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Elementary Education in Wales.

Religious Instruction in Schools…

Bangor Board of Guardians.


Bangor Board of Guardians. The fortnightly meeting of the Board was held at the workhouse on Friday morning, Mr H. Thomas (chairman) presiding. THE RATE. Mr R. B. Evans (the clerk) reported that the rate for the ensuing year would be 9!d. This year the county rate would be 5d, as oompared with 5id last year. AN EXPLANATION WANTED. A letter was read from the Local Govern- ment Board, stating that they had received a report from Dr. Wheaton upon the inves- tigation he had been instructed to make into the oiroumstances attending the death on the 2nd ultimo of John William Warwick, aged :five months, who lived at 4, Davis. oourt, Bethesda, and the cause of whose death was certified as vaccination erysipelas convulsions. The Board learned from the report of Dr. Wheaton that the child in ques- tion was vaccinated on the 4th of February last by Dr. R. P. Roberts, the public vac- cinator for the 2nd Carnarvonshire district ci the Bangor and Beaumaris Union, and that Dr. Roberts on the occasion of his in- spection of the results of the operation on the 10th of February did not adopt any an- tiseptic precautions with the view to the pro- tection of the vaccinated surface against extraneous infection, as required by No. 6 of the Instructions to Vaccinators under contract, and the Local Government Beard requested the Guardians to call upon the public vaccinator for a written explanation of his neglect to comply with these instruc- tions.—It was resolved to ask for an ex- planation without delay.. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported the number in. the house to be 100, as against 99 on the same day last year. Thirty vagrants had been re- lieved during the fortnight, as compared with 89 during the corresponding period of last year. A VISIT TO THE HOUSE. Miss Wynne Jones reported having visited the workhouse on Sundtay quite unexpected- ly. She noticed that the rice pudding with currants was well cooked, and the beef tea which she tasted was well made, the pota- toes and meat with gravy quite satisfactory, and the milk and butter supplied seemed to be excellent. Mrs Henry Lewis and Mrs Dr. Pirice fejso reported that they were pleased to notice the change of nursery, and the improvement in the care of children. They inspected the excellent stock of tidy clothing provided for them, and which for. the most part had been made by the matron. —The Chairman and other members of the Board expressed their satisfaction with the report, and congratulated the master and matron. It was also stated that during the week the inmates had been supplied with tobacco by Mr John Wickens, photographer, and: that a concert had been held in the, work- house, conducted by the Rev. W. R. Saunders.

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