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0 Letter to the Editor. BANGOR PIER ENTERTAINMENTS. Sir,-We have just had entertainments on the pier and at the Penrhyn Hall, given by the "Pierotts," and I was much pleased with their efforts. My recollection at once reverted to fcrmer entertainers who had been engaged by the Corporation, and I quite certain that the "Pierotts" eclipsed them all. There was at the outset one strong point m their favour, viz., that they looked re- spectable, without any suggestion of any- thing low about them. In this they com- pared more than favourably with their pre- decessors. Next they realised for us that it was pos- sible to have fun-exquisite fun-without vulgarity. This is saying enough to render comparisons unnecessary. Further there was a freshness, a spon- taneity, about their fun, which was very refreshing. There was nothing forced- nothing put on. In addition to all this they gave us something more than the meirely comic. Life was not intended to be all one good laugh, but has its refined and even serious side, and here we had a company which could meet us in that aspect, and that without giving the impression of any in- congruity. The duet "Ora pro nobis" was a musical treat, and the same may be said of many of the songs. The bass solos in particular are excellent, and it is not often we have the pleasure of listening to a good bass soloist. Mrs Buxton has a voice of striking purity, power, and flexibility, and her songs are a treat to hear. The sum and substance of all this is that I hope the Corporation will be able to come to terms with this talented company for the ensuing season. I feel sure they can do nothing that will more tend to popu- larise the pier, while at the same time pro- viding an entertainment that is sparkling, popular, and entirely unobjectionable.— Yours, «&c., BANGORIAN.

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! IMenal Bridge District Council.


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