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CARNARVON. SUNDAY SERVICES. CIirR 'IT OF EXGLAJfD. Vicar,—Rev J W Wynne Jones, M.A. Liiriat Church 8, Holy Communion 11, Matins 6-30, Eren Song St. David's Rev Gwilym Lewis, B.A. 10-30, Matins 6, Even Song St. Mary's Rev E H Griiffths, B,A. Holy Communion, 10, Matins 6, Even Song LlanLeblig Rev D Alban Lloyd, B.A 10, Matins 6, Even Song BAPTIST. Caersalem Rev Owen Davies WEILEYANS. English MrS Evans j E'oenezer Rev D Jones, Barmouth COJTUKEGATIOXALISTS. ( Salem 10, Rev LI B Roberts, 6, Rev D Stanley Jones. Pendref 10, Rev D Stanley Jones, 6. ,Rev LI B Roberts. CALVINISTIC METHODIST. English Rev H R Davies, Bangor. Engedi Rev J Owen, Carnarvon Moriah Rei E Lloyd, Gatehouse Siloh. Rev H Rawson Williams iteulah Rev J Mostyn Jones We regret to understand that Mr R Meigant Jones is again confined to his room. soliering from » severe illness. C.M. ASSOCIATION. The next quar- terly meetings of the North Wales C.M. Association will be held in this town from the 22nd to the 24th August. THE Y.M.C.A. AND SUNDAY NEWS- PAPERS. The committee of the Y.M.C.A. have decided to substitute an- other newspaper for the "Daily Mail" as a protest against the publication by the pro- prietors of the latter of a Sunday edition. THE CIVIL SERVICE. Miss Gaynor K. Roberts, Marine terrace, Waterloo Port, who is engaged at the Post Office, and Miss Kate Jones, Belle Vue, were among those who passed the Civil Service examination re- cently held at Liverpool. SUNDAY SCHOOL EXAMINATION.— The following have been awarded money prizes for successfully passing the written examination in connection with the C.M. Arfon Monthly Meeting: Mr J. Wynne Parry and H. Jones (Shiloh), H. O. Hitch- ings, and Miss G. T. Hitchings (Castle square), Miss Sissie Davies and Master S. B. Davies (Engedi). GWYRFAI DISTRICT COUNCIL. — The monthly meeting of the Council was held on Saturday, Mr T. Jones (chairman) presiding. It was proposed that Mr John Griffith, Portdinorwic, be appointed sur- veyor at a salary of zCI60 per annum in room of Mr Davies resigned. Mr White's name was also put forward. Upon a division 17 voted for Mr Griffith and 14 for Mr White, the former being declared elected. A rate I of 6!d in the pound was ordered to meet the 2 expenditure of the ensuing year. The bal- ance in the bank in favour of the Council was reported to be E500 on the general ac- count, and Cll on the special expenses ac- count. SHIPPING. Arrivals: Adelaide, s.s., Captain Elias, from Liverpool; Christiana, s.s., Griffiths, Liverpool; Prince Ja Ja, s.s., Evans, Liverpool; John Ewing, Howells, Dublin; Waterloo, Jones, Londonderry; Pride of the Dee, Jones, Llanaelhaiarn; Star, Plump ton, Point of Ayr; Edith, Hind- ley, Runcorn; Lota, Bettley, Runcorn; Jane and Annie, Roberts, Waterford; Dor- othea, Roberts, Pembrey; Dady Bes- sie, s.s., Roberts, Liverpool; Blue Jacket, Roberts, Newport, IVIon. Sailings: Prince Ja Ja, s.s., Cap- tain Hivans, for Liverpool; Adelaide, s.s., Elias, Penmaenmawr; Christiana, s.s., Gri- nc' ffiths, Liverpool; Vixen, Collins, Dundalk; t Urania, Owen, London; Marwood, Jones, London; Hodbarrow Miner, Tyrran, Lon- don Mersey, Pritchard, Arklow. I THE COTTAGE HOSPITAL.—The com- I mittee, of which Mr C. A. Jones is secre- j tary, having decided to erect a new hospital i on a site presented by the Lord Lieutenant (Mr J. E. Greaves) opposite the C.M. Book- room, decided! to offer a premium for the best set of plans. Seventeen sets were sent in, and the committee, after a careful scrutiny, selected four to be sub- mitted to an assessor for final selection. These were from Mr Taliesin Rees, Birken- head; Mr Rowland Lloyd Jones, Carnar- von; Mr E. Evans, county surveyor, Car- narvon asid a gentleman from West Hartle- pool. On Friday it was announced that tne plans of Mr R. Ll. Jones had been selected, and the committee also