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I'"The Liberal Party

I |Welsh Judges for Wales.


Portmadoc Urban Council.


Portmadoc Urban Council. A meeting of this Council was held on Tuesday evening. There were present: Messrs D. Morris kin the chair), William Williams, Robert Isaac, R. Newell, G. Ro- berts,Ebenezer Roberts, H. Roberts, Mor- gan Jones, W. Jones Morris; and John Jones (clerk), T. Harris (surveyor), and H. J: Hughes (assistant clerk). FINANCE COMMITTEE. Mr 4. Pri- chard was re-elected chairman of this com- mittee. The collector had collected various items, amounting to L161 2s Id. There was a balance of JE885 Is lOd, on the general ac- count, at the bank. Amount of wages paid to workmen, £52 10s 2d. Mr R. Newell read the minutes, and on his motion they were adopted. WORKS COMMITTEE. Mr Jonathan Davies, the chairman of the committee, read the minutes, and moved their adoption, Cap- tain Jones seconding. The motion was passed. The minutes contained recom- mendations as to the rebuilding of the re- taining wall at Garth as to having wooden and iron seats placed on Penybanc Bach and other places, and prepared by local carpen- ters and others that inasmuch as Mr Har- ris (the surveyor) had made three fruitless applications to the local justices respecting oertain dangerous buildings, the committee resolved to engage Mr William George, sol- icitor, to appear for the Surveyor in future notices should be given to Messrs A:nger and Sturgess, Tany'rallt, to put a wfll abutting the main Beddgelert "oad; that the carrying out of the alterations and im- provements to the Market Hall be defened till the beginning of 1900, and that in the meantime the committee make enquiries as to the adjoining property in Bank PVe. and what revenue would likely accrue r:o"m such property if acquired by them that Mr R. Newell should preptrc an i c of the cost of a horse and cart if kept by the Council; that instead of asking for tenders for watering the streets, that the Surveyor be empowered to engage horses to do the r ork at 7s per day each. HEALTH COMMITTEE7^~Dr~Jones Morris, the chairman, read the report o! this committee, which was adoj-ted for abatement of nuisi r es would be is.vjf d in some cases, and summarises in c-lit-rs. The Council w juld proceed to make the ne- cessary sanitary impro'•rmeiits in horses whose owners h^d neglected to do the wok, 'and would charge the owner-; i\ith the ex- pense. The Council resolved to enforce the law in the case of a man who had neglected to remove pigs from the prohibited area. Mr Newell said that the man was willing to remove the swine, and that he was wait- ing to get a place from Mr David Morris as promised. Mr Morris said that he was preparing corrugated pigstyes for some of the poor people who could not, get places elsewhere. GETEIfÅL-PURPÖSES- cOMMITTEE. Mr Robert Isaac was elected chairman of the committee. The consideration of the question of the housing of the working classes was further deferred.—The commit- tee recommended that the application of the Portmadoc Flour Mills for the supply of gas for a gas engine, should not be granted. Mr Davies asked upon what ground the committee made such a recom- mendation? Mr Isaac said that it was because the gasworks could not produce the gas. Mr Davies said that the time had come for them to provide gas for gas-en- gines. Discussion took place as to the ad- visability of lighting the streets on dark nights. Mr Davies thought the lampt should be lighted next Monday especially (Horse Show Day), and Captain Jones se- conded. A REPRESENTATIVE. Dr W. Jones Morris was appointed representative of the Joint Sanitary Committee. A STEAM ROLLER. Mr R. Newell's motion re the procuring of a steam roller and stone crusher was considered. Letters had been received from the County Coun- cil and Festiniog Urban Council as to having steam rollers, together with the terms. Mr Davies was afraid that the roads were too soft for a steam roller.—Mr Harris was afraid that the stones and the roller would disappear on some of the roads. Mr Wil- liam Williams advised that men should be engaged to break stones for the roads. The Chairman said that it was easy to see where the steam-roller finished its work. Mr Davies proposed that an application be made for the county steam-roller, and Mr Ebenezer Roberts seconded. Mr Davies wanted an experiment to be made on some of the town roads, and this was agreed to. Mr Newell proposed, and Mr Davies se- conded, that an application be made that the roller should be used on some of the main roads in the locality, and it was carried CORRESPONDENCE. It was stated that the Cambrian Railway Company would soon open an additional booking office at t^sta|!on- letter from the solicitors of the North ales Narrow Gauge Railway Company was read, asking for a copy of the resolution passed by the Council at their last meeting as to the intention of the Coun- cil in reference to the understanding ar- rived at between the Council and Mr Russell. The letter was referred to Messrs Breese and George, the solicitors to the promoters.

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