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Earl Carrington and land Reform

ç¡ Assault In a Railway Carriage



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It was decided on Wednesday, at a meeting of the Conway Town Council,, that In connection with the Colwyn Bay and Llandudno Light Railway Cempany the Uemanaa of the Conway Corporaticn, which were the same as those of Llandudno and LOlwYn Bay, had all been couceded. The Rev D. M. Jenkins, owing to the weak state of his health, has given notice of his intention to resign the pastorate of the Park Road Welsh Congregational Church, Liver- pool, at the end of this year, and the church has decided, with regret, to accept the re- signation. Arrangements have been made to supply the pulpit and to pay the salary of Mr Jenkins until the end of the year and it is proposed to allow him a pension after- ™rcbV o2 jQnk™ has been in the min- istry for 38 years. He was ordained rft Aber- hosan, Montgomeryshire, and has held pas- torates at 1 enmaenmawr, Newtown, Mor- riston, and Liverpool. He is an ex-chair- man of the Welsh Congregational Union, w iS T°Uf 6 ministers of the Welsh Independents. Two of his sons—the It ;Je;iki:is and W. G. Jenkins—are 1 n T ° k Congregational ministry. ■ les('a)' a Joint Committee represent- ing the Calvinistic Methodist Vale of Con- way Monthly Meeting and the new English Church at Llandudno Junction, unanimously decided to prqceed at once with the erection ox a new chapel at the Junction from the designs of Mr A. W. Smith, Manchester. More accommodation has been needed for some time for this growing church, the minister of which is the Rev W. H. Hum- phreys, but there was some doubt "as to whether a permanent schoolroom or a per- manent chapel should be first erected. The Committee have chosen the more ambitious scheme. Printed and Published by the Welsh í a- tional Press Company (Limited), Bala- clava road, Carnarvon.