appointed him as architect. The 5iew hospital ;s to cost jpo goo A COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT. On Tuesday night, at the Pavilion, a compli- mentary concert to Mr David Jones, chem- ist, was held. Ill-health caused Mr Jones's retirement some years a.go from business and from musical cirles, in which he was widely known as an artiste of high rank. The concert was splendidly patronised, and was ,also a great success from a musical standpoiri. Thosd who took part were Mrs Mary Davies, Mr C. Emlyn Jones, Mr John Sandbrook, Mr Theodore Lawson, Dr Roland Rogers., the Carnarvon Choral Society, and the Eryri Male Voice Choir (both conducted by Mr John Williams, organist of Christ Church), and Mr Richard Prichard (organ- ist of Salem Congregational Church). The following was the programme —Part song, "How sweet the moonlight sleeps" (Emlyn Evans), Carnarvon Choral Society (test piece, National Eisteddfod, 1898): song, "The Village Blacksmith" (Weiss), Mr JoLn Sandbrook (encored); aria, "From Mighty Kings" (Judas Maccabeus), Mrs Mary Da- vies (encored); violin solo, "Legene" (Wien- iawski), Mr Theodore Lawson (encored); duett, "What have I to do with thee" (Eli- ja:h), (Mendelssohn), Mrs Mary Davies and Mr J. Sandbrook; song, "Sailor's Grave," (Sullivan), Mr C. Emlyn Jones (encored); chorus, "Dewi bydd wye! (D. Jenkins), Eryri Male Voice Choir (test piece, London Eisteddfod, 1899), encored; chorus, "Y Cyn- fab Tragwyddol" (Dt Parry), Carnarvon Choral Society (test piece, National Eis- teddfod, 1898); Welsh melody, "Cwynfan Prydain," Mrs Mary Davies; andante and finale (violin concerto), (Mendelssohn), Mr Theodore Lawson (violin), Dr Roland Rogers (piano), (encored); song, Mr C. Emlyn Jones (encored): song, "The Bandolero" (L. Stuart), Mr John Sandbrook; chorus, "Re- cognition of Land" (Edward Grieg), Eryri Male Voice Ch'oir (test piece, London Eis- tedclfod, 1899); trio, 'Hawthorn in the I glade" (Sterndale Bennett), Mrs Mary Da- vies, Mr C. Emlyn Jones, and Mr John Sandbrook; finale, "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau" and "God Save the Queen." During* an interval the fantasia "The Christian Soldier" (Edward Newton) was played by the Carnar- von Artillery Volunteer Band (Mr J. Peters, bandmaster). BOROUGH MAGISTRATES' COURT.— Monday, before the Mayor (Dr R. Parry), Messrs J. R. Hughes, W. Hamer, J. P. Gregory and Dr Griffith. CHARGE OF STONE-THROWING.— Margaret Pritchard, Marcus street, was summoned for throwing stones at Mn Wxt- kin Roberts' house in Marcus street. Mr R. Roberts defended. The defendant did not appear, and the cas was adjourned. A DANGEROUS DOG.—Jane Roberts, 15, Hill street, summoned Mrs Mary Barlow Pritchard for keeping a dog alleged to be dangerous. Mr Allanson prosecuted and Mr R. Roberts defended. It was said for the prosecution that the dog bit the com- plainant's boy. Mr R. Roberts admitted the offence, and said that the dog belonged to Captain Pritchard, who was away. The Bench dismissed the case on the payment ot costs (18s 6d), and' ordered that the dog be kept under proper control. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—Evan Griffith, Baptist street, was charged with being drunk and disorderly, and was fined 5s and costs. COUNTY MAGISTRATES' COURT.— Saturday, before Dr Taylor Morgan, Messrs J. Issard' Davies, D. P. Williams, J. Davies, G. J. Roberts, Thomas Jones, and Dr H. Jones-Roberts. ALLEGED ASSAULT.—J. Peters, Rhos- bach, Caeathraw, charged Henry Powell with assaulting him. Mr J. B. Allanson appeared for the defendant.—The complain- ant said that the defendant entered his house and assaulted him. For the defence, how- ever, it was contended that Powell went to the house to complain of the behaviour of the complainant's wife, and that he was locked in.—The Bench dismissed the case.

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