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From Moel Hefeog Summit.I


From Moel Hefeog Summit. I (BY LOOKER ON.) LITTLE TOM TIT. Near ex-Sergeant Jones's house, and close to Cast-ell March there is a letter pillar box which is in charge of the ex-sergeant. Last Saturday he found that a little tom tit had made its nest inside the box. There were two eggs in the nest, which Mr Jones carefully guards from all harm. The bird enters and comes out through the slit in the box. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONALISM. The Penlan Congregational Church, Pwll- heii, are going to build a large vestry room at the West End, Pwllheli, in which English services will be held. The contract has been, let. to Messrs Solomon Andrews and Sens. BAD ARRANGEMENTS. What a pity that a better arrangement was not made in connection with the holding of the various meetings on Monday, 1st inst. There was an important fair at Pwllheli-" the Quarrymen's Union meeting was held at Festiniog, and there were two festivals at Portmadbc. Some of these meetings detri- n'entally affected the others in more ways than one. PROTECTING A PROTECTION. It is quite evident that the new sea wall at Abereistedd, Criccieth, will not be able to withstand the continual action of the sea, especially during stormy weather. Though the wall is meant as a protection to the land in the immediite --vicinity, it will not answer the purpose unless means are taken to pro- tect the wall itself. THE VACCINATION ACT. Mr Thomas Harris, Portmadoc, succeeded at last in getting an exemption certificate under the new Vaccination Act, before the local justices. Judging from judgments de- livere(I in other police courts, the chairman's remarks were rigbt-t-hat the Bench were bound to grant an exemption if the appli- cant stated that he had a conscientious ob- jection. The Bench cannot go behind an applicant's conscientious objection, and ask him what his opinion might be on the gene- ral question of vaccination. PORTMADOC SHIPS. Portmadoc built ships are just what are wanted for the Newfoundland cod trade. The majority did well last year. Had not heavy calls been made by the shipping in- surance society owing to unusual casualties, the Newfoundland traders would have paid a better dividend than what they did. Some paid 15 per cent.








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