniss stated in his letter that the direc- tors intended to proceed with the work. But the plans must be perfected so that they might be ready when the company ap- plied for parliamentary powers to do the work. Mr Lloyd George was interesting himself in the matter, had seen two of the directors, and would,together with Mr Den- niss, attend Pwllheli to consult with the Council as to the plans, &c. — Mr An- thony proposed that the Council should meet Mr Denniss and Mr Lloyd George. — Mr T. J. Williams proposed that the most influential and practical members should be appointed to meet the gentlemen men- tioned. — Mr W. Saddler Jones seconded Mr Williams. They should choose mem- bers with most commen sence. — Mr R. Isaac Jones protested against such an in- sinuation. Mr Saddler Jones suggested that some of them had no common sense! (loud laughter). They were there as a Council responsible to the ratepayers. — Other observations followed, and it was re- solved that the Council should meet Mr Lloyd George and Mr Denniss. SIR GEORGE WHITE. The Mayor proposed that they should offer the freedom of the borough to Sir George White, who deserved such an hon- our. Should Sir George accept such an honour, Pwllheli would be the first to be- stow it upon the gallant defender of Lady- smith. — Mr R. O. Jones most heartily se- conded the proposal. — Mr W. Eifl Jones said that such a freedom was bestowed upon one gentleman some time ago, on the supposition that he would do a great deal of good to the place. But no benefit had been received. What benefit was ex- pected from this? — Mr R. Isaac Jones said that the freedom of the borough had been bestowed upon Mr Solomon Andrews, a gentleman who had done a great deal of good to the town. Some people said that Mr Solomon Andrews spent money in the place for his own personal good, and blamed him for that; but Mr Isaac Jones wanted to know was that not the fact about them all in the place ? (cheers). Who was there that spent money for the sake of others primarily? Mr Andrews was a man who did good to others by doing good to himself, and he was a gentleman who re- ceived so many blessings that his cap ran over, and others participated in the bless- ings (cheers). — Mr H. P. Jones was pre- pared to go on one foot, if it were neces- sary, to hescow the honour upon such a man for tha sake of the noble young men he led in battle! — Captain Williams said that though Sir George White had done nothing but his duty, yet there were two ways of doing duty, and Sir George White had done it well. — The resolution was passed unanimously. THE TOWN HALL PLANS. The new plans of the Town Hall had been approved by Mr Evan Evans, the county surveyor, who said that the Council was to be congratulated upon having such good plans, which had been prepared by Mr Dickinson, the surveyor. OVERSEERS. Captain Williams, Mr R. Isaac Jones, Mr Lewis Jones, jo;ner, and Mr William Saddler Jones were appointed overseers. THE SCHOOL BOARD PRECEPT. A precept for J6500 was received from the School Board. The Board also stated that owing to the delay of the Council in paying the last precept the Board had lost the extra grant. Therefore the Council was asked to pay to the Board a further sum of £60. — The Clerk said that the School Board rate had risen from about jElOO to jB300 or £ 400, and thus the rates were in- creased. If the Board sent in its precept at the time the Council made the estimate for the half year, it could be included in the latter. The Finance Committee re- commended the Board should re-arrange the payment of its loans. — The Finance Committee's report was adopted.


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