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[ i .Misers' Sad End.

The National Memorial to Mr…

Earl Carrington and land Reform

ç¡ Assault In a Railway Carriage




-l:J\ .1r'¿-¡", )J; ME4: MILD MEDIUM IN IN Injsr&s&L 7 I S6 GOLD AIEDAL "WHAT A DELICIOUS FRUITY ODOUR I This is the remark made by a lady when visiting one of her friends. The hostess was engaged in making jellies, and she replied, Yes I bad just been thinking the same, for the smell of fresh ripe fruit, as I stirred the blocks of jelly in a basin with hot water until it dissolved, has so given me an earnest desire to taste the jellies myself when set." The visitor at once tendered a modest request to be allowed b share the coming meal. which was acceded to, and the guest was further informed, in response to her inquiry, that the jellies were Cbivers' Gold Melal Jellies. Such remarks as the foregoing, are of constant occurrence in households where Chivers' JellitiB are placed upon the table. The delicious,. delicate, ripe-fruit taste and odour of Chivers' Jellies claim the attention of the most unobservant. The reason for this great attractiveness is that rhe manufacturers are them- selves large fruit growers and contractors for fresh fruit over a large local area. The jellies are flavoured with the delicious juices of freshly-gathered raspberries and straw- berries. or, as in the case of orange and lemon, the juices are expressed from the best ripe >mported fruit. Chivers' Jams and Jellies are prepared in silver-lined pans, aad handled by silver-lined ladles, so that no possible contairitiation or impurity can detract from the natural acid and stimulating flavour of the fruits employed. Chivers" Gold Medal Jell es are not merely a delicious luxury: they are so nutritious, wholesome, and digestible as to warrant their inclusion as a regular item in the domestic dietary. It is very rare indeed that an article eomes to the consumer with such hall-raarks of delicacy, flavour, purity of ujaterial, and cleanliies of manufacture as are possessed by Cbiver' t-iold Medal Jellies. SoJd by Grocers and btores, in packets-balf- pints, pints, and quarts, 2d, 4 £ d., and 8d. A free sample will be sent on receipt of postcard mentiouiug this paper. Address, S. Chivers and SODS, Histoti, Cambridge. FLAVOURED WITH RIPE FRUIT JUICES A FREE SAMPILE WILL be SENT on RECEIPT of a LETTER or POSTCARD addressed S. CHIVERS AND SONS' FRUIT FARM JAM FACTORY, HISTON, CAMBRIDGE.

Portmadoc School Boarg. —*

Arfon M.C. Sunday School -4…

Marriage of the Rev. John…


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