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Mr W. Jones, M.P., on the War The principal speaker at a meeting held at Garnant, South Wales, on Thursday was Mr W. Jones, M.P. In speaking of the various political questions of the day that we're awaiting settlement, he said a sensible word in season with regard to what our atti- tude should be in face of the ever-present question of the war in South: Africa. He pleaded for the right of private judgment, and tolerance among conflicting opinions, and asserted the right of conscience to the last word upon the question when the day of judgment came. He showed, however, hiow tongue-tied the nation and the press felt at present while the crisis was upon them, not because Britain loved war, but because its sons were pouring out their best blood on the field of battle. The crisis, however, would pass, and we could then appeal with- out prejudice to the final issue, to the sober judgment of the country and a free press. With regard to the question of education, the speaker warmly recommended the block- grant system of the new Code in principle, but advocated the raising of the amount of the grant and its application to Higher Grade Schools. He then introduced an interesting discussion Of the proposed Ro- man Catholic University for Ireland, draw- ing a striking parallel between Trinity Col- lege, Dublin, in its relation to Catholic Ire- land and Lampeter College in relation to Nonconformist Wales, and emphasising the place of education in bringing about gradu- ally a Protestant Reformation in Ireland.

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