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CURED A MOST TRYING COUGH. a ]U 1 a How Scott's Emulsion proved effectual, after other remedies had failed. m C ) iaCPi< 0 WM, M-,ADI,N. JR. There is great risk. in allowing even an or- dinary cold to go unchecked. Consump- j tion claims thousands every year simply be- cause the weakened system does not receive the needed aid until it is too late. When a person finds that his or her system does not recover quickly from a cold it is a sure sign it is weak, and needs building up. There is no denying the seriousness cf taking cold, .and there is every reason why more than a local specific should be em- ployed to assist in a speedy recovery. Spe- cifics alone will not overcome the condition which both makes the body susceptible to taking coltil easily and also aggravates the trouble and encourages all sorts of compli- cations. What is needed is the- remedy which cured the gentleman whose photo- graph we here reproduce, together with his leuer, which is as follows: "35, West street, Sheffield, July 19" 1898. "Gentlemen,—In the early part of this jjear I caught a very severe cold, which left me with a hard dry cough, and although I tried various remedies, it seemed to get no better. Usually I have found mustard ap- plied outwardly quite sufficient to cure me, but on this occasion it seemed to take no effect, and I was almost afraid of some ser- ious lung complaint. However, I happened to read one of your advertisements, and was induced to try one of your bottles of Scott's I Emulsion, and the effect was marvellous. I j felt a benefit from the very first few doses, I and by the time I had taken the contents I was quite well again. It is now over four months ago, and I have never had the slight- est return of the cough. I feel quite sure that Scofctfa Emulsion is a wonderful remedy It for all lung troubles, and, if its curative pro- perties were universally known, the demand I for it would be almost greater than the sup- ply.—Yours truly, (signed) Wm. Madin, j«n." Mr Madin's letter gives you the truth in a nutshell. He had evidently tried various so-called remedies, but his system needed more than a specific, and.' he found in Scott's Emulsion immediate relief and a permanent cure. Scott's Emulsion is more than a speci- fic. It is a well-known and standard remedy fer coughs, colds, bronchitis, and all ail- ments of throat and lungs; but this is by no means all of its merit- Scott's Emulsion contains cod-liver oil, hypophosphites, and glycerine. It presents these remedial agents in a palatable form and one easy for digestion. It is a prepara- tion which has the praise of the medical pro- fession by reason of its superiority over all other similar remedies, and finds popular favour on all sides, because it is so pleasant to take and so effectual in restoring health and strength. Merely naming the ingredients of Scott's Emulsion is enough to show that, not only will it relievoi, cough or cold, but it will fur- ther nourish and strengthen the system so that a permanent cure can be effected. Now is the time to begin taking Scott's Emulsion, and fortify the entire body against unfavour- able influences of the weather. You can obtain a sample of Scott's Emul- sion by sanding threepence to cover postage to Scott and Bowne, Limited, Manufactur- ing Chemists, 95, Great Saffron-hill, Lon- don, E.C., and mentioning this paper. TRADE MAR;( 0 &C B "n% I lrA'21NSBESTBI cvlr STANDARDS TEN GUINEAS. 1I.$tC. SPECIALS FIFTEEN GUINEAS. Head Offices—COVENTRY. I Liverpool Depot: 101, Bold street. Price List Free on Application. | "Local Agents Connah and Parry. j Trade Mark "Crystal Palace." I s BEST, CHEAPEST, AND LARGEST SALE. 1 Gfr^n a way, and enclosed with every and Is. bottle, a voucher j enticing purchasers to their immo or monogram rubber stamp. "In point of style, appearance, and general 'get up,' 'Young Wales' will compare very favourably with anything of the kind which has been published in Wales. Its usefulness will increase with every month of its existence."—"South Wales Daily News." J r'BI D's1 CUSTARD POWDER makes a perfect high class Custard at a minimum of cbst I and trouble, Invaluable also for a variety of Sweet Dishes, recipes for which accompany each packet. NO ECGS! MO RSSfrCS I j NO r,-t z L; Il À

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