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..--Bujor Bankruptcy Court.

Chorai Competitions.

The North Wales Coal Owners'…

Presbyterian Conference at…

The Befldgelesl Light Railway

The National Eisteddfod, 1899.


Postal Facilities in Carnarvonshire.

Professor 0. M. Edwards, M.A

The LlanllyM Water Works.I


Conway Board of Guardians


Conway Board of Guardians Mr D. Phillips (chairman) presided at the meeting on Friday.—Mr J. Roberts moved his resolution that the Board be divided for relief list purposes, because it would save a considerable amount of time.—Mr Abram seconded if Mr Roberts added that if either committee disagreed on any particular case it should be referred to the whole Board.— Mr Roberts agreed to add this to his resolu- tion.—In reply to Mr D. Jones, the Clerk said the Local Government Board would have to sanction the arrangement or the auditor might surcharge t-em for all the re- lief granted. The resolution was carried, and the clerk instructed to write for the sanction of the Local Government Board.— Mr John Roberts asked if it was a fact that the Finance Committee had paid 4s each board day for a carriage to convey the ex- chairman from Conway station to the Work- house and back. If so, it was not fair for one member of the board to have that privi- lege while all the others had to walk m all while all the others had to walk in all weathers. When he had taken, a cab he had never paid more than Is, and once he thanked the Chairman warmly for giving him a lift, thinking the money came from his own pocket (laughter).—The clerk (Mr T. E. Parry) said the Board passed a resolution about ten years ago to provide a cab for the Colwyn Bay members, because the train ar- rived rather late for them to get to the board-room (laughter).—Mr Borthwick and Mr Porter were members at the time.—Mr J. Roberts (Colwyn Bay): I never knew of that.—The Clerk: The cab is there for you. -31:r M'Clement: This shows that the Fin- ance Committee are very careless.—Alder- man Hughes: We have never noticed this bill till now.—The Clerk: The bill was al- ways presented to the Board.—Mr J. Ro- berts moved that the Finance Committee look into the matter, and that the clerk pro- duce the resolution he had alluded to as passed ten years ago at the next meeting.— This was carried.—The Rev R. Peris Wil- liams, Llandudno, wrote resigning his seat at the Board, and the clerk was deputed to take the usual steps to fill the vacancy.

Elementary Education in Wales.

Religious Instruction in Schools…

Bangor Board of Guardians.

Death of a Montgomeryshire…

A Relic of Sir G. Osborne…


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