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South Carnarvonshire Notes

Alleged Wholesale Larcenies…


rNorth Wales Free Church Federation.



LLANBERIS THE LLANBERIS MINSTREL TROUPE. — This troupe gave a ;iOst en- joyable entertainment at the Cone rt Hall, on Thursday evening. The process went towards the War Fund. 1 AN ACCIDENT. — An accident which might have resulted seriously, took place iu High street, on Saturday evening. A man named Evan Evans was driving a l orse be- longing to Mr Morris Tims, of the Padarn Villa Hotel, towards the village, when the animal took fright and ran furiou Jy, the driver having lost control over hi: a The car collided with the wall in front f Erw Fa-ir, and again with the Post Office, where the two back wheels came off. Aftrvwards the horse made a dash against the Snowdon Valley Hotel, where he became i n st, his feet having got entangled in the railings in front of the building. The driver it-unagcd to keep his seat, and escaped uninjured.

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The Bangor "Imperial Demonstration."