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The National Memorial to Mr…


The National Memorial to Mr T. E. Ellis. MEETING AT BANGOR. At the Penrhyn Hall, Bangor, on Tues- day night, a public meeting, convened on re- quisition by the Mayor (Alderman J. E. Ro- berts) was held to consider the question of a national memorial to the late Mr T. E. Ellis. The Mayor presided, and was supr norted on the ulatform by Principal Reichel, University College of North Wales; the Rev T. J. Wheldon, M.A., Professor J. E. Lloyd, M.A., Professor Arnold, Aldermen Henry Lewis and H. 04ey Edwards; Councillors David Owen, W. A. Foster, T. J. Williams, E. O. Pryce, Messrs Pentir Williams, J. Griffith, Bee Hive, W-. A. Downes, David Williams, Watkin Jones, W. O. Williams, and others. t The Mayor said he regretted the small attendance, which he accounted for by the smallness of the poster advertising the meet- ing, .and to the state of the weather. He was, however, gladl to be able to say that the movement had been warmly taken up as shown by the signatures to the requisition, which included the names of many of the most influential men of all parties and de- nominations in the town. In view of the small atendance, his Worship suggested that the meeting should form itself into a com- mittee and arrange for the systematic can- vassing of the town tor subscriptions. I Professor Lewis Jones moved a resolution welcoming the proposal to raise a national memorial to the late Mr T. E. Ellis, M.P., and pledging the meeting to clio all in its power to further the movement. He ex- plained that the movement in Bangor was initiated in connection with the Liberal Club, but it was felt that it should be of a non-political nature, and it was soon found that both parties were warmly in favour of it. 1 Alderman Dr Grey Edwards seconded the motion with pleasure and pride as a Welsh- man (applause). No one impressed him more with his broad-mindedness and fairness than I had Mr Ellis. Wales would be wanting in respect to one of her greatest sons if she failed to raise a, national memorial in honour to Mr Ellis. Principal Reichel, in supporting the reso- lution, said he was not surprised at the smallness of the meeting, for he himself, though he had looked keenly, failed to dis- cover a single poster announcing the meet- ing. He hoped, however, the meeting would be such as to place Ba.ngpr in its proper place in honouring a very remarkable man, whose interests first and foremost were na- tional and not sectional (hear, hear). There was no part of Wales which had not profited from Mr Ellis's personal interest in its wel- fare. He expressed the opinion, pace the observations of the chairman, that a statue I would not be an inappropriate memorial to Mr Ellis, to which a part of the fund at least might be dlevotedl. He (Mr Riechel) had felt ever since Mr Ellis's death as if a I' great but quiet force had, been removed from their midst, and he doubted if any of his contemporaries would ever see his like. The Rev T. J. Wheldon supported the re- solution, and said Tom Ellis represented Wales in a sense which some who used more violent language did not. Other gentlemen spoke in support of the resolution, which was carried with enthus- iasm, after which a local committee was ap- pointed, with the Mayor as chairman, Mr W. A. Foster, treasurer; and Professor Lewis Jones and Mr A. C. Downs as hon. secretaries. I The Mayor read a letter from Colonel Marshall, chairman- of the Bangor Conserva- tive Association, regretting his inability to attend the meeting, with the object of which he thoroughly sympathised, as he considered that Mr Ellis, during his Parliamentary career, used his utmost endeavours in fur- thering the interests and promoting the wel- fare of his native country. Councillor David Williams also wrote expressing his regret at being unable to attend.

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