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! IMenal Bridge District Council.


Menal Bridge District Council. The annual meeting was held on Thurs- day evening. Mr Walter R. Jones, the retiring chairman, sa'id that he wished to thank the members df the Council for the co-operation and support extended to him during his year of office, and he trusted that they would extend the same co-opera- tion to his successor. It had been sug- gested to him that he should allow himself to be nominated as chairman once again (hear, hear). However, he had decided not to do so. First, because the honour which had been conferred by the Legisla- ture upon the chairman of urban authori- ties had not been taken full advantage of. The Chairman of Urban Councils were qualified as magistrates and could sit upon the Bench, but he found that, being a prac- tising solicitor, he was ineligible, and therefore could never qualify. — Mr T. Roberts proposed, and Mr John Davies se-. conded, that Mr Walter R. Jones be re- elected chairman for the ensuing year, but after some conversation Mr W. R. Jones refused to allow bisnime to be put up. Mr W. R. Jones moved that Mr John Da- vies Jones be elected to the post. — The vice-chairman, Mr Cadwaladr Davies, and Dr R. M. Williams were also nominated, the two former withdrawing. On being fmt to the vote four voted for Dr R. M. Wil- iams and seven for Mr John Davies Jones, who was elected. — Mr Cadwaladr Davies was elected vice-chairman, — Mr T. Hughes, the clerk, reported that the at- tendances of the members (out of a pos- sible seventeen) for the year were as fol- low: — Messrs J. Davies, 10; George Hand, 14; John Davies Jones, 8; Richard Abbot Jones, 10; Walter R. Jones, 15; William Jones, 11; Joseph O. Knight, 16; Thomas Roberts, 17; Henry Tliomas, 16; R. G. Thomas, lo; William Robert Tho- mas, 13; Evan Williams, 13; Griffith Wil- liams, 14; John Williams, 14; and Dr R. M. Williams, 14.


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