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..--Bujor Bankruptcy Court.

Chorai Competitions.

The North Wales Coal Owners'…

Presbyterian Conference at…

The Befldgelesl Light Railway

The National Eisteddfod, 1899.


Postal Facilities in Carnarvonshire.

Professor 0. M. Edwards, M.A

The LlanllyM Water Works.I


Conway Board of Guardians

Elementary Education in Wales.

Religious Instruction in Schools…


Religious Instruction in Schools -:0:- In the House of Commons, on Monday night, Mr Samuel Smith asked the Vice- President cf the Committee of Council on Education whether he was aware that it had been the custom to take all the children at the National School at Lambourne, in Berkshire, over six years of age on saints' days to celebrations of the Holy Commun- ion at which no one communicates but the minister and that during Lent the children went to church every Wednesday and Fri- day from 11.40 to 12; whether this was an infringement of the conscience clause, as religious instruction was not on the time table at the time, and secular instruction did not begin till 10; whether he was aware that for some months the curate had taken a class in algebra during the time set down on the time table for religious in- struction, this having been done three times a week; whether the aid grant had been used this year for the purpose specif-ied on the conditions under which it was .granted whether the balance sheet of the school ac- counts was published last year, in accordance with the Government .requirements; and whether the balance-sheet supplied to the Education Department was correct., or whe- ther one of the instalements of the fee grant was omitted. Sir John Gorst: The Committee of Coun- cil on Education had no information upon the facts alleged in the first three paragraphs of the question. The practice of attending any religious, observance or of giving any religious instruction in the time not inserted in the time table as approved of by the Edu- eation Department, would be an infringe- ment of the Elementary Education Act, 1870. The Department have not received the accounts for the school year just ended, and they, therefore, cannot say how far the aid grant has been spent. There is no reason for thinking that the previous year's balance sheet has not been published, or that it is incorrect. The fee grant was correctly stated. Mr Smith Will the Vice-President make inquiry ? Sir J. Gorst: The Education Department has nothing to do with the kind of religious instruction in schools. All they can see is that the religious instruction is given in accordance with the time table, and that those parents who object have the op- portunity of withdrawing their children. Mr Smith Is it not the part of the Edu- cation Department to ascertain whether the children are marched to church during hours when the ordinary secular education should be proceeded with ? Sir J. Gorst: That is exactly what I ex- plained in my answer to be theduty of the Department. If any complaints are made that children are taken to a religious serv.,ce during hours devoted to secular instruction, that would be an infringement of the Act, and of that the Department would take notice.

Bangor Board of Guardians.

Death of a Montgomeryshire…

A Relic of Sir G. Osborne…


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